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a) LENR is a theory eats theory field.

I intend to make, with your help, kind of LENR taxonomy; I still don't know how, but trying to take in account their explanation power, predictive ability and connection with the experimental reality. Started the list of papers that discussed in 2015 not all newly published. This is a first sketch, incomplete; please help!

There is a group of background basic theories very frequently invoked and having relatively strong support:

 Storms, Hagelstein, Takahashi, Widom-Larsen, Bazhutov, Vysotski, Piantelli, Kozima,  Godes, Meulenberg, Cook-Rossi. Kim...

Theories discussed in 2015 (reverse chronological order)

Calaon, Hatt,  Andreev, Frisone, Olafsson-Holmlid, Dubinko, Geneste (2). Couannier, Neuville, Paillet, Fruchart, Lundin-Ligren, Urutskoev, Ruer,Gullstrom -2nd, Evans (ECE),  Tarasenko, Little (Reginald), Andreev (Forbidden Transmutations), Konstantinov, Guglinsky, Tsyganov, Samsonenko-Ndahayo, Zhigalov, Ignatovich, Bao-Guo Dong, Kirkinskii, Strilets, (will continue)

b) Long way- NO way!

 I have appreciated positively the success of the recent CERN meeting where AHE was well demonstrated to a high authority; this is indeed good for PdD science
 Let's hope and suppose that PdD gets funding, adds more happy years to the unhappy 26+ and leads to understanding, some good Theory appears, say a kind of Storms+ theory. What can it predict, what are the limits of performances? What are the next steps, how will we apply  the teachings to a real technology- that will very probably not be wet, not electrolytic and will not use palladium and not deuterium?

One of my good friends is happy that I have, eventually understood the necessity of advanced basic research in PdD. He justifies this line of research in LENR thus:

PdD is practically useful as a test bed with much known about it. It may never be practically useful for power generation. NiH suffers from serious obstacles in the way of acceptance, mostly secrecy combined with hype, lack of verifiability. That may shift if an NiH test bed becomes available that clearly demonstrates a reliable effect.

I disagree, Piantelli et al have discovered many things about NiH, I think NiH can indeed deliver enhanced excess heat; if Rossi fails or does not get genuine competitors not followers,,the game is over till LENR+ will be re-discovered.
But this is the very worst scenario. I believe in the problem solving ability of technology.



2) Industrial Heat Slideshow Posted (made for China)

3) Where replicators disappeared?

4( Andrea Rossi- statements
November 5th, 2015 at 11:25 PM

Thank you, but if the results will be positive, this will be due also to the work of our Team and also of the great family of this blog, from which so much I have learnt and of Prof Sergio Focardi and Prof Norman Cook, whose book has put the theoretical bases to the evolution of my work during these last 6 years. If the results will be negative, obviously, the responsibility will be totally mine, because I am the one that has taken all the decisions on the battlefield.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
November 5th, 2015 at 11:23 PM

The plans to produce 1 million modules per year are done completely and ready. Also the manufacturing place has already been selected. Obviously all depends on the results of the tests on course and on the certification process. There are many factors that forbid for now to foresee the timeframe.
Warm Regards,


R, Mills has made one mistake when looking at his experimental data. He does not understand that electrons can be confined in nanocavities that produce electron orbits that decrease in size as energy is added to that system. An electron does not need a proton to orbit, it can be confined in an enclosure, a black box. This is the essence of the artificial atom.

But when the electron and photon entangle, when energy is added to that system, the wavelength of the polariton shortens to such a point that EUV light is produced. This high frequency light is what has confused R. Mills. He does not understand that confinement of polaritons in a nanocavity can produce black light. 

All the experimental findings that Mills has produced over the years are a result of nanoplasmonics. 


What comes after the Information Age?

New dimension to high-temperature superconductivity discovered
An unprecedented blend of intense magnetic and X-ray laser pulses produces surprising 3-D effect November 5, 2015

Thanks to Mark Iverson
Thermal energy harvesting antennas by more than 10,000 to 100,000 times with tiny holes in copper

A remarkable essay about the limits of scientism:
By Dave Pollard


  1. Perhaps only barely on topic news of energy and climate is being dominated by the climate change conference in Paris about to start.

    The Paris COP21 billion dollar event could deliver food to feed the world but likely will only address and argue only future, tomorrows CO2 emissions avoiding totally the dire crisis of the nearly trillion tonnes of CO2 emitted in all of our yesterdays. More tragically the event will largely focus on climate as opposed to oceans when it is the oceans that are first and foremost damaged by high and rising CO2. Last and most tragic of all it will ignore the most potent solution for both yesterdays and tomorrows deadly CO2 that is immediately available, effective, and low cost - that being proven ocean pasture restoration. For a fraction of the billion dollars being spent on the Paris COP21 the worlds ocean pastures can be restored and sustained for the rest of this century, converting billions of tons of CO2 each year into billions of additional fish to feed the world's hungry.

  2. The Plasmoid school of LENR theory holds that LENR is caused by a kind of ball lightning. From this school comes the idea that electrons rotating in a closed loop are at the core of LENR causation.

    The limitation of this theory is that the Pauli Exclusion Principle limits how dense the plasmoid can become because electrons repel each other. The polariton waveform removes this limitation because light converts the electron into a boson when the photon becomes entangled with the electron. The polariton can become extremely dense because it is mostly light.

    All theories of LENR causation through the actions of electrons suffer from the limitation on the power concentration that the fermion nature of the electron imposes.

    E. Lewis, Matsumoto and K. Shoulders are among the developers of this fundamental idea for LENR causation, that is a confined EMF waveform is at the bottom of the LENR reaction.

    All the other causes of the LENR reaction that experimenters have proposed over the years are emergent and are derived from the rotating balls of light that the early workers in LENR have rightly identified as basic.