Monday, January 10, 2011

programs of the blog, second part

Programs of the Ego-Out blog. (II)

7. 77 Septoes

I think that a literary genre with fixed rules is the best for expressing some fundamental truths and therefore I will try to
convert as many as possible good ideas in a form of septoe.

*. Scipiology- theory and practice
During the most difficult and nasty years of the dictature there, I have conclude that the most important, useful and necessary science would be that of converting disasters in triumphs. Plenty of raw material, great demand of good products. Why I have named this science is a long story based on a bright tactic that Scipio Africanus the Roman army leader could use to reverse the fate of the 2nd punic war. This type of conversion evil to good is well known but used in misleading forms
a)   to tell that disasters are actually great triumphs (our Ceausescu was a grand master of this black art of this black art of deceiving and lying
b)   to convert the disasters of others in your personal triumphs- a well known practice of the e-criminals- but of drug dealers too

Anyway the development of practical scientic and perfectly moral scipiology is possible and is a most stringent “must’ day by day. I need your kind help in order to make Scipiology a real science and to find the best ways to apply it in practice everywhere it is needed.

8. Support for the writings of Valeriu Butulescu
Valeriu Butulescu is a a Romanian writer and playwright, his aphorism are unique at the level of the greatest authors in that difficult field of the literature. Valeriu is writing in Romanian and in Polish, the aphorisms are translated in over 30 languages but their popularity in the English speaking world is not according to their merits. I want to help this author- we will find together the best ways to do it.

Glorious Sunset a special program to help the seniors to think, learn be active, relatively happy and – at least mentally- agile. I belong to them.

Founding an Institute specialized in research for  Ego-Out reducing, a new branch of Positive Psychology.

Anyway, these are just directions and the blog’s activity   is not reduced to them. I have said many times: “You think, you exist; you decide, you live” so I will take any opportunity to decide.

Your friend,

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