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Humor has always been important to me. If there is a shield of faith that you can keep up against difficulties, humor is the Teflon coating.
(Laurel Lee)

Despite some inevitable glitches- I am using quotations with sense and target helping me to convey my ideas to you; the inability of the ideas to be metamorphosed in sticky memes makes this a kamikaze mission, (ask e.g. LENR+ how many times it was hurt and broken?)
OK, this quotation is here not for "humor" but for "teflon"-  a more magic stuff than you imagine. I have  lost my last traces of sense of humor when my perfect S-Theory of humor was rejected by the guild of philosophers of humor- a tragic story.
Occult interests are sabotaging the understanding of humor.
No, this quotation is about this special plastic- polytetafluoroethylene
It was discovered when I was 1 year old and our first real meeting took place 21 years later when I went as young chemical engineer to work at Synthetic Fibers Work Savinesti. It was used mainly as gasket material, I learned to use it and it has delivered a life-long valuable certainty to me- we, humans are able  to make materials
and to do things that DO NOT EXIST IN NATURE! This certainty remained a pillar of my professional dignity and personal self-confidence- we can do it, I am also there! 
The Motto of yesterday" "Evolution is chaos with feedback" has a logical continuation with "Progress is evolution driven by human intelligence" (Google says nobody has stated this till now so I will sign it as author, I have read even more insignificant quotations.) To compensate you I will give you a classic one about Technology: 
"The mind has exactly the same power as the hands; not merely to grasp the world, but to change it." (Colin Wilson)
Now to LENR- Parkhomov has created a golden opportunity to bring Hot Cat research to the hands and minds of the masses of researchers creating the vitally necessary competition to the monopoly of Andrea Rossi; he also knows he needs it! And, due probably to Murphyan circumstances the replications go toooo slowly!
It is highly disturbing despite my optimism. I needed moral support and I have learned
from Antaeus (son of Gaia -Earth who got great powers when in contact with ground) that coming back, metaphorically speaking to your origins, recharges your batteries. My origin is polymers, plastics, Materials Science and to see how these have developed to smart materials, nanostructures, effects ignored by Mother Nature- I am  looking with hope to the near future.
However, my good friend Somebody please build a simple Parkhomov reactor with the fuel mixture in it, put it in a high temp lab oven and heat it up in 12.5 hours to 1250C and tell us what happens. I understand you don't like molten metal, OK.
I heating alone does not work we have to find stimulation methods. But we have to proceed from simple to less simple.
We will find our human niche, we will learn to generate plenty of energy. TheLugano Test says power 2000W/g, energy 1.5 MWhours/g and this sounds like playing God for me.
My final bet for LENR is: it is more than any NR could give, we will be able obtain MORE energy than calculated by the beautiful Einstein formula E=mc2
Young colleagues, you will see what we, primitively enough, call today LENR is actually less and much more than trivial nuclear energy.

However anybody educated in leadership knows this well: there are moments when you have to stop thinking on the past, you have to stop planning for the future and you must solve the problems of he present! We are in such a moment just now, believe me!
Parkhomov's replicators of all countries, unite if you wish, but replicate!

NOTEIn case you are interested- really in the dichotomy-"natural not natural? you could read this too:


From Jim Rovnak- thanks!
Variable mass theories in relativistic quantum mechanics as an explanation for anomalous low energy nuclear phenomena 
Mark Davidson 
Spectel Research Corporation, Palo Alto, CA USA E-mail: 

 A recent theoretical explanation for observed anomalous low energy nuclear phenomena which have puzzled physicists for many years is expanded on. Based on covariant relativistic quantum mechanics and historical time wave equations, it explains a large number of observed anomalous effects by supposing that nuclear masses can vary in “nuclear active environments” in condensed matter settings. The modified quantum wave equation originally introduced by Fock and Stueckelberg in the 1930s with significant enhancements up to the present by Horwitz and others prove that variable masses are compatible with the principles of both quantum mechanics and relativity. They can explain all of these effects by modifying the kinematic constraints of the reaction, enhancing electron screening and quantum tunneling rates, and allowing for resonant tunneling. Some previous results are recounted, and experimental evidence based on variable radioactive decay rates and other evidence for variable masses is presented which adds some new potential support for this theory. Keywords: hydrated palladium, deuterated palladium, LENR, fusion, radioactivity

The Application of LENR to Synergistic Mission Capabilities 
Douglas P. Wells* NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA 23602 Dimitri N. Mavris† Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0150 

This paper presents an overview of several missions that exploit the capabilities of a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) aircraft propulsion system. LENR is a form of nuclear energy and potentially has over 4,000 times the energy density of chemical energy sources. It does not have any harmful emissions or radiation which makes it extremely appealing. The global reliance on crude oil for aircraft energy creates the opportunity for a revolutionary change with LENR. LENR will impact aircraft performance capabilities, military capabilities, the environment, the economy, and society. Although there is a lot of interest in LENR, there is no proven theory that explains it. Some of the technical challenges are thermal runaway and start-up time. This paper does not explore the feasibility of LENR and assumes that a system is available. A non-dimensional aircraft mass (NAM) ratio diagram is used to explore the aircraft system design space. The NAM ratio diagram shows that LENR can enable long range and high speed missions. The design space exploration led to the conclusion that LENR aircraft would be well suited for high altitude long endurance (HALE) missions, including communications relay and scientific missions for hurricane tracking and other weather phenomena, military intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and airspace denial missions, supersonic passenger transport aircraft, and international cargo transport. This paper describes six of these missions.

The paper from above was found at this excellent, high IQ LENR site- up-to-dated:

A creative technical solution, indeed. Thanks to Jack Cole for sending this
The Future of Wind Turbines? No Blades

I have a long history with Vortex tubes and the most interesting part has happened in Bangkok. 

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