Friday, January 14, 2011

A really interesting event- info from an eyewitness

I am very indebted to my young Italian friend Roy who has informed me that the experiment from Bologna
and the press conference can be followed at:
The essence is: the system works! It is a real new source of energy.
This - using the main idea of my last editorial at Info Kappa- is the end of an almost 22 years long waiting, but it is, in the same time the beginning of a new era. Many times more questions than answers.
But who has stated that the world is, above all, interesting?
And BLP's CiHT technology will come later this year. The future of energy is bright and great. And very difficult.

Tomorrow, the heros from Bologna will keep an Internet  news conference see:

I hope that those interested will ask relevant and answerable questions. Otherwise this opportunity will be wasted. Eugen Ionesco has said: "It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question" 


  1. I still need to see it examined by independent experts myself...


  2. I agree, however based on my previous information, I think that the system is working, is a rich source of energy, and is has a long way to go- that of industrial development- till it wil used in homes and in industrial building.
    It generates heat, Randy Mills CIHT generates electric energy, we need both.

  3. Dear Nick- I forgot to tell- your request for an independent experts is not realistic, it has to be performed in conditions that guarantee that the generator remains a black box and cannot be reverse-engineered.(i.e. NOT independent) They do not want to demonstrate that it works- they want to earn money by selling it massively and keeping the critical know how elements secret.