Thursday, January 20, 2011

KNOL has problems, I have offered a solution

KNOL has problems; in my opinion this is because it is a painfully incomplete solution. Google's aim is to organise the information of the world; it has already accomplished transport and transfer of information
but not its transformation along and up the DIKWP scale: data - information- KNOLedge- WISDom- PREDiction (Arthur C.Clarke's taxonomy!). google has to create WISD and PRED additional to KNOL  I have offered my help, but my messages didn't came through and/or didn't get an answer, positive or negative. In the realm of KNOL, Wikipedia is invincible. I am patient...and Googleophile.


  1. ROFL! Googleophile. This is brilliant. Mind if I use it over and over again so that people would think I am wise? :)

  2. Thank you!

    Googleophile was not created by me.
    Words I authored- and in the English dictionary
    see writings labelled WORD as Ego Out and Memecracy