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My dear friends, 

This could have been the main, Search column of my now deceased
newsletter Info Kappa- my selections of valuable links according to my ideas and principles. The target public was curious but serious people from Romania. Now this is extended but I am thinking about the people from the same minority- from everywhere. My insticts of journalist say that I ahve to make some changes- but I too confused being jobless for the first time after >51.5 years and having a brand new  computer with a great part of my database unavailable. Plus very interesting events in the field of Cold Fusion. Your suggestions re changes are welcome, thank you in advance- my modest ambition is that INFO-SEARCH should a very rich and reliable source of information.

Here it is, Info Kappa style:




Revisiting the information superhighway, 15 years down the road:

The Internet, in numbers:

The Web is not a gadget

2. SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Searching as learning:


Make browsing fast and more efficient with Internet Explorer 9

10 things tht will change search in 2011:

Special report- the future of social networks:

The social phenomenon that’s tearing us apart:


10 years of Wikipedia: A unique American achievement

Also about Wikipedia’s anniversary:

A Video Message From Jimmy Wales (& Other Resources) as Wikipedia Celebrates 10th Anniversary:

Questions about Quora:

20 Must Know Websites For Latest WordPress Hacks, Tips And Tutorials:

A remarkable blog:


Google vs Bing, the fallacy of superior search engine:

Google Now #1 Search Engine In Czech Republic; 5 Countries To Go For Global Domination:

An open letter of the President of the United States of Google:

For the francophones- 14 variations artistiques autour de Google:



Did the Internet kill rhetoric?

Game of quick thinking, smart decisions and great words

Quickly digitize your tomes with the Book Saver Book Scanner from Ion

Turning the page- the future of e-books:

The best Kindle tools, accessories and resources:

Interview: "Sue Polanka Discusses E-books, E-readers, and Librarians"



Friday – cold fusion 10 kw, Ni-H reaction to be demonstrated in Bologna:

Focardi and Rossi LENR (Cold fusion) demo today:

An alternative to is abstracts of scientific papers


E. O. Wilson: Science is an adventure, and you can participate:


Measuring hell Was modern physics born in the Inferno?

Thunderstorms Shoot Beams of Antimatter Into Space:


Origin of Life on Earth: 'Natural' Asymmetry of Biological Molecules May Have Come from Space

Evolution- the story of Lfe on Earth:

Study Of Lice DNA Shows Humans First Wore Clothes 170,000 Years Ago

The Remarkable Pattern Of Neuronal Activity In The Brain:

Thermodynamic Constrains for Life Based on Non-Aqueous Polar Solvents on Free-Floating Planets: scientific paper, the author, Prof Viorel Badescu is a great promoter of the new energy sources- and a good friend of mine

Bizarre sea slug is half plant, half animal                                                                        

Massive Online Plant Database Unveiled

Sulfur Proves Important in the Formation of Gold Mines

Gesturing While Talking Helps Change Your Thoughts

Scientific problem solving:

The solar system swallower:


Study: Be Wary of Space Visitors:

First dead birds, then dead fish ... now crickets:

Flying Machines, Amazing at Any Angle:

Scientists in Romania and Bulgaria are having the best and the worst of times.



A very cautious paper about BlacklightPower’s hydrino energy:

Energy Limits Global Economic Growth, Study Finds

The Need for Climate Engineering Research:

The official blog of the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy:

Final Report Issued by National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling

Study Estimates Land Available for Biofuel Crops:

The hottest new technologies of 2011:


The Complete List of iPad Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

Roundup of cool gadgets at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show)::

Motorola Xoom tablet crowned best CES gadget:


What to expect at CES 2012:


11 Tablets worth watching:

Bob Rankin- buying a laser printer:

Bob Rankin – what is digital forensics:

World's lightest solid material, known as 'frozen smoke', gets even lighter:


Trapped Sunlight Cleans Water:


Self-assembling structures open door to new class of materials:

Nanolasere heat up:

The future of nanoscience:

Fastest Movie in the World Recorded: Method to Film Nanostructures Developed:


Glass that's Stronger than Steel

Digital Photography: The Power of Pixels

Digital photography changed not only how we take pictures but also how we communicate

The trouble with turning graphite into diamond:

The puzzling evolution of guns vs bows:



10 free online resources for science teachers:

The Singularity: Humanity's Last Invention?:

Housing 9 billion people won’t take technomagic:

Invitation to world literature:

Favourite music evokes same feelings as good food or drugs

Musical Chills: Why They Give Us Thrills:

'Believers' gene' will spread religion , says academic:

List of common misconceptions:

2010 the year in mistakes:

Quote investigator- dedicated to investigating and tracing of quotations:



How to Get Your Idea Approved


A gentler and more logical economics

On Leadership: Daniel Pink on motivation

Are you a good boss- or agreat one?:

A short history of retirement:


Noise at the Office: How to Cope


DNA Introduced Directly Into Cell Nucleus Using Protein Nanodisks:

A fat tummy shrivels you brain:

Punctuated evolution in cancer genomes:

Couch Potatoes Beware: Too Much Time Spent Watching TV Is Harmful to Heart Health:

Antibiotic resistance is not only genetic:

A universal marker for tumor cells?

New Device Set to Combat Fear of the Dentist's Drill

PixelOptics to launch 'world's first electronic focusing eyewear:



We can feed 9 billion people in 2050:

The Food Museum online:

How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables - and Love Them!


Chemical Analysis Confirms Discovery of Oldest Wine-Making Equipment Ever Found:

Top 10 winter recipes:

10 delicious winter pastas:

Gluten-free recipes:



Google Goggles Has Mad Sudoku Skillz

The Alphabet in typefaces:

Astrologers strike back: New zodiac sign Ophiuchus is an old hoax:




After holiday lull, spam plague returns                                                        


Symptoms of a virus infection:

The most damaging malware:


Google pays record bounty for Chrome bug

15. WiFi

Bob Rankin about the Verizon iPhone:

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