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Integrity simply means not violating one's own identity (Erich Fromm)

Valid for LENR too that still has to discover its real identities


a) The physicist Bob Cook- who almost has visited me here this year agrees with Doug Marker re the Calaon theory and says:
The recent item by Andrea Calaon, “Electron Mediated Nuclear Reactions" I also found very interesting and well written.  Philipp Hatt, who presented his theory of the makeup of the proton and neutron at ICCF-19, which theory has some similarities to the Calaon theory.  The electron and positron are important particles in the “construction” of neutrons and  protons for example.  Hatt’s theory allows the calculation of the proton’s rest mass and magnetic moment to the accuracy of experimental evidence. 
Hatt notes: “As main result, the reader will observe that the nucleon is composed of information mass-quanta structured in a certain way so as to constitute this nucleon in its mass component as well as in its magnetic moment one. I obtained a mass of 939,551 Mev and 938,261 Mev respectively for the neutron and the proton. The values of the magnetic moment I calculated are – 1,913 and + 2,793 for the neutron and the proton.”
Hatt’s theory  may also support the predictions of Calaon regarding the role of electrons in causing nuclear reactions.  
Calaon and Hatt should confer. 
For further information see Hatt’s web page at:   Thanks, dear Bob!
b)  QUESTTION: They are lots of new theories claiming to explain LENR- tens of them many in 2015. Some of them very intensively discussed Perhaps a physicists (because all those theories claim to belong to physics) could write a review; when was the newest one published?
The most expert reviewer from the field, Edmund Storms has stated that the explanation of LENR starts with a materials science issue- the nature and structure and functionality  (my wording) of the sites - "nuclear active environment" where the reactions take place- and has his own original theory that cannot be combined with all thse new theory stars- so why should he try a review? My opinion is that LENR and LENR+ are more different and more diversified than it is usually agrred now; so we need many combinations of theories from physics and from other disciplines.
Who, when will build a rational taxonomy in thee Babel Tower of LENR theories, still in construction? 
 Brother AXIL, what do you think? You have such a broad culture and are so open minded in Physics!


1) From Japan, Hideo Kozima sends CFRL No 97
1. JCF16 will be held at Kyoto University on December 11 and 12, 2015
2. Four Papers will be presented at JCF16 from Cold Fusion Research Laboratory
3. Rossi has been granted US patent on the E-Cat

2) E-Cat X Still ‘Very Promising’, New Materials Still Resisting

3) LENR Interest Per Capita is Big in Bulgaria, Netherlands and Sweden

Please go to LENR Forum for some new info re LENR Patents


  1. Perhaps the greatest difficulty lies in the refusal to accept the possibility that there is little or no nuclear activity going on in a large and diffuse number of experimental systems classed by their experimenters as LENR systems. Dr. Randell Mills has provided a completed unified theory of matter, energy and spacetime that provides a reproducible production of heat and energy from "hydrinos" that is non-nuclear , yet it is proponents of LENR that vehemently reject his findings because it does not support nuclear activity, instead providing a source of energy from a reduction of the electrons radius close to the proton.

    The theory upon which the hydrino is based, repeatedly experimentally verified, explains most, if not all outstanding mysteries of the Universe:

    What is dark matter? Hydrinos or reduced radius hydrogen that is stable to radiation and hence not visible.

    Does dark energy exist? No, Universal expansion is a consequence of the conservation of spacetime during matter to energy conversion

    What is gravity? A consequence of the positive curvature of matter that corrects and conserves spacetime when energy is converted into matter resulting in a gravitational field.

    Was there a Big Bang? No. The Universe contracts and expands eternally depending on the dominant rates of energy to matter and matter to energy.

    Why is there matter/antimatter asymmetry? During Universal contraction the dominant type of neutrino superimposes with a photon to form only 1 type of neutron without its antiparticle which decays to a proton, electron and neutrino. Hence the Universe is matter filled, predominantly with hydrogen.

    Why does the Sun's corona appear 3 orders of magnitude hotter than the sun's surface? Fusion reactions in the sun's core provide the energy to ionise the sun's atmosphere into a proton and electron plasma. These particles are separated by ExB drift into magnetic pockets of like particles which on reconnection form dense pockets of atomic hydrogen that catalyse hydrino reactions that pump energy into the corona and fuel the solar wind. These reactions have already been imaged by solar cameras such as Hi-C and have variously been called "nanoflares" or "bright EUV dots".

    Why cant we calculate the ionisation energies of atoms and ions precisely? You can and the theory has already done this using nothing more than fundamental constants and integer values.

    I could go on but it is easier to read the theory in its book form for yourself.

    using the free djvu software here:

  2. R, Mills has made one mistake when looking at his experimental data. He does not understand that electrons can be confined in nanocavities that produce electron orbits that decrease in size as energy is added to that system. An electron does not need a proton to orbit, it can be confined in an enclosure, a black box. This is the essence of the artificial atom.

    But when the electron and photon entangle, when energy is added to that system, the wavelength of the polariton shortens to such a point that EUV light is produced. This high frequency light is what has confused R. Mills. He does not understand that confinement of polaritons in a nanocavity can produce black light.

    All the experimental findings that Mills has produced over the years are a result of nanoplasmonics.

    1. Not sure about that Axil, but Mills does give as an example the case of electrons confined in superfluid helium in support of his claim that electrons are 2D extended distributions of charge that can change shape to form spheres.

      In superfluid helium the electrons form bubbles stabilised by the van der waals forces of the helium atoms and when irradiated can absorb photons that cause a reduction in radius. The experimenters interpreted their observations as the electrons breaking apart into fractional charges.

      I prefer Mills interpretation better. As far as I know no one has ever divided an electron, ever.

  3. Randell Mills is a fraudster or a fool.

    1. I am concerned that the reply refuting this was censored, permitting a criminal accusation made without proof, evidence or reason by an anonymous person to stand uncorrected. I am all for freedom of opinion but Tyy's comment was utterly worthless and should not have been published.