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"The steam engine has given more to science than science has given to the steam engine' (Lord Kelvin)

This quote was missing from my great collection- and a very good friend has helped me to discover it yesterday. It is so much in the spirit of "technology first" "engineering is the key' 'has recipes before having a theory"!


Seminar, yesterday on Cold Fusion in the Russian Univ. of People's Friendship video by Shestopalov from Global Wave movement
Cеминар по ХЯС в РУДН 30.04.2015 от Шестоапалов Глобальная Волна - The Global Wave

Introduction (Samsonenko) and 6 parts Bazhutov, Sapogin, unknown scientist have to listen these more times

Linked-in discussion:
Airbus Defence and Space GmbH Germany filed a LENR application

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Group reaches 600 members milestone

Edmund Storms' essential theory paper:
How to evaluate LENR Theory?
It is worth many thanks and an answer.

Lattice Energy LLC - Beyond the Haber-Bosch Process for Ammonia Production - April 30 2015
Very smart and well written, any connection of LENR-catalysis opens many possibilities, I told this in 1992.

From Jack Cole
Induction Heating/Calorimeter Characteristics
Andrea Rossi says something interesting:

Andrea Rossi
May 1st, 2015 at 7:48 AM

The ssm is enhanced by the fact that with the control system directing multiple reactors we can obtain a synergy between them using some of the reactors to drive others, where the driving ones ( mouse operation) are less than the cat ones. This way the ssm phases are substantially more that the driving ones. This synergy, obviously, is possible only with big plants ( so far).
I cannot give the numbers, as correctly Steven N Karels anticipated and, also, after consulting Orsobubu, I have to add that what we have now is not the final result, things can worsen substantially in time and the final results could be either positive or negative ( this last phrase could be substituted by F-Something).
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Artificial photosynthesis could help make fuels, plastics, and medicine
New process using semiconductor nanodevices and bacterium-based biocatalysts could cut our reliance on fossil fuels  April 30, 2015

Life: Inevitable or Accident?

Here’s the question: does the existence of life in the universe reflect something deep and fundamental or is it merely an accident and epiphenomenon? There’s an interesting new theory coming out of the field of biophysics that claims the cosmos is indeed built for life, and not just merely in the sense found in the so-called “anthropic principle” which states that just by being here we can assume that all of nature’s fundamental values must be friendly for complex organisms such as ourselves that are able to ask such questions. The new theory makes the claim that not just life, but life of ever growing complexity and intelligence is not just likely, but the inevitable result of the laws of nature.
Life is inevitable and so is LENR!

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