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ff we want to make something really superb on this planet, there is nothing whatever that can stop us. (Shepherd Mead) 

The information about the launch of the LENRIA site was published today however I succeeded to offer you this news already yesterday. Believe me it is not about inside information, it is just that I try to be really fast, I respect my Readers. 

As I read about LENRIA my first reaction was...grammatical, in a sense, the word REALNESS has appeared in my imagination. Perhaps because I see the organizations mission as fighting for the reality of the LENR technologies and commercial applications- there will be many.
Vivat, crescat, floreat LENRIA!

Dear Colleagues,
Increasing activities for both the science and commercialization of LENR convinced us that it is time for an Industrial Association for LENR.  We announced the formation of that organization at ICCF-19.  It is called LENRIA = LENR Industrial Association.  
The web site for LENRIA is now available:  It will become more detailed and useful in the coming months.  But already, individuals and organizations can indicate their potential interest in membership, and send us emails via the website.  Two downloads are available on the site now.
The costs of forming and operating LENRIA are being determined, so membership fees cannot be computed yet.  We plan further announcements as we make progress toward a fully functional organization, which will effectively promote the interests of our field.
With best regards,
Steve Katinsky and Dave Nagel
Launching of LENRIA is a great Event, in perspective it can become a historical Event.
My first wish for them is to become very influential and to help the decision takers of the US to start to take the right decisions re LENR- from the Universities, from science, research, industry, strategy, politics. My secret personal wish to/from them- LENRIA should be a genuine LENR+ company.


New Photo of the E-Cat Plant on Trademark Application

The physics behind Fleischmann Pons experiment

Vladimir Vysotskii longer presentation on Ukrainian TV about phenomena of Chernobyl, LENR and ICCF19 (in Russian)

Vladimir Vysotkii distinguished member of our LENR community, professor,leader of the Kiev school in our specialty gave an interview to the Nastoyashchee Vremya Current Time, present time of the Ukrainian TV- speaking in Russian.  "Between the Past and the Future, there is the Present Time" It was for the Chernobyl Day and Vladimir has spoken about his personal experience with this catastrophic event, about the implications of Chernobyl, evolution of the environmental degradation, the present situation. He also spoke about LENR, about ICCF-19 and- in more detail about the great achievements of his team in biological transmutation, biological remediation of radioactive wastes. An excellent interview clear perfect audio (for video-and audio-impaired persons like myself the quality of the recording is essential. 
I would gladly publish here a transcript in English of the interview.
A personal request to Prof Vysotkii: please convey my greetings and sincerest congrats to the reporter, Irina Tkacenko- very professional has put the most adequate questions thus helping Vysotkii- a great speaker to deliver the best information, fast and with elegance. I definitely liked this Current Times.

I have learned the most about Chernobyl during the 1993 and 1994 Minsk (Belarus)
Symposium organized by Hal Fox. LENR is environmentally friendly, let's use it on grand scale ASAP! How long will be this ASAP? 


Materials researcher fathoms growth of nanostructures on metal surface
With thanks to Mark Iverson!

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