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I am very rational and absolutely not superstitious. However my expertise in industry in special in investigating deadly accidents and in performing research- tangent to the impossible- has revealed many time the existence of occult technological phenomena- potential dark, rapacious Black Swans.
In this spirit it seemed to be a kind of curse on the replications of the-more-than -replication-of the Lugano Test. Despite some promising results.
But now the curse is over we have a real replication by a serious institution in China
A new LENR hero called Songsheng Jiang. As Bob Greenyear emphasises is it, the Chinese results are very important also because were obtained with DC- direct current and shows clear HAD- Heat After Death.
It is relevant that just now, we have a very positive (politically at least) paper from India. So the BRIC countries are already fighting on the good size of LENR, you have read here a lot about the Russian contribution, strategic thinking and achievements, and India and China are awakening. Just great Brazil is inactive (?) yet. O. que podemos fazer, dear Danny Rocha?
Just to mention, from the PIGS countries, Portugal and Spain haave not statrted LENR work, Italy is a LENR great power- in many respects the leader; Greece had a short period of great glory and I bet it will come back.
Do not ignore what Parkhomov has shown in his presentation at the recent Mosow Seminar, Giuseppe Levi has  a device and a calorimeter so there are possibilities
and hope too. Scandinavia- is too foggy, I cannot understand what th th Swedes are doing when their work is under attack, Norway has started something but we don't know more. 
The Finnish company ETIAM is still a mystery.
The day's event is the test by MFMP- it seems they get excess heat- we will know it with total certainty in a few hours.
What else could I say now than: thanks, Songsheng Jian? And, anticipating, thank you, MFMP!

Rossi- Lugano-Parkhomov replicators of the world, unite! And over-replicate!!!


New Result of Anomalous Heat Production in Hydrogen-loaded Metals at High Temperature” New Report by Songsheng Jiang of the China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE)

And it goes on...MFMP:

Professor David Nagel explains Low Energy Nuclear Reactions at Tohoku University 
May 13, 2015


  1. Hello Peter,
    It is a Swedish behavior to take critic and accept it as we are all grown up under the JANTE law . Jante is a short for 'Jag är inte' translated 'I am not . . .' To boast ones own opinion is not a typical Swish behavior. Good or bad depending on your viewpoint. I am sure that one day when the guys have their ducks all in a row, we will hear back from them. I am a little disappointed in the fact that Elforsk has not shown the follow up to previous positive statement.

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  3. The Chinese work has addressed some of the prior possible problems, but, in the end, it all depends on a single thermocouple, one that is exposed to hot hydrogen. That thermocouple behaves erratically. It is considered to be good, because the cool-down behavior was smooth, in the end. However, the other thermocouple, claimed to be damaged (and reporting no elevated temperature) *also* showed normal cool-down behavior.

  4. Please already with Parkhomov replications quotes, Parkhomov was another Russian Fraud once again, please follow the Chinese replication that appears legitimate.

  5. Frank, thanks- I wish I could help you and your company.

  6. Frank, thanks- I wish I could help you and your company.