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a metaphoric story by Mooji: 
"We are at the door/gateway to realization, to awakening, but just outside there is a large, noisy market with hundreds of people trying to sell us things, enticing us with delicious smells and wonderful promises, so we hold back, keep looking at these offerings here, on the known side, the comfortable side, the unconscious side. We decide we are not quite ready to go through, to see what is on the other side."

I told yesterday about the necessity of a Great LENR Satori and today the charming website of the Canadian ecologist Dave Pollard gives this;

It is too much noise in LENR too, now.


What I have told yesterday about catalysis- was in philosophical sense too, and is more general than chemical catalysis can be understood from the essay:
I have asked Ed and the readers to look at it. 
Catalysis is a form of synergy ubiquitous in Nature synergy that drives development of matter from the Big Bang and Evolution. Different levels of organization of Matter "conspiring" and working together in order to create something interesting. LENR is Matter at chemical (of electrons cloud) level catalyzing Matter of atomic level to new reactions at the nuclear level. Not only fusion, not only two particles reactions as in hot fusion- but collective, cooperative nuclear transformations. nuclear interactions.
I think things are much more complex than D + D and H + H

In order to avoid the great evil D's of discussions (Dilutitis, Detailitis, Disfocusitis,
Disputitis, Defrostitis) that are ruining their effectiveness and efficiency,
I am commenting first the most original part of Ed's response of yesterday: 

Ed (writing in red) defends his basic idea about nano-cracks

 Peter:As far I know/understand, the nano-cracks are not a specific, quantifiable  feature of the metal (Pd, Ni) surface- with concrete it would be different. 

Ed: Peter, I'm amazed you would say this. The nano-crack is the initial formation of a gap that, if allowed to grow larger, would be and is easily seen.  This is a well known and easily observed process.  I'm not suggesting a new condition. I'm only suggesting a new consequence of a well-known condition. 

Peter:OK, how many nano-cracks are per sq.c of the cathode you are working now? As order of magnitude? And, taking in account what we know about Pd metallurgy, 
what is your evaluation of a very good, active surface- what nanocrack density per surface?
The most advanced- close to you (do you agree?) PdD wet research teams- ENEA and SKINR 
speak more about point-iike impurities, about some EMF emissions not a word about good nanocracks- see also the ISOLDE event of Oct.3. They seem to be first class experimentalists, have not seen them making risky theoretical speculations
can nobody convince them to discuss and try the nanocracks idea.
They (SKINR) have analysed thoroughly the star cathode 64 of the former Energetics,
how do you interpret the exceptionally high heat release generated, causally?

Ed also wrote:

Ed: You and other people do not understand what I mean when I use the term NAE. It is not simply a site where LENR happens to take place, as you define it. It is a special local condition that is created by a chemical process BEFORE LENR can take place. Its eventual use as a site for a nuclear reaction is not anticipated by Nature when the NAE is formed. The nuclear reaction is an unusual and unexpected consequence.  For reasons having nothing to do with the eventual nuclear process, this condition forms and allows something extraordinary to happen. This way of looking at the problem forces an entirely different set of rules on how the process works.  You are free to reject my idea, but please understand what I propose before you reject it.  You and I are describing an entirely different condition when we use the term NAE.  I do not believe your definition applies because I do not believe a process that can cause fusion can take place in or on a normal material.  A very unique and rare change must take place. We need to identify this change in an exact way while remaining consistent with known behavior.

This goes a bit beyond the simple nanocracks- is this in some contradiction or is it complementary to what you said first (above)? What can be a special local condition created by a chemical process? This is more vague and less defined than the effect of a nano-structure. The nano-effect can be that atoms lose their individuality and act together as one atom..                                                                        


1) 'LENR is a catalytic process' by AXIL  THANKS!

2) Andrea Rossi
November 26th, 2015 at 7:22 PM

Albert N.:
The Mossbauer Effect is well described on Wikipedia (Google Wikipedia Mossbauer Effect).
Prof Cook and I are working on a theory that could link the reverse Mossbauer Effect with the Rossi Effect.
It is a very complex work that demands complex mathematical models and we are not ready for a publication.
What Prof Cook will present is a hint of our intuition.
We are curious to see the reactions and to see if there is something to learn.
I must say that we learnt much from the discussions I had with Prof. Suffritti of the University of Sassari (Italy) upon an unpublished paper of him on the same issue.
Our publication is going slow because we agreed upon the fact that this publication is worth to be made only if our theory can be sustained by a consistent mathematical structure.
Warm Regards

NOTE I remember the very first meeting with the Mossbauer Effect in a LENR environment- it was Prof Erno Kuzmann from the Eotvos University Budapest who spoke at ICCF-2 Como about
 "Mossbauer Spectroscopic Characterization of Samples for Cold Fusion Experiment",  A very nice man, unfortunately I have lost the contact with Erno

3) Socioeconomical Consequences of the LENR Technology - Group Analysis and Discussion

5) Public concept drawings of domestic ECAT

6) The Official Website of FULVIO FRISONE, Italian Cold Fusionist

To spur innovation, we need to change our mindset:

"We need to be aware and receptive to technological advances as well as the skill sets that future generations might need, including many that may not even exist today. This needs to be fuelled by a change in the mindset of teachers, students and society. I believe that a focus on the learning process rather than defined final goals is a necessary shift. We need to place the majority of the emphasis on developing skills rather than test scores. Problem-solving skills (independent thinking, research skills and analysis) as well as social skills (empathy, diplomacy, team-building) need to be prioritised".



  1. I can not understand Ed Storms devotion to the crack causation of LENR theory. Co-disposition of palladium hydride has been shown to produces results 100% of the time and excess heat is seen in just minutes. Ed should be coming up to speed on Co-disposition. There are no cracks on the electrodes used in co-disposition.

    1. I was never able to imagine cracks as place of such unusualeffects- quantum effects anyway.
      BUT it is CO-DEPOSITION, not disposition, IK?