Monday, May 18, 2015



"An ounce of patience is worth a pound of brains."

Dutch Proverb

Quantitatively thinking, this means patience is 16 times more valuable than brains. (w/w) For brains I have to consult butchers or cooks; for patience I don't know- have lost my last reserve. 

As far I know, today starts a new Parkhomov replication; if it will give much excess heat you will be informed.


1)The importance of LENRIA for the E-Cat revolution:

2) Rossi on manufacture of plants3D printing, competition:

3) Jim Rovnak asks, Andrea Rossi answers and non-answers in the same time

James Rovnak
May 17th, 2015 at 9:20 PM

Andrea what about use of this GE high temp material in Hot E-Cat. Robert Godes tweeted interest in this material the other day & I thought it just might interest you also: Jim
Also replicators seem to be having trouble starting & controlling LENR power in their attempts. Could it be they need high freq EM to excite process as Dr Godes does in his developing project? I think Parkhomov’s TRIAC based source had plenty of dI/dt to excite even his neighbors service to say nothing of his LENR success! Did you know his grand daughter (who translates for him) name is Ecaterina – interesting, No? Keep up the good work!

Andrea Rossi
May 17th, 2015 at 9:37 PM

James Rovnak:
Thank you for the information and for your insight. I can’t comment about e.m. fields in positive or in negative and I have strong respect for the work of the replicators.
Warm Regards,

Rossi will not speak about the stimulation method, it is his right.

4) On the Russian site
This paper appeared:
Russian Discoveies: And on uranium  will blossom apples too?
Nuclear waste can be converted into fertilizer
by Georgy Shafeev

I was a bit puzzled first but then I realized that this is something very important connected with nano-plasmonics. Axil Axil, in a message has cited an other paper with Shafeev co-author:

Accelerated alpha-decay of 232U isotope achieved by exposure of its aqueous solution with gold nanoparticles to laser radiation 
A.V. Simakin, G.A. Shafeev 
Wave Research Center of A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vavilov Street, Moscow 119991, Russian Federation

What Shafeev and Co. does is of utmost importance for understanding how LENR really works and you will know soon how and why.


Not very encouraging:
The Death of the Green Energy Movement!topic/


  1. Shafeev will suffer neglect and his research will be ignored because his work flies in the face of the common wisdom of nuclear physics. Even more deeply, there lies a problem with Quantum Mechanics, it’s the fact that there are two many versions of this subject.

    It is said that experiment is king but if results don’t support the common wisdom, experimental results are ignored.

    There exist a number of contending schools of thought about quantum mechanics, differing over whether quantum mechanics can be understood to be deterministic, which elements of quantum mechanics can be considered "real", and other matters. Shafeev will suffer greatly from what some few people think is real and what many others think is only data.

    But most importantly, Shafeev is dealing with LENR. This makes his life hard by association, not by name but the miracles that he produces. His experiments are pure and simple. They always produce the LENR effect and they strip LENR to is raw essentials.

    LENR only occurs when the LASER flashes so the LENR effect is controllable and works deliberately in Shafeev’s experiments. In Shafeev’s experiments, the cause of LENR are clearly on display. It is simply light and nanoparticles. You can’t get more basic than that.

    How the vacuum and quantum mechanics work is of special interest to philosophers of physics, as physicists continue to show a strong interest in the subject. As far as Shafeev is concerned, this war of ideas between these philosophies looks like clear experimental evidence is being and will continue to be ignored.

  2. Shafeev results may be explained by QED induced radiation based on the vanishing heat capacity of nanoparticles: QED Radiations

    1. Can you please give more citable explanations? Thank!

    2. Prevenslik says that "isolated" nanoparticles (< 10 nm) can only accumulate energy by an up-conversion of low energy photons.
      A low energy photon cannot resonate in particles of very small dimensions. High frequency photons may trigger chemical (catalysis) and/or nuclear events: QED Induced Cold Fusion in Italy by Thomas Prevenslik

  3. Do you believe that Prevenslik is uncitable ?
    His theory is based on well known quantum mechanics concepts: Specific heat in nanostructures

  4. on the contrary , have asked you to tell more- also citable things. Wil let today the readers to know about what you already signalled. interesting site. Is it cited by Shafeev- I have not time now to verify, writing...

  5. on the contrary , have asked you to tell more- also citable things. Wil let today the readers to know about what you already signalled. interesting site. Is it cited by Shafeev- I have not time now to verify, writing...

  6. No, he is not cited by Shafeev and is not cited in LENR literature.

    Prevenslik has been mocked by some italian bloggers:
    Fusione Fredda Mastromatteo-1