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"When it does not work, it does not work at all" (Richard von Krafft-Ebing)


With my IQ halved and my creativity annihilated by some very stressing discussions re a travel postponed due to 'vis major circumstances', just a shortissimo comment:

I bet that LENR takes place- NOT in the lattice, NOT in nano-cracks, but only in/on complex, dynamic nano-structures. The clue of the problem is to learn how to create
myriads of such nano-structures, continuously in a professional way-in the style of the Good Technologist.

Please read in my blog how Piantelli has discovered and understood this.

Electron Mediated Nuclear Reactions

Andrea Rossi about TIME MAGAZINE's Fusion Issue mentions Industrial Heat
November 2nd, 2015 at 5:08 PM

A. Bhatt:
Yes, we already talked of it on this blog. Doubtless, it is an interesting cover story. IH too is cited, which confirms that our work is under the radar of important concerns. The story is focused on hot fusion. Interesting, it surely is worth the price of the cover.
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Atlantic Nov 2015
We Need an Energy Miracle
Interview with bill Gates- with excellent photos- but is this new?


  1. Peter, Taxonomy in all fields has always been an argument between the 'lumpers' and the latecomers to the field, 'splitters.' Neither is singularly correct but the 'splitters' inevitably become the most vocal as they define and re-define the rules, or in the case of cold fusion the dimensions, of the taxa. By introducing smaller and smaller domains splitters can split off what seems to them larger and larger territories.

    The dimensions now being proclaimed in lenr/cold fusion are far below the atomic scale down well into the sub-quark dimensions which may not be even dimensions at all...thus offering tiny territories of endless scope open to claim. It is all like some old Hollywood movie with male egos running rampant over the landscape trying to claim and cling to as much as possible. It seems apparent that size does matter, but as real science has recently proven the louder the monkey the smaller the 'junk.'(ref Google 'howler monkey') Just when the golden haired beauty of this movie, Ms. Goldilocks, will appear on the silver screed and lecture the boys to get themselves under control and stop parading is long overdue.

    As for lenr/cold fusion taking place in bulk lattices, on surfaces, and in-between-scapes there is unequivocal evidence for all of the above. It only takes some doing to see this for your-self, there have been ample recipes to follow for decades now. As one legendary Hollywood starlet once said, or was it an American president.. no difference really, "if you can't cook get out of the kitchen". Whether any of the active domains are sub-nano-dimensional is pure postulation by would-be cooks-advisors who only sit and **ink as opposed to stand in the hot kitchen at the lab bench and think.

    1. The kitchen quote is usually attributed to Harry Truman. Iview and aproach.I like your point of view and approach- thanks for writing the bright essay on your blog.

  2. Peter,

    The PDF doc that you posted above under the tile "Electron Mediated Nuclear Reactions" (link repeated below) is a standout document that deserves high attention to any LENR 'deep diving' interested parties.


    It is one of the better write-ups on seeking to explain the nature of the energy generated from a LENR effect. It may be among the best I have read.

    Please keep up your outstanding efforts to bring papers like this to the attention of us who are deeply interested.

    Your blog remains one of the great focal points for serious research and understandings.


    Doug Marker