Monday, May 25, 2015



This morning my PC, acquired on Jan 8, 2011 became unbearably noisy and in the afternoon my son-in-law had to change the feeding unit and to rebuild it- a great success. Just I am in delay, could not evaluate the last too Parkhomov replications
but I do not think I have "lost" some news or info.
During my PC-less hours  I decided to study the basic psychology of replication and of the good replicators.
It happens I have a huge collection of documents about Positive Psychology. I don't believe much about of what they are saying but I enjoy some times reading them.
It will be a long siege of the Hot Cats basics and PsyPos can be useful.


Email from me356 to many
"Reactor is in bad condition now.

It seems that it produced extremely high temperature. Maybe due to local overheating?
But maybe there was excess heat. I suspect that this temperature was far beyond 1400°C, thus heater failure must happen.
For me it seems that the fuel container or Nickel was so hot that it melted ceramic tube from inside and then damaged whole reactor.
So this "bubble" on the bottom may be Nickel or melted kanthal or alumina sealing.

It was so hot that even stainless steel cover was partially melted.

Alumina sealing is able to stand 1500°C, while ceramic tubes 1800°C."

Ni+LiAlH4  test reactor by Denis Vasilenko, FIRAX:
Test very interesting still not evaluated

Rossi: photo of the plant to be published probably next week:
The photo will be optically moderated in order to protect IP

I published about MERA Russian LENR company yesterday, now it is on the official RussianLENR site
ООО НПО МЕРА ищет талантливого и энергичного физика экспериментатора для проведения исследований в области LENR


High temperature heater wire will not solve the control and associated meltdown problem. The limiting factor is the nickel powder. That powder will fail in the neighborhood of 1450C and is the immutable weak link in the design of the Hot cat reactor.

I suggest that the pulsed arc solution to the control problem as developed by Defkalion should be an option that the builders of the LENR reactor should consider in building a controllable and successful reactor. 


  1. Thanks Peter for that job offer....
    I relayed it

    (Sorry I missed it yesterday)

    1. Russians take LENR increasingly seriously, it seems.

  2. Hi Peter,
    Re. Firax.
    Took a screen shot @ 17.52 British Summer Time.
    active 934.0 degC
    dummy 873.8 degC Delta T = 60.2 degC.

    Simple on/off control: energized 7.288amp @ 146.9volt
    off zero@zero
    energized power 1070.6W
    Duty cycle(by stop watch) 50/50 therefore ave power ip 535.3W
    Both reactors glowing.
    Is that what you make it Pete.

    1. Thank you Pete- this will be repeated and improved.

  3. Watching the experiment yesterday of Firax Tech was very exciting.
    I hope he can get up and running again asap

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