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My dear readers,

This is my search, column for this very interesting week, dominated by the interesting New Energy story from Bologna.
My selection of recent information, an activity that has been my pleasure
and life organizer for long years. I have renamed this column, it’s a decision- (I think,  I exist, I decide,  I live.)

Why the Informavore’s Sunday?
Because it is written for the consumers of serious information and an issue is closed, by tradition, when I get the New York Times by e-mail, Sunday morning.

Why No. 439?
Because I want to celebrate all the other issues having  this logical structure that I composed at my former newsletter, Info Kappa under the name; “The Essential about Web Search.”
For the sake of continuity.

Dear readers, please read, enjoy, use and….multiply!
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So what’s doing the Internet to our brains?


The Social Side of the Internet:


Useful: Infographic: "How Does Age Affect Web Use?"


The Internet Makes it More Likely You Will Be Social, Not Less:

How the size of networks can skyrocket:

2. SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.   

Wendy Boswell- the Internet for kids:
Free movies on-line for kids:

The top ten sites for virtual pets:

The rise and fall of Yahoo- the infographic:

50+ Best Sites To Download Free Sound Effects 


Wendy Boswell’s websearch school- excellent!
Social Web:

Six ways you can use the real-time web:


13 Essential Useful Blogging Tips For A Newbie Blogger:


Woman science bloggers discuss pros and cons of online exposure:

Information dissemination- will you tweet this?:


Q&A: Twitter co-founder and former-CEO Evan Williams


10 ways to increase your followers on Twitter:

Top 10 Free Open-source Social Networking Software To Make Your Network More Powerful:



100 Google search tricks for the savviest of students:


Update: Schmidt to step aside as Google CEO, Page taking over

A to do list for Google’s new CEO, Larry Page:

Google approaches its breaking point:

Small Google navigation element changes:


Top 10 Fresh Google Chrome Extensions For Web Designers


Google Knol Still Alive & Fixed, But Questions Linger About Its Future: see please my blog!


Questia online library:



What Is Life? New Answers to an Age-Old Question in Astrobiology:


Brain-  tracking the tell-tale signs of pure genius:


A book I want to read “Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently” :


Why First Impressions Are So Persistent


The World's Smallest Farmers (amoebas!)


Beyond Human Comprehension: The Most Massive Black Hole in the Observable Universe -An Event Horizon 20 Billion Kilometers Across:

The sense of smell:


Mammoth 'could be reborn in four years':

Beauty and brains DO go together! Study claims good-looking men and women have higher IQs;


Newly Discovered Group of Algae Live in Both Fresh Water and Ocean:


Oxidation Mechanisms at Gold Nanoclusters Unraveled:


A publication that makes happy the soul of an old engineer: Science and technology are progressing indeed!


Study claims 100 percent renewable energy possible by 2030:


Breakthrough in Converting Heat Waste to Electricity: Automotive, Chemical, Brick and Glass Industries Could Benefit from Discovery:


Laser beams can now deliver energy to machines through thin air:

Information on bridges:

The economics of superinsulating windows:

The healing power of light (for polymers):

New Magnets Could Solve Our Rare-Earth Problems:


Bob Rankin-  online Backup or Local Backup?:


Worldwide electronic Thesis and Dissertation index:

New: International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics 

Academic cheating in the age of Google:



How To Influence When You Don't Have Authority:


Resolution 2011: Make Your Strategy Coherent:


TED Curator Chris Anderson on Crowd Accelerated Innovation:

5 things you do are doing  that are killing your culture (the Company’s)

Do your teams produce reports or results?:


The Robot in the Next Cubicle:


10 Things Boomer Managers Shouldn’t Have to Give Up:

A story bank – for businesses and families:


What can we learn from 5 centuries of flue pandemics:

Explosive death for MRSA (methycillin –resistant Staphylococcus aureus): :

Scientists Sequence Gut Microbes of Premature Infant:


Treating genetic disorders before birth:

Scientific Evidence Supports Effectiveness of Chinese Drug for Cataracts:


Molecular Battle in Cancer Cells Offers Clues for Treatment:


Axolotl eggs could provide a potent weapon in fight against cancer:


Are Positive Emotions Good for Your Health in Old Age?:



Mechanisms of Juvenile Hormone Action in Insects Could Help Fine Tune Pesticides:

The Mysterious Honey Bee Extinction [infographic]  This subject was followed with special attention in im Info Kappa Newsletter

'Killer paper' could prolong shelf life of foods:

Why I stopped to be a vegetarian:

Ratatouille Serving Suggestions:



Mathematical Model for Moving Bottlenecks in Road Traffic:

1000 awesome news:



Google says search quality has improved with new spam detection:

More about Google Search and search engine spam:                                                  



A brief history of Malware- the first  25 years:


Top 10 antivirus:


Web Browser Security Information and Resources

Smishing: scary new malware scam:

15. WiFi

How Fruit Flies Could Improve Wireless Networking:

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