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This issue, No 494 of my newsletter is especially informative, first of all for those who think that the BRAIN is an organ of great importance- many good writings about brain.
A actually two analyses of the feedback- to my appeal regarding
my 20 Rules of Problem Solving made accessible in as many languages as possible- see 5 days from launching this.

FIRST ANALYSIS: the situation is excellent, we have already the texts in Swedish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Polish; many promises, wonderful contacts with people and cultures.

SECOND ANALYSIS: Taking in account these:
e.g. the fact that we have no translations in all the Great languages spoken by hundreds of millions of people- the situation is a complete catastrophe. My appeal is therefore not more quasi-. just desperate. PLEASE HELP! People of all languages unite
to solve your problems!





A New Net. A startup called Nicira is launching a product today with the audacious goal of making all Internet services smarter, faster, and cheaper:


Tim Berners-Lee takes the stand to keep the Web free:


Tanya Kalyan (Global) -The Rise of the App Internet:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Alternative Search Engines for the Contemporary User:

Search Engines & Opinions: Just How Trustworthy Are Search Results?:


The Neuroscience Of Search & Conversion:

Eight ways to find links on the Web:                                    


Wolfram, a Search Engine, Finds Answers Within Itself:

Forget Search Engines: Web 3.0 Is a Knowledge Engine:


Data Analysis for the People. Wolfram Alpha can now analyze data you provide, so you can do things like map out your e-mail relationships:

No, Google is not the only search engine:

From the excellent Ask Leo- How do download accelerators work?:



Volunia, A Social Search Engine, Says The Web Has Come Alive:


How to Predict the Spread of News on Twitter. Computer scientists have discovered the four factors that make news stories popular on Twitter:

How Twitter May Save Democratic Society:


Student's brainchild going live. Fipeo's goal: Uniting people through video:



GooReader: When you need Google Books to go:


Interesting Quotes From Google’s Search Lead, Amit Singhal:


Google ships Chrome 17, touts more malware alerts and page preloads:


Report: Google+ & The +1 Button Are Seeing Gigantic Growth In The US:                                    



The e-Reader — an Educational or an Entertainment Tool? e-Readers in an Academic Setting:      


What Makes the Human Mind Unique?:


How to map the 100 billion neurons in the brain:

Brain Science is Our Modern Bible:


It's Not Solitaire: Brain Activity Differs When One Plays Against Others:


Metaphors Make Brains Touchy Feely:

Thanks to Science, a Better Definition of Consciousness


Why People Can Hold Visual Information in Great Detail in Their Working Memory:


Hearing Metaphors Activates Brain Regions Involved in Sensory Experience:



Memory Strengthened by Stimulating Key Site in Brain:

Breakthrough in Understanding Ultrafast Magnetism:

The Secret of Ant Transportation Networks Just how ants create the highly efficient network of trails around their nests has never been fully understood. Now researchers think they've cracked it:

Jumping spiders zoom in with green light:




Concentrated Solar Startup Sets a New Efficiency Record Semprius makes solar modules using tiny cells that need less cooling:

The Dark Side of Wind Power:


Acoustic Fusion Touted as Green, Cheap, Virtually Inexhaustible Energy Source:

With thanks to Patrick Ellul


NanoSpire, Inc. Successfully Harnesses Cavitation Zero Point Energy Producing Dramatic Levels of Fusion:


Phillips announces world's best catalyst for producing hydrogen fuel from water:                                                  with thanks to Mark Goldes!


Data Storage: Magnetic Memories:

Will Graphene Replace the Silicon Chip?:


Magnetic breakthrough processes data 100 times faster than current hard-drive technology:


Technology and society: The old idea of human computers, who work together to perform tricky tasks, is making a comeback:


Hydrogen from Acidic Water: Potential Low Cost Alternative to Platinum for Splitting Water:

Piranha Vs. Arapaima: Engineers Find Inspiration for New Materials in Piranha-Proof Armor:



The Greatest Books of All Time, As Voted by 125 Famous Authors:


Paris vs. New York: Minimalist Illustrated Parallels of Culture:


The Medici Effect’s Frans Johansson On The Intersection Of Innovation And Social Change:


How to Plant Ideas in Someone’s Mind:


To Perform With Less Effort, Practice Beyond Perfection:

Lies we told ourselves:

The Trouble With Confidence:


Right Hand or Left? How the Brain Solves a Perceptual Puzzle:

A special inspirational writing- thanks to my friend Vlad:
I am happy to NOT agree with some of the points.


Is State Capitalism a Good Alternative?:

Achieving Sustainable Development for the Global Economy:

Make The Right Decision...Or Make The Decision Right?:

2012 February Leadership Development Carnival:

2 billion jobs will disappear:


The No Whining Rule for Managers:

How Diversity Inspires Innovation:

Get to Know Your Boss's Boss:

Positive Design for Corporate LeadershipTraining: 

Kodak: A Parable of American Competitiveness:


The Secret Sauce of Process Improvement:


Listen to What Innovators Don't Talk About:

A decade of life in perpetual beta:



Over-medicated America:

NASA Breakthrough Could Revolutionize Medicine:

New Metaphors (& Gene Therapy) Will Beat Cancer:


Why Do Cells Age? Discovery of Extremely Long-Lived Proteins May Provide Insight Into Cell Aging and Neurodegenerative Diseases:

Food Poisoning: Understanding How Bacteria Come Back from the 'Dead':

Is the Brain to Blame for Drug Addiction?:


Neuroscientists Create Model to Study Burst Suppression and Brain States:                         


Good Health Is Knowing How to Eat:


Asia Food Recipe Hits One Recipe Uploaded Every 15 Minutes and Becomes Fastest Growing Website Dedicated to Asian Food Recipes:                            


Which Countries Grew the Most GM Crops in 2011? The area used to grow genetically modified crops keeps growing, fueled by rapid increases in developing nations:

Forget The Fridge: Using Chemistry And Nature To Store Food:                  

Cultural Offering has helped me to discover  Sunday Sauce:



The hidden energy behind the sense of being stared at:
With thanks to Terry Blanton!



How Do Spammers Get My Email Address?:



How Malware Removers Detect Malicious Code:


A Brief History of Malware; The First 25 Years:


5 Must-have Security Apps for iPhone:


Man-in-the-Browser Attacks (MitB):

Man in the Middle and Redirection Attacks:

Attacks on Android Devices Intensify. Rising security incidents and poorly defended phones suggest 2012 could be a risky year for smart-phone users:


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