Sunday, February 19, 2012


My dear Friends,

A very interesting week ends today, just to be replaced by one, even more interesting. At Feb. 24 the first “official” Hyperion tests will start- and there are great chances that this will a historical technological event.
This week and the present issue, No 495 of my newsletter was
marked “NANO” – nanotechnologies are wonderful and inter alia
I had a revelation about  how the new LENR processes can work.
I am ready to discuss this with my colleagues in private but not on forums where I my messages have a weak echo. A recent example was a discussion about LENR:

It is possible that our theories are actually oversimplifications.
Please take a look to Piantelli's Pontignano Poster.
And Defkalion that has worked out a High Temperature LENR (450-900 deg C) defines the process as " a dynamic system of the multi-stage set of reactions" 
The chances to apply the scientific method of Galileo at the Pd-D system are low, it is extremely difficult to get reliable easily measurable data for the verification, selection of hypotheses. The Ni-H as well as other transition -metal-H systems (according to Piantelli) are much better manageable and testable. We have to accept more complexity in order to understand LENR. (I have to add dynamicity)
At Vortex, Daniel Rocha a Brazilian student had the idea that photosynthesis is a good analogy for LENR.”

This was disliked or ignored, but it isn’t a blasphemy, it’s simply pragmatism.

My appeal- had started to have effect – good friends, kind people, generous souls have helped and we have now the Rules in 14 languages. It was an opportunity to know some admirable ladies and gentlemen and cultural discoveries.
I will continue to write and to ask. The priorities now are the great languages, with more than 10 million speakers as Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Japanese, Punjabi and many
European languages from Albanese to Slovenian. Please help if you can.
Thank you,



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