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A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person (Fifth Law of Human stupidity by Dr. Carlo Cipolla)

This short editorial has nothing, but really nothing  to do with LENR, it is entirely and exclusively inspired by the paper about GMO- at "OTHER"

It is frightening to see how irrational and self-destructive people can be- even out of politics and religion. It is terrifying to see that so many evil is done in the name of good. It is impossible to accept that the forces of regress are so much more powerful than the forces of progress. Stagnation is just a concept having not much to do with reality.
We have developed so many  effective methods of mass suicide- the Old Continent is the leader- It does it with style and elegance and with a perfect bureaucracy.  

Old rotten problems try to kill new solutions.
Usually hope dies the last, therefore regressive try to kill hope with priority.


Unfueled test report by author "obvious"

Rossi warming to battery E-cats

Rossi also says:

Andrea Rossi
May 28th, 2015 at 7:32 AM

Joe Porrazzo:
1- I cannot provide those details at this time
2- the E-Cat is in a period of long term testing. Our Team is doing all that is possible to provide our utmost R&D. This work consumes 24 hours per day of our Team. I cannot give information of the time scheduling until the Customer of IH allows.
3- I do not know what is in the future, I just know that now I must focus on this test and meet the requirements of the test. This is the most important thing for the future.
4- there is appropriate and controlled testing and evaluation happening on an ongoing or as needed basis. We must also ensure we have an accurate data and all other adequate protections, like IP. These are important issues, which is why we have a great Team working on these issues. By the way, there is also a “fourth party evaluation”: the Customer !
Warm Regards,

Festina lente... it could be worse- no test at all. But why is this Customer so  desperately secret? At ICCF-19 has somebody asked Tom Darden? I understand the necessity of a long time test- how fast the production of the excess power decreases
has to be known. Long term secrecy- all data published at the end -is just a game of power.


You are to completely wrong about genetically altered foods


  1. Peter, more and more I like your oven experiment idea. A tube of fuel with low thermal mass and a temperature sensor. If the fuel produces heat the tube will be above the background temperature. Also very clear what temperature the fuel is at when no excess.

    1. Thank you. I thought about a small bath of molten metal- this allows you more degrees of experimental freedom- heating cooling; tin is the most handy, used at manufacture of float glass at 1100 C usually\

    2. Peter, I gather that (ignoring if pulsed electrical spikes are needed, as some speculate) that if a 'hot cat' was placed in a molten metal bath originally at as low a temp as the molten metal can be, then raised in tem towards the 'magical' 1200C then the reactor should fire up and should be emitting more heat than the molten metal it is being bathed in. If this is the principle, it certainly makes sense. But, there remains the issue of if pulsed electric current though the heating coil reall plays a role. Am sure Axil could comment on that aspect. Doug.

    3. I don't think the tube has a low thermal mass fast response compared to the fast time constants of the LENR isotope formation & decay process. Look how many tubes people including Rossi are losing not to mention current replication events. No when Rossi coaxes his Hot E-Cats into the self sustaining mode can he move it around with only small heat inputs? SSM means thermal radiation losses can balance the SSP & ultral low momentum neutron population responsible for LENR power just as large reactors control neutron flux level based on same type isotope based production process with fast responding control rods & faster flux measuring devices. What do you think Peter? I think we need faster probably opticlal temperature measurements internal to the fuel element for control & protection with TC based slower outer loop if even that is adequate..

    4. To Doug: the key question is exactly this- is triggering purely thermal or is some EM effect- pulsed current indeed necessary?
      It seems nobody except Rossi knows this exactly now.

      The metal bath has less thermal inertia than an oven- and gives some degrees of freedom to the expweimenter- fast colling by adding say 400C molten tin, But good design, proper cremaics (see float glass industry) specific measurement, nice play with thermal gradients possible. There must be teams specialized in it- at lab level.