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I have learned throughout my life as a scientist and inventor chiefly through my mistakes and pursuits of false assumptions, not by my exposure to founts of wisdom and knowledge.
(Igor Stravinsky)

(Actually, Stravinsky wrote “composer” but knew well that this assertion is true for scientists, inventors, engineers, innovators and leaders – in even greater extent. The keyword is “false assumptions”- the deep, dangerous roots of errors!)

It could be interesting to compare the world premiere of “Rite of Spring” by Stravinsky with the Fleischmann-Pons press conference or the first E-Cat experiment at Bologna, January 14, 2011Interesting yes, but not of much use, events and ideas  (as books) have their own, specific and unconfoundable fate.

In medias res:
I hope we have now a femur of the beast (Lugano test) and it is not just a small phalanx of its left foot. I have eventually chosen the metaphor of the dinosaur and not that of the elephant (the initial title of this essay was” Theory of the Elephant. More precisely of the Elephant’s Ear” but I have abandoned it because the elephant is real, living and can be studied much too directly and easily in comparison of LENR+ i.e. potentially useful LENR.

The Lugano Rossi test has generated a great quantity of data and of questions; unfortunately even the most benevolent and constructive ones – my questions from the Open Letter to the 6 professors remain unanswered – and I have to confess that their silence hurts me and I take it as a personal defeat. It has happened that the Internet has helped me by defining beautiful questions. It is here:

 Beautiful questions- are questions more important than answers?

“A beautiful question is an ambitious yet actionable question that can begin to shift the way we perceive or think about something -- and that might serve as a catalyst to bring about change.” 

You remember I have tried to find the actionable parameters of LENR, now I have tried to find the actionable questions to the Authors and have failed to get answers.

An aside Do not think I am kind of favorite of the Web, it is true it helps me many times however I also get highly unpleasant messages too. Two days before my 77th birthday last week, I was hit with this one:


75 Years of Life Is Quite Enough, Says U.S. Health Authority

I have mined for special words in my personal dictionary, however what they say is right both statistically and theoretically. I am not a typical case, as Koba Dzhugashvili would have said.

The new theory of C.O. Gullstrom

Not impressed by the open question if the analytical results of the Lugano Test represent a femur or just a fragment of a finger of the HotCat Dino, graduate student Carl Oscar Gullstrom has created this theory paper:                                                                                                                Low radiation fusion through bound neutron tunneling

My friend and colleague in grandfathership, Doug Marker has announced me immediately about it. I have read it but could not decide what to think. Up to today the Gullstrom paper became popular, Andrea Rossi himself has congratulated the author and has invited him to discuss about LENR. Details at the leading e-Catology site:                                    

I am not a theorist and also not omniscient. Google Scholar is both, and it does not answer to the search: “bound neutrons tunneling” I have read tens of Cold Fusion/LENR theories in the era of B.E.S.Th. (Before Ed Storms’ Theory) and many of them include some imaginary creature- as a purple invisible unicorn plus the claim that this is a part of the Solution. The problem is if “bound neutron tunneling” is something real or just a new unicorn. The answer is in the future, but beyond any doubt this is an impressive A.E.S.Th.                                          (I am just reading Ed Storms’ great book and I am convinced he is sure about the truth of his theory so B.E.S.Th and A.E.S.Th. can be good names of LENR eras.
I have told many times that I think LENR needs a bunch of different theories being a multi-stage process, if the Gullstrom theory will be a part of the winner  combination - I don’t know; are Nickel and Lithium the only participants in the heat generating process? Experiments could decide so we must invest even more in the MFMP group ‘who’ will investigate this.
Questions regarding- this time- an Elephant.
I have asked questions not only from the HotCat drivers but also from the authors of this abstract- a work to be presented during the coming weekend in Japan:
Analysis of Heat Generation using Pd and Ni Fine Wires 
Tadahiko Mizuno and Hideki Yoshino Hydrogen Engineering Application & Developing Company,Sapporo Japan
See please the abstract here-
Previously I was almost shocked, in the most positive sense by this new seemingly fruitful branch of LENR, see this: 
How can nickel react in this case with deuterium - in direct opposition with Piantelli’s studies? And what are the reactions here? Is this an entirely new development of LENR?  Very credible being given the impeccable prestige of Tadahiko Mizuno! However I did not get any supplementary information regarding it despite of trying hard.
Will this mystery be solved at the presentation of the paper? The reactor has an on-line mass spectroscopy system that is not able to identify the species present. It is some information circulating that there had not been performed the necessary off-line analyses either. (???) I hope this is not true and we will know what we want. If no helium is formed, this system will not be popular and some colleagues will consider it as a trunkless elephant. However it works!



  1. Peter,
    I am sorry the US Dept of health considers you being past a practical use-by date :) please be assured that your insightful encouragement to the open minded thinkers of the world, to constantly question and explore, makes you at 77 a vastly more valuable blogger than the officials at health who happily consigned you to the time to recycle category.

    Soon I will look to publish my own blog where My goal will be to remind our classic cause/effect logical gurus in science how the wonderful Einstein was never able to reconcile his brilliant cause/effect logical approch to science to accepting the equally brilliant ability of Nils Bohr to think ! (I.e. thinking as a contrast to using outright logic - logic alone is NOT proof of thinking).
    Einstein fell into thus trap (or black hole) when science crossed into the amazing world of qantum physics. Einstein never did (AFAICT) accept that qantum theory was an answer ( he maintained it was a stepping stone).

    The recent photon splitting experiments carried out in the Canary islands AFAICT proved and still prove quantum theory holds good. DWave quantum computers AFAICT do the same.

    So, are those scientists who get aggressive towards believers in LENR merely Einstein's favorite children ( doomed to eventually die with their inability to separate thinking from seductive logic as happened to their guru mentor father).

    I sit here today believing this is happening. I.e. LENR is proven (as well explained by your debating friend Abd ul Rahman Lomax). I particularly liked his reference to it being a reality hidden in the current fog.

    Cheers DSM.

    LENR / HENI is showing all the capability of burying a generation of logical scientists who focussed to intently on logic and too little on thinking (courtesy of Nils Bohr).

    Cheers DSM

    1. Dear Doug,

      Before starting your blog- see

      for inspiration why wouldn't you make me the honor to write a guest editorial for EGO OUT- LENR- , problem solving- , or good thinking connected?
      Thank you in advance,

  2. This link is a great one for our logic (cause/effect) people to 'think' about


  3. And yet another link worth understanding ...

    Point of these links is the original post how (the brilliant and respected) Einstein was so logical in his approach to science that he tripped up when it came to 'thinking'.

    IMHO right at this time in the blogsphere 'thinkers' are under often personal attack from cause/effect logicians (including many nuclear physicists who just don't grasp this concept) who are so confident their 'logical' approach & explanations are so powerful that they can indulge in some abhorrent debating practices that include ...

    - Shoot the messenger:
    The person reporting this heretical science can be justifiably 'shoot'

    - Play the man not the ball:
    I don't like how good this player is in this 'game space' so rather than deal with the ball (the real topic and which the player under attack handles very well), I'll kick him rather than the ball (this happens so often that it may be described as a pathological practice). Watch any soccer match to see this tactic employed in real life and totally in contrast to the spirit of true 'competitive sport on a level playing field' vs the current trend to 'vicious' victory obtained at any or all costs. (Simply call them all liars and cheats or delusional - ignore all or any rational unemotional discussion).

    - Personal attack succeeds better than personal debate.
    Any rational thinker/observer in blogspace sees lots of examples of this and often from people who portray themselves as highly experienced and credentialed professionals when in reality they prove to be expert at killing off or crippling intelligent thinking on a topic they have adopted as part of their ego and to which any debate is heresy.



  4. There is a problem with the paper. How 64Ni decays to 62Ni?

  5. Another problem. DGTG says 61Ni does not react.

  6. To wrap up the issue of supposedly sincere / intelligent ? / honest people who, blind to their own pathological obsessions and biases choose to use the previously outlined negative tactics, in order to 'deal with' opponents they have chosen by attacking the person rather than debating the person's points of view or insights. Please read this post from the past few days by an infamous and pathological blogger who is a master and an expert in all the negative forms of debate. This is such a perfect example of the art form that it deserves this re-posting. Perfect example but sadly quite vicious.


    Gary Wright

    October 28, 2014 at 12:35 am

    We have discovered the real meaning of the “Rossi Effect.”

    When anyone is near an e-Cat the “N” rays flowing out through the “luminiferous aether” from the interactions of NI, LI and magnetic fields, cause a disturbance in the synaptic information flow between the synapses, which causes an imbalance in the chemical composition of the cerebrospinal fluids, which in turn cause miniature epileptic visions, and at the same time visual agnosia; this combined with the smooth talking jive, results in anyone caught in this situation to believe anything the people running the devices tell you.

    There are exceptions though. but the stories from those people cannot be trusted because their DNA is mixed up with clowns and snakes, who are immune to this condition.

    Please tell Axil Axil, this fits into his theory perfectly.

    1. It's not vicious. It's actually quite funny.

    2. Gary, my friend, you are getting old.
      I am worried for you and for the spirit of humor.
      You know my S-theory of humor?

      Recipe of humor: sex, stupidity shit, sadism. surprisingly.

      This one is stupid and forced but not humor even in traces
      Come with something better


    3. This moletrap one is simply porca miseria in Italian.

    4. The mermaids were fascinating and demonic inhabitants of an island to the West of the Great Sea. Half women and half birds, they were said to seduce, by the irresistible charm of their voice, the sailors who navigated those sea straits, all of whom perished, crushed against the rocks.

      Ulysses, on his journey home, plugged his companions ears with wax to prevent them from hearing and being overwhelmed by the mermaids song. As for himself, he commanded that he be securely tied to the mainmast so he could hear their voices without undergoing the deadly consequences.

      Orpheus instead sang a poem so soothing that it enchanted the mermaids and left them amazed, and silent.

      Like Orpheus. our poem of truth will also silence these demonic chanting in profound amazement.

  7. Anon, it might be funny to some if the poster had not deliberately named someone. Especially when the someone offers non malicious points of view on important discussion points. This post remains a good example of deploying ridicule as a tactic aimed directly at a person rather than a topic.

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