Saturday, February 25, 2012


My Dear Readers from everywhere,

We still have to wait a bit for Defkalion’s official test results.
We still have to wait till we really understand where, how, why
industrial LENR works- and why it does not work -when doing so.
Veteran cold fusionists like me are great experts even maestros in waiting. But it is both pathological and counterproductive to like waiting. I don’t like it at all.

My new Project, based on the fundamental idea that old researchers have to routinely execute infinite and impossible tasks- I am speaking about the translations of my Problem Solving Rules, is going VERY slowly see please:

I cannot understand and it hurts me that my friends speaking Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese or some 20 European languages are NOT helping me.
But I am a lover of positive thinking- many other friends have helped me with generosity and I am grateful to them.
The next week will be much better.




The U.N. Threat to Internet Freedom:


Reddit Writes A Law: First Draft Of The Free Internet Act Emerges:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

First Impressions Form Quickly On the Web, Eye-Tracking Study Shows:  


Use Jinni to get your next movie recommendation:


How to find what you might be interested in on Tumblr:

Metaphorical search engine finds creative new meanings:


5 ways to view Flickr photos on the Web:

Free Online Spell Checker:                                


Why the Popularity of Some Web Pages Doesn't Fall Over Time. Unlike many Web pages, the traffic to some sites doesn't fall over time. A new model of Web traffic shows why:


10 Best Sites to Find and Download Free Fonts For Windows and Mac:                                            


The Most Addictive Sites on the Web, 2012:


Facebook Makes Us Happier & More Creative:


The Empower Network: My Personal Reasons for Joining:

Who Gives A Tweet? Evaluating Microblog Content Value:


LinkedIn Growing Faster than Twitter or Facebook:


Everything You Need to Know About the Facebook Subscribe Button:         



Workforce collaboration in the network era:


A Google Event- Solve for X:


Google's PageRank algorithm used to model hydrogen bonds in water:                                             


“ Is Gone Forever” Says Site Owner:


Google to Sell Heads-Up Display Glasses by Year’s End:



You can't do the math without the words:


Easily Pronounced Names May Make People More Likable:


Podcast: Saving Endangered Languages:


New $199 Nook Tablet to compete with Fire:$199-nook-tablet-to-compete-with-fire/
The New, New Nook B&N refreshes its barely-months-old tablet



New Brain Connections Form in Clusters During Learning (for animals):


Is There a General Motivation Center in the Depths of the Brain?:


Neuroscientists Identify How the Brain Works to Select What We (Want To) See:

Studying the Evolution of Life's Building Blocks:

How the Universe Came from Nothing:

The scale of the Universe 2:


Origin of Photosynthesis Revealed: Genome Analysis of 'Living Fossil' Sheds Light On the Evolution of Plants:

Newly discovered legless amphibians are horrifying:

Primitive and eyeless, world’s deepest land animal discovered:



Alta Devices: Finding a Solar Solution. Looking to enter a highly ­competitive solar market, Alta Devices hopes to use a combination of technological advances and manufacturing savvy to succeed where many others have crashed and burned:


A Leap Forward for Plastic Solar Cells. An inexpensive, polymer-based device breaks a record, reaching 10.6 percent efficiency:

Making Solar Power Competitive with Coal. A study identifies early-stage technologies that could be combined to cut the cost of solar panels in half:

Duckweed: The Next Bio Fuel Revolution?:


Plant Toughness: Key to Cracking Biofuels?:


Civilisation faces 'perfect storm of ecological and social problems:

In honor of engineering:


Making Droplets Drop Faster: New Nanopatterned Surfaces Could Improve the Efficiency of Powerplants and Desalination Systems:


'Miracle Material' Graphene Is Thinnest Known Anti-Corrosion Coating:


Single-Atom Transistor Is End of Moore's Law; May Be Beginning of Quantum Computing:



The diplomacy of knowledge:


Why School Won't Prepare You to Be an Entrepreneur:


Life's Messy. Train Your Brain to Adapt: .

Evolution and the Meaning of Life:


22RoutesToExtraEnergy (personal energy):


The law of life is this: All things both good and evil are constructed from an image held in mind:

Why Americans Don't Elect Scientists:

The Virtual Museum of Japanese Art:                   


Creativity* Duh, where do ideas come from?:


10 Writing Tips for Sounding Smart:    


What Can Animals' Survival Instincts Tell Us About Understanding Human Emotion?:


Lies: Why They Are So Hard to Detect:

Remarkable- the Respect Research Group:

Adultolescence: It's the Beginning of a New Age:


How to advance your web career:

Questions to Teach Leadership and Management:


Which Way Are You Dysfunctional?:


Your Online Presence Is Your Résumé:



The Patient of the Future

Internet pioneer Larry Smarr's quest to quantify everything about his health led him to a startling discovery, an unusual partnership with his doctor, and more control over his life:

Foundation Medicine: Personalizing Cancer Drugs

Foundation Medicine is offering a test that helps oncologists choose drugs targeted to the genetic profile of a patient's tumor cells. Has personalized cancer treatment finally arrived?:


New method for regrowing blood vessels developed:


New vaccine is effective against all major strains of hepatitis C:


Depression Is Linked to Hyperconnectivity of Brain Regions, a New Study Shows:


The myth of the eight-hour sleep:


10 Questions You Need to Ask About Colonoscopy: (no problem with the questions, the answers wouldn’t make you merry)


Rainforest Plant Combats Multi-Resistant Bacterial Strains:



New Strategies for Treatment of Infectious Diseases:

Checking and treating for head lice:

The Future of Medicine? Your Smartphone:


All-Natural'? How to Guard Against 3 Misleading Food Labels:


Fried Food Risks: Toxic Aldehydes Detected in Reheated Oil:


7 of the Healthiest Foods You Should Be Eating But Aren't:



Misfortune Teller.  A statistics professor says he can predict crime before it occurs:



Bob Rankin: do Hackers and Spammers Get Away With It?

Use a disposable email address to avoid junk mail:


Bob Rankin- how did my e-mail account hijacked?:


Chain letters, free money, and scare tactics on the Web: how to avoid falling for common hoaxes:


Banks in the Crosshairs: 8 Ways Cybercriminals Outfox Strong Security Controls:


How much does it cost to manufacture an iPhone?:


Brain Makes Call On Which Ear Is Used for Cell Phone:


The Smartphone Revolution Is Over (For Now):

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