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Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden. (Phaedrus) 

An idea for today:

the existence of cold fusion/LENR depends on how you define it, the usefulness of it depends on how you transform/improve it
Two gordian NOTs: do NOT define it as some cold form of Hot Fusion, and do NOT think a LENR technology is just Applied Science. It is different from the first and much more than the second.


a) HAIKO LIETZ, Webmaster of CMNS and my good friend (we met at the Marseille ICCF) has finished his dissertation based in part on his personal LENR experience and relevant for the field- it is i. a. about the emergence of social network science.
I hope now Haiko will take his natural role of promoter leader and promoter of the LENR (and LENR+!) movement in the German Press. Success!

b) GRAHAM HUBLER, leader of SKINR - has taken time to explain me an important fact. The recent CERN Symposium had the very beneficial effect to convince important people that the Anomalous Heat Effect in the original Fleischmann Pons system is REAL. 
Despite all progress including the advent enhanced heat release a la Rossi, the truth is that most authorities and decision takers and funding agencies still show negative enthusiasm (my wording) toward Cold Fusion LENR. So convincing CERN that AHE is real of Paramount importance. The advanced scientific methods of investigation used for the PdD cells will reveal essential data about the mechanism of AHE at the fundamental level. PdD has generated the absolute certainty that AHE exists so this research must continue- even if it lacks direct technological significance.

c) DOUG MARKER from Australia,  my brother-in-technology at distance was positively impressed by the Andrea Calaon theory paper presented yesterday 
and I also think this paper could be relevant. Let's follow up the development of this theory and its possible lnclusion in a a combination of multiple theories.

d)  RUSS GEORGE who writes from time to time quite remarkable papers and essays on his Blog Atom-Ecology has made us a very nice surprise, see paper 1) below.
It is a "must read" + "try as hard as you can to get the essence of Russ' message"


1) From Russ George
Taxonomy of Cold Fusion LENR

2) The Rossi Effect Explained From — Official E-Cat Site (Update: Rossi Calls it ‘Very Superficial’)

It is not conceived by Rossi and he is not contented with it:

Andrea Rossi
November 3rd, 2015 at 1:28 PM
Frank Acland:
It is not a complete description, nor it is a consolidated idea about a theory of which I am preparing together with Prof Norman Cook something more structured under a mathematical point of view. Call it a first approach, very superficial. Much deeper considerations are coming, albeit I don’t know how much soon.
Warm Regards,
3) The most interesting in the theme of LENR is a LENR critique. Rossi's site; I have offered you a shortened translation of this some time ago.
It is wisely written 

4) Rossi also says:
Andrea Rossi being  accused, that he/ his E-Cat violates Relativity!
November 4th, 2015 at 11:03 AM

J.C. Renoir:
Who wrote this has understood nothing of the Relativity, or of the Rossi Effect, or of both.
It is tragicomic to see how persons that barely have been able to go beyond the middle schools talk of Relativity with the same “souplesse” with which they talk of soccer in coffee shops every Monday in the morning. Our matter is extremely difficult and the more I study, the more I understand I need to learn.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi about his extended pateenting program
November 4th, 2015 at 10:52 AM

I am making a very strong and paramount job with my patents. I have in preparation and pending right now a total of 146 patents, all strictly related to the E-Cat. Honestly, I think that 84 will be granted, based on the experience I made in these years working on patents, and the others will not, but I will try all the same, even if I don’t think they will go through. But 84 will go through, I am very confident.
Warm Regards,

5) A "physicistically correct" voice hostile- not only to Andrea Rossi:
Less Speculative Physics


The complexity of modeling
In recent years, advances in materials synthesis techniques have enabled scientists to produce increasingly complex functional materials with enhanced or novel macroscopic properties.

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