Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trying my first septoes

Let's see if I got this right. I should try to say something intelligent in only seven words. Whoever knows me for a long time, would agree that it is really difficult to restrain my tendency to express myself in words to only seven words per phrase. But this is exactly the challenge!

First that comes to mind is another way of defining a septoe, actually a very popular principle among communication gurus:
KISS principle - keep it short and simple!

Then another definition comes to mind - actual translation of a Romanian popular joke:
Indecision: wondering whether to wonder or not.

Now, let me try some thinking of my own now:
Flexibility: ending your phrase with a comma.
Life happens if you start living it.
Love will not fit into any schedule.
‘Change’ is just another word for ‘life’.
Devil doesn't need lawyer - he represents himself.
Trust should not be given, but gained.
“Never say never “ well… you just did!
Life has no cure – is always deadly.
My end, someone’s beginning; and vice versa.
Faith: having all the answers, without questions.
Mothers do not need arms to embrace.
Angels do not fall, they just are.
Parenthood isn’t easy or tough; just is.

That should be enough for one post.
I go to bed now and sleep well.
Coloured dreams -long sentences, no hidden meanings.
I wish you a good restful night!

Georgina Popescu


  1. very interesting Gina, something intelligent in only seven words ...
    have a nice day !

  2. Outstanding. Keep going....