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Obstacles are like wild animals. They are cowards but they will bluff you if they can. If they see you are afraid of them… they are liable to spring upon you; but if you look them squarely in the eye, they will slink out of sight. (Orison Swett Marden 


a) One of the greatest internal source of Mankind's Problems is "Means replace Aims" 
This is a cornerstone of my life philosophy and I have described it i. a. here:

Here is a LENR related example- the continuing discussion with my favorite so well documented discussion partner, Abd who has permitted me to cite him here. Re my opinion that the PdD  wet system is not adequate for technology and extremely difficult for science, he says:

Your thinking is focused on power generation. Mine is not, I am focused on science and expanding frontiers of knowledge. That indirectly leads to practical results.

Science is -in a sense a means for technology and here it tends to replace it; actually this is due to the inherent weaknesses of the PdD system. For science many things go, for technology we must be more selective and constructive.

Abd is right, for me CF/LENR was and is the great energy source of the future and I disagree with waiting till science will discover the topology, nature and mechanism
of excess heat generation in this cognitively slippery as an eel and experimentally rebellious system- thus generating a huge question: how much from what we have learned  from it, is valid for the LENR systems with chances to be developed in practical heat sources? 

Abd's arguments are solid:
Much more is known about PdD than about NiH. I can recommend a heat/helium confirmation and assure funding agencies, by the great preponderance of the evidence, that the money will not be wasted, because this is work confirming with increased precision what has already been done, and already independently confirmed.

OK, but what then? We get a certainty at the 2nd power about He/heat, but is this good for scale-up for reliability, for making LENR a heat source? How could be this confirmation used for NiH at 1200 C?
More is known about PdD than about NIH, true, but what is known can make a scientist or a technologist happy? In which extent are those many things additive, translatable in a THEORY?

My opponent continues:

There is nothing like that in the NiH field. There is a lot of shoddy work, hasty, amateurish, and unconfirmed, often with little understanding of what a real confirmation would look like. Or there is secret commercial work.

I would disagree; to summarise the comparison, Donald Rumsfeld could help:
- the number of known knowns in PdD is greater, however their usefulness is not high;
- the number of known unknowns is similar in the the two systems;
- however regarding the unknown unknowns- NiH is in clear advantage, it has lots of very promising unknowns.

Abd is younger than me, he will see and will think and write I hope that I was right all the time: LENR Tchnology First!

b) An essay with a most unusual title- perhaps the strangest I have ever seen,
absolutely inappropriate for LENR

"I've changed my mind" by the Canadian ecologist-thinker Dave Pollard

Dave writes so well that I ignore that we disagree with most things he says, his writings are inspiring. But now he writes about something improbable, an extremely rare event. Actually now he describes how he has changed his worldview in 12 years elapsed from 2003 when he has stated his blog about "How to Save the World" ( I remember the revelation of finding it  immediately- an important new voice.
He speaks about his worldview- I cannot document something analogous in our field in 26 years- somebody changing his "LENRVIEW"! I have never met more than small adjustments, improvements, superficial reformulations, not essential mind transformations.
Certainties are the skeleton  of LENRviews, paradigm shift is painful bone breaking
and LENR-ist are not intellectual masochists

Sooner or later this paradigm shift MUST happen. Be prepared, read EGO OUT!


The paper "Mechanism of overcomimg the Coulomb Barrier published in the online edition of "Proatom" has generated a heated debate
For theoriats

Rossi: “Every Day an Anxious Day” with 1MW Plant (More Repairs Needed)

Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project - Facebook

Some more information on Industrial Heat:
Thanks to Blaze Spinnaker


The Plasmoid school of LENR theory holds that LENR is caused by a kind of ball lightning. From this school comes the idea that electrons rotating in a closed loop are at the core of LENR causation.

The limitation of this theory is that the Pauli Exclusion Principle limits how dense the plasmoid can become because electrons repel each other. The polariton waveform removes this limitation because light converts the electron into a boson when the photon becomes entangled with the electron. The polariton can become extremely dense because it is mostly light.

All theories of LENR causation through the actions of electrons suffer from the limitation on the power concentration that the fermion nature of the electron imposes.

E. Lewis, Matsumoto and K. Shoulders are among the developers of this fundamental idea for LENR causation, that is a confined EMF waveform is at the bottom of the LENR reaction.

All the other causes of the LENR reaction that experimenters have proposed over the years are emergent and are derived from the rotating balls of light that the early workers in LENR have rightly identified as basic. 


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  1. LENR is caused by black holes. First, we must understand what a micro black hole is. It is any waveform that is confined in a cavity or on a surface of a metal where there is a sharp interface layer that separates the enclosed waveform from its surrounding. The scientific term that discribes this type of waveform is an analog black hole. It is analog because it is like the big black holes in the cosmos. Once a polariton enters the analog black hole it cannot come out again.

    A polariton soliton (PD) is such a knot of electromagnetic waveform. This structure is a dualism that shares all the laws, behaviors and characteristics of it big brothers out in the cosmos. One of its most interesting characteristics is the PS impact on time. LENR is a catalitic process. A catalyst changes the speed at which a chemical reaction occurs, it speeds the chemical reaction up. The catalyst forms micro black holes that actually affect the flow of time. Outside the PS, time flows at an accelerated pace, but inside time slows down. String theory has a name for the inside of a black hole, they call it a tachyon. An string theory makes predictions on what a tachyon will do; and those predictions look like they accurately predict what is actually happening in high energy LENR experiments.

    The history of LENR is replete with photographs of strange particles and radiations coming out of the LENR ash products. These tracks are the paths of tachyons that has become so full of energy that they can live on their own away from the cavity or surface that gave them birth.

    These black holes are complex things that have a hydra like relationship with their environment. They have three interfaces as follows: entanglement, a monopole magnetic beam, and sub atomic particle creation. Which one of these interfaces predominate is based on the level of PS energy content.

    Entanglement(weak energy content):

    A very weak PS just uses its ability to entangle particles and atoms to produce effects. This weak level is seen in microbes and inside living cells that produce biological based LENR transmutation. This interface is based on the teleportation of energy between atomic processes outside the PS and the inside of the PS. The inside of the PS is an energy clearing house where an energy based quantum mechanical process redistribute energy around the LENR system. This interface stops nuclear radiation from being produced and thermalizes high energy radiation that usually come from nuclear transmutation. The PS is formed on the nanowire that covers the surface of some types of bacteria.

    There is a very special type of entanglement that black holes produce; it is called multi-particle entanglement. This interface can combine many atoms together where many atoms can fuse into a single product. But this interface can produce many resulting fusion reactions produced in a single instant. The term for this is "cluster fusion" as seen in LENR experimentation. As the energy content of the PS grows, the entanglement does not go away. This interface stays around no matter how much energy that the PS gathers into itself.

    In a LENR system, billions of PSs can coexist together in something called a Bose condensate. It is a network of PS s the share energy among themselves and communicate through entanglement. This arrangement leads to some strange things happening. One of these things is that energy can be absorbed in huge chunks. The scientific term for this is super-absorption. Conversely, huge chunks of energy can be produced in an instant with each member of the Bose condensate giving an small but equal share, this is called superradiance. Entanglement is the energy communication network used whereby each PS can work together.

  2. Peter, yes, NiH has more practical promise, if confirmed. Given what I know, I would personally consider that it's likely to be confirmed, even though that doesn't exist yet, and I still affirm that there is a great deal of shoddy work, on which you enthusiastically rely. I am very concerned with practicalities, not solely concerned with "truth" as you might think. I want to open the floodgates for LENR research, to the point that funding ramps up to millions of dollars the first year, rapidly to hundreds of millions or a billion or more. That takes focus. By pushing a mass of soggy muck, you don't create a spear point that can penetrate resistance. Instead, anyone looking at your work with *normal skepticism* sees a great deal of garbage, all linked by an obvious hope for what is sometimes called "free energy." You are playing into a generation of pseudoskeptical prejudice, confirming what they believe about the field.

    The real work, the solid work, the confirmed and established work, is buried in the noise, and you are one of the noise generators.

    You are certainly not the only one. The entire field of cold fusion became uncritical. Have you read Undead Science, by Simon? Being a zombie science creates certain pathologies; the zombies don't want to criticize other zombies, because that is what those Bad Skeptics do, criticize. Instead zombies circle the wagons, create safe places to discuss the work, and generally act as a bunch of deluded fanatics might be expected to act. Not everyone, of course!

  3. Peter, you wrote:

    "OK, but what then? We get a certainty at the 2nd power about He/heat, but is this good for scale-up for reliability, for making LENR a heat source? How could be this confirmation used for NiH at 1200 C?"

    The obstacle for major funding is the idea that cold fusion was properly rejected 25 years ago. Proposals for NiH funding meeting with this objection, with, additionally, all the stories about Rossi being a convicted fraud, all that mishegas, and, for sober skeptics, the simple lack of true independent confirmation and the presence of shoddy and misleading representations.

    However, once cold fusion is established as real, even if not particularly practical, that objection can disappear. There are basic scientific issues needing research. All LENR funding will ramp up, including NiH. As confirmed results appear, I expect NiH funding may rapidly outstrip PdD.

    This is not a long-term vision, Peter, this could happen quickly. I assume you have seen this:

    The first project is what I call a Phase I project: confirmation with increased accuracy of work that is *already confirmed.* This is designed to kill the reality question, dead, stake through its heart, finished, over. It's conservative, not blue-sky, not depending on something new being developed. I expect this to happen, and soon.

    The second project listed there is this about exploding wires as a test bed for materals::

    I'd call that a Phase II study. It is a confirmation, though, of work announced at ICCF-17. Notice that NiH is covered.

    NiH, if the reaction is, say, producing deuterium as an ash, compared with PdD, producing helium, will have a lower energy yield, but the materials are far cheaper. So the exploding wire results with Ni/NiHx are quite promising.

  4. Peter you seem to be selective in your view of what PdD experiments are substantive. Take for example Fleischmann's 'boiling cells' which ran for a month or more at a time for much of the time in self sustaining or as Fleischmann coined it 'heat after death' mode. These were very simple and small and clearly suggested commercial scale up potential. For example build them as high pressure vessels and the operating temperature would go much higher and F noted that the higher the termp the more robust the cold fusion.

    Those F-cells could easily match Rossi's e-cat aggregated in a similar shipping container to yield commercially useful heat. That DPd will produce higher temperatures than boiling water, even under pressure, is clearly seen in Fleischmann's singularity and the work of a few others like that of Russ George in his melting of Pd, remember Pd melts at 1600 C. The relatively simple building of a large number of such 'F-cells or R-cells' and extracting their collective heat via water as the heat exchange fluid was and is quite obvious. Good for Rossi in his demonstrated persistance to actually build out the aggregations of e-cat cells in his container but that hardly makes his line of work uniquely practical.

  5. Magnetic monopole beam (intermediate energy level)

    The monopole magnetic beam becomes pronounced at polariton soliton (PS) intermediate energy levels since the Surface plasmon polariton (SPP) alignes all the spins of the polaritons inside the soliton to project out of the soliton from its center perpendicular to its direction of wave rotation.

    This beam also produces entanglement between the PS and the atoms that beam touches. This beam can increase in strength to a huge level and can reach out of the soliton for a distance of up to 100 microns. This beam can produce nuclear disruption which can be described as a quark gluon plasma on the atoms that it falls upon.

    When this beam is initiated before a Bose condensate is established in the LENR system. The power that it transfers to the PS can be too great for the single or even a small aggregation of entangled PSs to hold. In this event, the energy from the nuclear reaction initiated by the beam is sent to the far field as gamma radiation and neutrons. This radiation outflow sometimes occurs during startup or shutdown of a LENR system or when a LENR system is cold since a large scale Bose condensate has not had enough time to become established or is being degraded.

    The beam and Rydberg matter

    Because of its particular shape, there is a symbiotic relationship or better said, a marriage between the PS and rydberg matter.

    In rydberg matter, there are planes of atoms that stack in long chains along the entire length of length of the rydberg matter crystal from tip to tail.

    A PS forms on each plane throughout the entire length of the nanowire. These PSs are all entangled in a self contained Bose condensate within the nanowire crystal and their magnetic monopole beams are additive to both be parabolically reflected to the front by each plane of atoms and be projected toward the front end of the crystal.

    The water crystal is also built up from planes of OH atoms formed in long strings. This type of rydberg matter nanowire is produced in exploding cavitation bubbles and is responsible for the LENR reactions seen in cavitation.

    Rydberg hydrogen is a type II superconductor, at room temperatures. The superconductivity comes from the SPP solitons that cover the rydberg hydrogen from tip to tail. The solitons form a high temperature Bose condensate on the nanowire. All the solitons are entangled to form a condensate.The same mechanism produces the drop in resistance in wire used in producing the LENR reactions where patches of Bose condensation forms along the wire.

  6. Uh, no. The "inherent weakness" is not of the PdD system, but of the electrolysis-based approach to loading. And even there, there has been progress, with the SPAWAR electrodeposition approach to loading yielding virtually 100% repeatibility. I still await the researcher who will load a PdD element by electrodeposition, and then use it in a heated gas-phase reactor.

  7. Sorry, but Black Holes are science fiction engendered by too much confidene in Einstein's math as interpreted by Schwarzchild, the interpretation of Gravity as a pull togetier, where it makes more sense as a push together, and the modern tendency to do "theory dirven dataing" rather than "Data driven theorizing."
    Black holes are like the Higgs Boson, examples of data being interpreted to support an idea rather than an idea being developed to undertand data...
    ..The black Holes of the astronomers are a case of data being interpreted to support the black hole ideas when there is a much simpleer explanation.....

  8. Sorry, but Black Holes are science fiction engendered by too much confidene in Einstein's math as interpreted by Schwarzchild, the interpretation of Gravity as a pull togetier, where it makes more sense as a push together, and the modern tendency to do "theory dirven dataing" rather than "Data driven theorizing."
    Black holes are like the Higgs Boson, examples of data being interpreted to support an idea rather than an idea being developed to undertand data...
    ..The black Holes of the astronomers are a case of data being interpreted to support the black hole ideas when there is a much simpleer explanation.....