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A week after the publication of the Rossi Report, the turmoil continues but we already can start to build a vision of the general situation, asking: who confronts whom and what.

Let’s start with the worse one; at first sight you surely do not realize the horror of it.
Rossi confronts real problems, enemies, competition and this is natural for such a difficult and challenging research project like his- but now also belonging to Industrial Heat and, in part to Elforsk.

Now I find it shocking thatRossi Working Hard to Understand the Physics behind the E-Cat in Light of New Report  It is mainly about the isotopic changes. What can this mean?

a)     The professors have obtained unique surprising results now, for the first time;

b)     Rossi has worked for some 3+ years and has never analyzed the ash, or has obtained different results;

c)      Here it is some big lie- the unique good variant is the results of the Test were actually expected but Rossi still cannot or will not explain them.

I am totally confused by this problem.


This is a crucial problem; for the time given- as far as I know- the authors have not answered a single question at a special forum organized for this.

Rossi declares very clearly on his blog that he will NOT answer any question regarding the reactor and the test- niente! So he does not confront more the questions of those curious people discontented with some aspects or details of the test.

 So many questions will remain unanswered. But this still is not so troubling as Rossi amazement with those isotopic changes.


Rossi gives us (the public) fragments of information, as pieces of a puzzle. Those who have other pieces of the puzzle (supposedly Industrial Heat, Elforsk) can reconstitute  a bigger piece and understand the situation we remain with half-truths or in the best case with Pareto truths- and this is endemic for LENR, see:                          


The Report confronts: many angry attackers and the assertion it was a remarkable achievementagain is a Pareto Truth. One test, one reactor (as I commented yesterday) calorimetry in rather unusual conditions, no more alternative methods used for calorimetry, no verification, re-verification and cross verification. I know two colleagues who are unable to swallow the 1400 C temperature- plus red glowing plus nickel melted for sure in some places. Reality is not homogeneous; there are hot spots in many places. It smells of disaster.

We are a family of chemists- my wife and my daughter are specialized in analytical chemistry, I am a chemical engineer

We know from practice that sampling and sample preparation is the most difficult part of the analysis and it is so easy to obtain non-relevant and non-representative samples and results. And what has happened with the sampling after the test? I may not use 4-letter words here. The problem is – and Rossi will not let us know- was a correct sample taken too, analyzed and evaluated? And are there insides who know the complete results?

Rossi and his new nuclear physicist collaborator need his information for the TRUE THEORY promised by Rossi

And for a patent if he really wants one


People who invested hopes this new source of energy are confronted with this situation:

No absolute certainty of getting this energy, the test indicates with high probability (taking in account the first test too) good excess heat- Rossi is right that only the commercial generators will bring certainty;


It is a VUCA situation (Volatile (changing, Uncertain (not much predictable things and evolutions), Complex (positive and negative as Siamese Twins), Ambiguous (friends and enemies both claiming victory). The VUCAWorld of what is now LENR will last more than we wish.

Interesting: a reader called Amos- I believe he is from South Africa commented on my blog (thanks!):

Either way, the next few months in the LENR space will be quite interesting thanks to this report. Remember I told you 2014 will not be the year of LENR as you had postulated. I still maintain that 2015 / 2016 will be the year. Wonder what Randall Mills thinks of the E-Cat now.

He can be right, I have my reasons (77 of them) to be in hurry. As regarding Randy, I can ask him but it is just a formality. Who believed in the functionality of the E-cat continues to believe after this test and is happier but this 32 days test not converted many -skeptics in E-cat lovers.


Do not ignore competition- it comes! There are scientists able to understand even those mysterious isotopic shifts and know the complete scenario and are adept in controlling the energy release


No more scientific experiments like this one says Rossi but even in his camp surprises are possible. What will do Elforsk?

I have full empathy for he testers who have risked much, get tons of insults, I wait for an opportunity to express it to them directly.




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