Sunday, January 9, 2011

the first seed

Soon I will present  you my system of thinking and problem solving; an important characteristic of these is the emphasis on the negative, on what is missing, is absent, has to be found or created.
The very first idea that lead me here is a definition.
I have collaborated - during the'80s- with a bright psychologist, Dr Tibor Kulcsar - his specialty was the study of intelligence. Soon I have realized that intelligence is very difficult to define. There are some tens of definitions, all incomplete- or on the contrary, extending
beyond the limits of this complex concept. Eventually I have concluded that the best definition is a negative one by the Romanian
thinker Mihail Ralea: 
"To be intelligent means to NOT mix (confuse) the points of view"

I was prepared for the next step- negative discoveries.


  1. Pentru a ilustra cu un exemplu ideea ca a fi inteligent inseamna a nu confunda punctele de vedere, Mihail Ralea relata urmatoarele, cred ca in cartea “Intre doua lumi” (redau aproximativ, din amintire): Doua studente ieseau de la un curs, iar una dintre ele isi exprima admiratia pentru eruditia si inteligenta unui profesor. Atunci cealalta ii replica: “Cine, ala? E un ofticos!”

  2. I am translating Raducanu's message re seed:
    To illustrate with an example the idea that being smart is not to mix points of view, Mihail Ralea writes I think in the book "Between Two Worlds" (cited dfrom memory): Two student girls walked out of a class and one of them expressing his admiration for the erudition and intelligence of a professor. But the other replied angrily: "Who, he? But he is a poor tuberculotic!

    My remembering of this example of mixing points of view is very similar. What has intelligence to do with TB and vice-versa?