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MOTTO (not for LENR)

Senile Lady has invited killers for  dinner. They did not like the food and now Senile Lady is so fragmented that her burial is a wicked logistics problem. (Unknown)

The Company led  by Senile Lady has imported droves of horses but forgot that:
"The catch about not looking a (gift) horse in the mouth is that it may be a Trojan Horse" (David Sellers) 

I am sad for the victims, I want to express my total solidarity with my dear French friends.
Re the "senile:"lady this is about probletent politicians and I have to censor what I want to tell re. them.


Identifying and describing the NAE is essential to creating a useful theory about LENR. Because the NAE is part of a chemical structure, the chemical conditions must be part of this understanding. (Edmund Storms) 
The properties of nanostructures are very different from those of the bulk material, it is both a science and an art to know what these differences are and how to make them useful for your specific scientific technological task- in this case energy generation. (Francesco Piantelli)


a) Global Network of LENR Meta-Management

This is an action that I want really start. Today I am depressed, however I still want to tell you that the action needs a leader/basic Supporter/sponsor- and one possibility is an open minded and ambitious billionaire (one who has the wish to become a multi-multi-billionaire) I already have a candidate and I will try to get in touch with him. I don't want money, however cannot spend much  from my own for the LENR Cause

b) Discussions with Ed Storms re LENR Theory

See his new essay at 1)

Peter, I agree with you. The electrolytic method using PdD will probably not be useful as a commercial source of energy. I'm only emphasizing that the method is very useful to explore the phenomenon.  Once the phenomenon is understood, all kinds of methods will be discovered to make commercial energy with greater reliability and in greater amount than any of the present methods.  A person does not need a 1MW generator to understand how LENR works. I predict the present Rossi device will look as primitive in the future as the Model T looks now.  
It is not the fault of so many fine researchers but is Pd D really useful in exploring the phenomenon? Have we understood it, indeed? Then why o many controversies, why such a low reproducibility- why so much gratitude to PdD? We need active forms of hydrogen-so electrolysis is not absolutely necessary, we don't need the water phase that sentences the system to low temperatures (or, in principle to high
pressures- dangerous)

My frustration results from my knowledge of LENR being ignored because, in this field, everyone thinks they are or can easily become an expert.  Only a little imagination is required. To make my problem worse,  conceptual models are not respected in physics unless they are based on complex math that very few people can understand.  Consequently, we are treated to nitpicking discussions of trivia while ignoring the basic facts about LENR. 
(People are using the facts you review but not always with your interpretations. I for one think it is not  nanocracks but nanostructures, nanoplasmonics not hydrotons, NAE are not defined only by chemical structure but by dimensions (smaall!) and dynamism- (hiiigh!

As for Piantelli, whom you mention, he did a service by showing that excess energy resulted from heating Ni in H2. He made no contribution to understanding how the process works nor described a reproducible method to cause the effect.  Without this information, the claim had no value other than being one more example of an effect very few people in science believe is possible. 
(Francesco Piantelli is great scientist it is bad that you have not met him and not discussed friendly. He has discovered the NiH system, the role of nanostructures, the absolute necessity of deep degassing, has a theory (see again his patents), uses negative hydrogen ion- an active form. His system is gas-phase, high temperature He was oppressed- in part by the PdD people, in part because he has not accepted the Preparata theory. He is a champion of the Scientific Method.

Ironically, science requires a reproducible method while Rossi and anyone who discovers how to make LENR reproducible want to keep the reproducible method secret.  So, we have a classic conflict.  Meanwhile, scientists and students who would normally explore the phenomenon have been sold the myth that the effect is not real and is bad science.  If you want a problem to solve, I suggest you start with this one. 
So much depends on the commercial success- where reproducibility is a must-must.



2)What is "ultra dense deuterium"?

3) "Parkhomov like" experimentation at Open Power Lab has been started;
The A.ndreaCalaon model:

 I wish them fast great success, inspiration, good research instincts and LUCK!

4) Discussions at Andrea Rossi's Blog

Øystein Lande
November 14th, 2015 at 3:34 AM

Dear mr Rossi,

The fact that replications so far have not achieved very high COP:
Is there still a secret ingredient in Your e-cat that it not known to the public?

Andrea Rossi
November 14th, 2015 at 8:55 AM
Oeystein Lande:
The replications have reached the COP and the situations that we had originally. The eventual evolution is a matter of industrial refinement of the technology, that takes a huge amount of work.The eventual inventions that have allowed the improvement of the E-Cats are now the subject of many patents that are either pending or in preparation.
Warm Regards,

News, important for Physics
Andrea Rossi
November 14th, 2015 at 9:05 AM

Dear Readers:
Important news today from the INFN: in the Laboratory of Gran Sasso ( Italy) a new experiment, named XENON1T has been prepared to find evidence of the “Darl Matter”. Google “Gran Sasso INFN laboratory XENON1T to find Dark Matter”. The experiment is carried on by INFN, University of Bologna, University of Turin.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi also says that E-Cat X runs at 1400 C.

5) A LENR-connected Event 
"Ricerche di Frontiera" Martedi 24 Nov, 2015
Istituto din Santa Maria in Aquino, Piazza Capranica 72
Francesco Celani: "Recent scientific progresses in the LENR type research"

Vessela Nikolova; " LENR and E-Cat- energy of the future"


First 'porous liquid' invented
Major breakthrough with the potential for a massive range of new technologies including 'carbon capture'


  1. Regarding the senile Lady.
    Yes, Peter we do censor what we say. I guess that is because we are 'civilized'.
    Sometimes I wonder if we should open the floodgate and force out the senile Lady. I do not think we need to replace her with another senile Lady.
    Representative democracy in many layers is creating senility. It is that game we played when we were kids and had a birthday party. The birthday kid whispered to the nearest kid and then they whispered one to another until the last party goer got to say out loud what was the message. It was innocent fun. Well, when put into practice in serious matter it is less so. I feel solidarity with French friends and sorrow for the victims - as well as for Europe having the problematic sandbox as a neighbor.

  2. Regarding the value of palladium in LENR:

    Rossi has discontinued the reactor design that he supplied to the Lugano testers. He has come up with a new design called E-Cat X that operates at a higher operating temperature from the Lugano reactor. The new reactor design operates at a temperature above the melting point of nickel and probably uses pallidum powder as a nickel replacement. The mechanism of operation uses some other power production mechanism other than heat.

    Rossi first called this reactor “ Curie”. He changed the name because its name may have been a hint at its IP content.

    Rossi said:

    [quote]Andrea Rossi
    August 10th, 2015 at 6:16 PM
    I confirm: The new Hot Cat is NOT a substitute of the “Lugano” Hot Cat or of the low temperature E-Cat. It is a completely different thing. While the Hot Cat and the LT E-Cat will be destined to industrial applications, the “ Curie” will be destined to a completely different kind of utilization, very much popular. I will give more details, obviously, only after we will have made enough tests to see if it is reliable.
    Warm Regards,


    Rossi also said:

    [quote]The great scientist Dr Curie ( commonly referred to as “Madame Curie”) is dead not for muons, but because she manipulated radioactive atoms, without knowing their dangerousness ( due to the scarce if not zero knowledge of the effects on health at those times). [/quote]

    As Holmlid has shown, the use of group 14 elements in the platinum group uses UV light as a reaction promoter. At 1500C, the amount of UV black body radiation produced is substantial.

    Holmlid produces muons as a result of iridium use.

    Like Holmlid, this E-Ecat x reactor looks like its reaction produces particle production coming form to CPT symmetry violation where charge comes from vacuum particle condensation. If muons are coming from the E-Cat x, that reactor is producing electrons from vacuum condensation. This type of vacuum based particle condensation is different from pair production. That is to say, direct production of overunity electric power from very high heat input.

  3. Rossi's low temperature reactor design is based on potassium. Rossi cannot patent potassium as a LENR fuel because it is now open source, since the Thermocore patent has expired. Rossi begin experimentation with lithium in a high temperature mode. This unpromising experimentation made Rossi sanguin at revealing the lithium design to the Lugano experimenters. Rossi was surprised at Parkhomov's replication success. Rossi has diverted replicators away from potassium toward the difficult to handle lithium through the Lugano test.

    IMHO, Rossi's use of heat to produce UV is problematical. To increase efficiency, I would use a high intensity UV light source like a flash deep UV lamp or a excimer laser.



    I recommend that you spend some time with the papers at the above list. Note that there is research here on both Pd, Ni, and combinations of both.

  5. Dear Peter,
    We are working on developing an open business model for lenr (as open source, it dos not mean free). We think it is a collective effort. In order to fuel this effort, open businss is is applied to lenr. Lenr adoption using this model would mean the success of an Open business model... in fact, making Open business to become a disuptive innovation with the objective to adress global challenges. Lenr-cities objective is to dissiminate this model...any other option ?

  6. Dear Peter,
    We are working on developing an open business model for lenr (as open source, it dos not mean free). We think it is a collective effort. In order to fuel this effort, open businss is is applied to lenr. Lenr adoption using this model would mean the success of an Open business model... in fact, making Open business to become a disuptive innovation with the objective to adress global challenges. Lenr-cities objective is to dissiminate this model...any other option ?