Thursday, October 16, 2014


 I am still confused about the analyses made/not made by Rossi. He helps/does not help- paradoxical style; nobody has tried to console or help me and I do not know what to think...

Yesterday in an interview with John McGuire Rossi said:
This report is no doubt very interesting and we are studying it because, as you probably know, there is a surprising result regarding the Nickel-62 in particular, and we are studying it because we are strongly directed, under a theoretical point of view, to understand these kinds of results that was unexpected.

Today, answering on his blog to Italo R.:
No doubt about the increase of 62Ni, which we found many times, about the entity measured a strong work is in the making

It seems to be a contradiction here, I dare to think but I am not sure.

The brightest comment of this day was made at this very positive and encouraging paper:


The comment of Christopher Calder:
“There are many exciting players in the race to bring Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) to the marketplace. There are also several competing hot fusion nuclear reactor designs that could be very cost effective and compact. The main thing is we have to replace fossil fuels and end the renewable energy fad-fiasco. For details and the BIG PICTURE, please Google *The Renewable Energy Disaster*. We need solutions that do not cause far more problems than they solve.”

The last sentence seems to be general but also an allusion to Rossi and to the Report- but this is my opinion, not Christopher’s.
I am still waiting the authors of the Report will answer to the doubts regarding energy measurement (because I KNOW Rossi’s feline creatures are able to generate huge quantities of excess energy. I say and sign this, Mary Yugo and her companions trolls can call me as they wish)  The problem of sampling is more difficult, does a complete analysis exists and is this in harmony with the former analyses made. I still hope he has told the truth today and not yesterday.

Calder is right: progress is when the number of the problems decreases and the number of solutions increases, when each problem is replaced by an other one, as tricky as the original we have stagnation; when we are overwhelmed by problems
it is decay – and if always the same old problems hit us- it is probletence.

I will start a list of Solved Problems in LENR. Can you suggest some examples?


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