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Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together
(Robert Redford)

LENR is where we don't have much experience (a spark in a comment by Alain Coetmeur, one of the colleagues better/faster than me in web-search for LENR)


LENR Mmanagement

No, it is not a typo and also not about a new word created ad-hoc by me to describe a novel concept. Meta-management, management of the managers and of diverse forms of management is current practice even if it is not theorized as such.

We have complained repeatedly that the situation of our field is bad from many points of view, and there are no solutions visible or imagined, everything is evolving slowly, there are obstacles and unnecessary conflicts and painful fragmentation things simply do not add in LENR-land.
Recently some courageous examples as Vysotskii's appeal to the leaders of his country or LENR Cities's smart stimulative  message to companies have determined me to think that Something must be done for accelerating and generalizing LENR's progress. Just now it is still an insignificant detail if that something is feasible, it can be done?
The LENR cannot be managed directly, however LENR management on all levels can be managed in principle, by LENR principles, anticipative trend analyses, enhanced communication.
The Global Network of LENR Mmanagement must be created, consulting at its best, comprising institutions, countries, continents (including Europe till it is not too late!) thus creating a virtuous spiral of coopetition.
This is just the first sketch of an idea and of a plan.
My Blog goes in many places so I wait your support, advices and initiatives.

I will continue tomorrow the discussions re LENR theories, I had some technical blog problems.


1) From Russia: 
It was published:
The Project of Resolution of RCCNTBL-22

The Project of Resolution of the All-Russian Conference on Col Nucclear Transmutations and Ball Lightnings (RCCNTBL-22)

The confrence was held between Sept 27- Oct 4 in the "pensionate" Olympics Dagimys (Dagomys, Sochi, Krasnodar region)being the 22nd of this sort. It was lead by the Organizing Committee, the Coordination Council for CNT in cooperation with the Russian Committee for the problems of Ball Lightnings of the Russian Academy of Sciences and was lead under the aegis of the Community of Russian Physicists, the Nuclear Community of Russia, the Russian Community of Chemists named after D I Mendeleev, the Physics Faculties of the Moscow State University named after M V Lomonosov and of the Russian University of People's Friendship'
The editing of the Program and the Abstracts of RCCNTBL-22 was made on the expenses of the organizing Committee and the authors of the papers.
At the Conference there have participated 42 authors and (9 accompanying persons)
from 28 different scientific organizations from Russia, Kazakhstan (1), Rwanda(1(, Italy (1) and Belgium (1)
26 participants came from Moscow, 4 fro Moscow region (1- from Balashiha, 3-from Friazino ( 3- from Sochi,  and each one from: Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Kursk, Armavira and Rostov on Don.
At the Conference there were presented 39 papers and 1` overview, From the papers 12 were experimental, 2 reviews and 25 theoretical papers. On the problem of Cold Nuclear Transmutations there were 31 papers (11 experiment, 19- theory and 1-review)..
For the problem of Ball Lightnings there were 8 papers)1 experiment, 1 review and 6 theory)
The introductory message by Nikitin was devoted to 20 years anniversary of the RCCNTBL held in Dagomys and a yearly situation was shown,
Among the papers about CNT there were some about observation of transmutations of the nuclei by the methods of atomic or mass spectroscopy (Kirkinskii, Klimov, Parkhomov, Shcherbak) and also observations by the recording of different nuclear products (Rontgen, radiations- α,β,γ,n,E and generation of tritium (Bazhutov, Kirkinskii, Klimov, Parkhomov).
In the presentations of Bazhutov, Klimov and Parkhomov it was seen release of great quantities of excess heat (Parkhomov ~ 300% , Bazhutov, Klimov ~1000%).
In the papers of Vereshchak, Zatelepin and Parkhomov (review of other peoplr's experiments it was also about the observation of excess heat.
In the paper of Bazhutov there were shown new results of search of Erzions with the Na2CO3 converter; there were recorded great daily variations (A~50%, 5σ) in the month of exposition of the telescope as well as the first significant (А~100%, 3σ) 
hourly peaks (half-day and half-night) in a daily distribution showing their nature and also neutral Erzions (E0) coming on the earth from the Sun and Jupiter (in the periods of confrontations)
In the paper of Pancheliuga there were presented the fluctuations of the speed of p/a decay by using the fractal analysis of all combinations (MBC) and it was remarked  that these are coincident with the self-oscillations of the Earth.

In the experimental papers dedicated to CNT, there was demonstrated the use of different methods for the stimulation of the CNT process. In the paper by Bazhutov and Gerasimova it was used plasma elctrolysis of aqueuos solutions, in the paper by Klimov- formation of plasmid and oErzion discharges.. at Bereshchak, Zatelepin, Kirkinskii and Parkhomov- the thermocycling of metallic hydrides.
Bazhutov. Gerasimova and Kilmov had proposals about the real applicative use of the mechanism of CNT in the new energetics And in the papers ofatelepinand Ivanov plus their graduate students there were reviewed the possibilities of building new engines by using the Cold Transmutations of Nuclei.
In papers by Frisone, Hatt, Samsonenko, Badin. Idahayo, Siomin, Bazhutov.Ivnov, Kalchenko, Pavlova, Kirkinskii and Kurilenkov there a re shown the ideas/concepts of these authors regarding the theoretical interpretation  of the problem of CNT, 

The papers by Bychkov and Nikitin have reviewed the state of research in the problems of Ball Lightnings,  In the papers of Bychkov. Nikitin and Chistolinov they are presented the versions of these authors regarding the different phenomena connected with Ball Lightnings.
The papers of Baranov and Klimov include the hypothesis that the plasmoids and the nuclear transmutations from them are analogous to what happens in the natural Ball lightnings.

At the closing of the Conference all participants have unanimously agreed that the research lines regarding Cold Nuclear Transmutations and Ball lightnings have to be continued, the works presented have to be published.
The Organizing Committee has announced that the next conference (RCCNTBL-23) will take place between 19-26 June at the Black Sea DAI Krasnodarsk area.

Yu. N. Bazhutov, President of the Organizing Committee

2) The complete text of the Vysotskii paper signalled yesterday can be read here:

3) Researchers one-step more closer to Cold-Fussion Power
Not a typo! But not nice.


It is about LENR's curse
Reproducibility blues by Bernd Pulverer

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