Monday, January 10, 2011

The Programs of the Ego-out Blog

All these programs had been started during the 8.5+ years of publication of the Info-Kappa newsletter or earlier. They are rather diverse but the aim of all is improvement of human life via understanding of the world.
The order of presentations is not correlated with the difficulty or the importance of the tasks i.e. I consider all as necessary and urgent.

1.Real-life problem solving system.
A set of very practical rules of what to do and what to NOT do in order to solve the many problems of professional and personal problems including global and local social, economic troubles.
I consider that with the exception of the technological problems,
in all the other realms of life, Mankind is hit by a very disturbing
epidemics of Probletence (from combining “problem” with ‘impotence” i.e. an ever decreasing ability of problem solving). The Crisis is the best-worst example.

2. Web-search- development and discoveries
Constantly informing my readers about what serious things happen now and discussing with them the significance, importance and usability of these. Where and how can be precious information, knowledge and even wisdom found, intellectual discoveries. A war against mis-information, lies, and upright stupidity.

3 Development and applications of my theory of modes of thinking.
The theory was worked out and published in 1990 and it is in some way an alternative or complements to Edward de Bono’s Six Hats method. It says there are 4 modes of thinking: prelogical, logical,
supralogical and post logical – it is very efficient for understanding the basics of the everlasting battle between Reason and Unreason(s). You will see soon on which part I am fighting.

4. The Negatheist Manifesto
Please do me a favor- go to my septoes  at the first page of this blog and read those about religion. The truth is that some 11000 religions and faiths are making billions of people perhaps happy but scared and docile and credulous, offer short-cut type explanations about how the world and societies work, however people are removed from reality, real understanding, science, progress and such things. Religions are excellent life organizers
And sources of ultra-hard, sticky, indestructible memes. At this stage of development of the human brains religion is deeply ingrained or pre-programmed in the right hemispheres of the brains
and is inherent to the hard elements of almost every culture. Atheism is progressive due to the reduction of the number of gods to zero, however it is not the Solution to the problem of religions.
An obvious, straightforward mathematical thinking shows that we need a religion with a negative number of gods. We have to create gods- and this action –life-long education at the highest level is the best life organizer possible. Mankind needs Negatheism

5. Solving the energy problems of the future
The big picture of the development of technology is based
on solving the problems of;
transport, transfer and transformation of
matter, energy, and information.

Almost good solutions exist for the transport and transfer of information- IT, Internet – the complete constellation of these marvelous developments.
The most critical, dangerous problems are those of energy, the usable resources are scarce and burning anything is destructive and damaging for the environment- as you all know. The natural renewables as wind, solar, geothermal have many limitations, nuclear energy by fission is also more on the side of the problem.

I am convinced, based on a long range study and on direct information that the Solution of the energy problem is Hydrino Energy of Dr. Randell Mills see please:
I know Randy well, our correspondence has started in 1991, please visit his website and judge what you see without bias or prejudice.
Later this year, the BLP Company will demonstrate its so-called CIHT technology on a commercial level and soon the triumphal march- sweeping away all the enemies and sskeptics (i.e stupid skeptics) of hydrino energy. Thanks Technology this is an inexhaustible source of energy.

I also want to say that I am a veteran of the Cold Fusion movement that has not a good reputation. Actually the phenomenon is a scientific certainty, however can not be converted in a real technology because it is not reproducible and upscalable. Only one special technology, that of Professor Francesco Piantelli- from the University of Siena-  a good friend of mine has understood and solved the problem. Sand his followers Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi are also on the way to a valid and potent low energy nuclear technology see e.g.:

My personal explanation of why cold fusion is not reproducible
The so-called poisoning hypothesis is rejected by my colleagues but I believe it’s true. I am patiently waiting experimental results and the future will tell.

6. Studies of the human nature, thinking and societies.

The title says it all. Recently I have concluded that there is no ideal society possible the problem of the relationship between the individuals and the collectivities is actually insoluble, only compromises are possible.

(it will be continued)


  1. The problems of humanity ultimately arise from the human mind;we must understand ourselves..The global effort of the Church of Scientology to salvage mankind is a based on means to free individuals from reactions to past events and effective study of Life. Man is basically good, he just misunderstands.

  2. Thank you!
    The theory of many churches is noble and human,the problems are coming from the practice. The Church of Scientology has a very bad reputation and I cannot explain why. It is about competition?
    One human being can be basically good but a collective of 10 people, a a gathering of 10000...I simply don't know.