Saturday, January 22, 2011

Searching a MOTTO for this blog

A high-class blog needs a wise Motto. Or, perhaps not?
I am thinking about choosing one, I am very fond of good quotations.

The first candidate is:

"I prefer the Hell, if it is connected to the Internet. (Valeriu Butulescu)

Butulescu is a world level Romanian author of aphorisms; these are translated in some 30 languages
but it is some delay with English. I just have received  two of his recent books and will
translate his sayings systematically for you, he posseses the high art of expressing a maximum
of number of ideas with a minimum number of words (highest idea density, technically speaking!)
Just take his Life = hungry matter.  If you add: And edible too- you get the best definition
of Life. Usable by biologists ad evolutionists.
An other mottoizable Butulescu aphorism:

"These pages, the black box of my short flight."

Many more will come. I am still shocked, positively by the Bologna event despite of knowing well
that it is possible- Prof. Piantelli has done it too for a more restricted public.

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