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It is my pleasure to publish this small essay of Dean, despite its lack of direct connection, at the surface, with LENR and with the center of the actual burning dispute the Rossi Report.
Actually, more in depth the essay is very inspiring for us,
we are fighting now – and we have done this for long time-with things, ideas truths graven in stone. Unfortunately we have also
graved some certainties in stone.

I am grateful to Dean for this miniature; Dean and I share two
-         one very disturbing: pre WWII birth certificates;
-         one more formal: we both have theories that are not popular

It is known to every physical scientist that it is an absolute '"Fact, carved forever in stone, that "Matter and Anti-Matter annihilate on contact."

This supposed "Fact" is totally refuted by logic stemming from two other quite incontrovertible facts.

     1. Physical objects which are mirror images, or very close to mirror images, when placed in a particular orientation to one another combine into a far more symmetric unit.   They do not "annihilate," totally destroying one another, they simply combine...

      2. Matter and Anti-matter, by the very definitions, may be
considered as "perfect," or, "very-near-perfect" mirror images.

Conclusion:  Matter and Anti-matter units, if they can be brought to an exact orientation will combine to form a combination unit. This is what might be called a"Ying-Yang."

 As we now have one unit rather than two, there will be but half of the total motion disturbance that there was before. "Energy will be emitted."

Here are some examples with possibly logical interpretations.

     1. Negatron and Positron. (Electron and Anti-electron.) This is the "Annihilation” which has been often observed, misinterpreted, and over-generalized.  It can be diagrammed as follows:
      e^=  +  e^+ --->e^0, "Zerotron formation."  This unit has never been observed, probably because it was never suspected, yet it may be the "Ubiquitous Parent of All Matter."
      2. Proton and "Conton," diagrammed similarly produces what could by analogy be called a "Zeroton." This unit, as with the "Zerotron," has never been suspected. However, it may be a known particle, the "Tau."
       3. Hydrogen and Anti-Hydrogen combine. The product? Deuterium.
       4. Deuterium and Anti-Deuterium combine. The product? Helium Four.
       5. Tritium (H3) and Anti-Tritium combine.  The product?
Lithium Six.

Although we could continue to write other hypothetical examples, this will not be done. the ones given above are for simple enough units that the antimers have a finite probability of meeting in the right orientation to combine.  For larger units, there is too much complexity for there to be any logical expectation that they would combine, There might be a finite, but very small, possibility for units which form molecular dimers as do all of the cases cited above.

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