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There are no problems of understanding with negative definitions and with negative discoveries. What something is NOT and what’s absence was discovered are crystal clear concepts and I have written a lot about them on this blog.
It has started with Mihail Ralea’s negative definition of intelligence: and you can search for the seminal book “The Age of Negative Discovery” by Daniel Boorstin.
Negative information is less obvious, what we consider so does not subtract from existing positive information- it is actually
zero, nothing, nihil information we receive. Sometimes it is illuminating to see that some information is missing as in the classic 4 hats puzzle: here one prisoner has no information cannot say anything and this leads an other to the solution.  But this zero information is worthy only in special conditions.
one of the Professors has answered As you know I will not respond to any questions in an open forum. I communicate with the science community via scientific papers.”
It is his right, however the Report is only on the Internet and was not published by any known scientific journal so this forumophobia is not justified, I dare to think.
On his turn, Andrea Rossi independently from the authors has said: “The Professors of the ITP will answer to all the questions in periodical updates of the report published on:

It will be not easy- “all” means hundreds of questions, however let’s see the first update.
I could insist for answers to my Open Letter, however due to aging I have decided to reduce the number of impossible things I am trying to half...

Today Rossi has answered to one of the most important questions I had- and he was rational see please:       

The Lugano test was quite special- HotCat and long duration
It seems at Industrial Heat such tests coupled with thorough analytical studies are not usual:

 “As a matter of fact, the enrichment system is the process made by means of the ECat. Nevertheless, the results from the test have gone well Beyond what we found before during our internal R&D. As I said, now we are studying how to reconcile, but during these last days we arrived to understand possible explications; much more study is necessary, though.

Sooner or later, we (to be defined!) will know the complete story of elements and all their changing isotopes and it will be unexpected, I bet. It will be first of all, a negative discovery, LENR is not fusion but something much more complicated and different.

To illustrate the situation I want to use an analogy because we think with analogies, but this analogy must be fixed, it is known in a deeply erroneous variant. I know everything about it including all corrections, you all were told only about the highly idealized form of the story trying to make the poor ugly duckling an ideal hero, see
Hans Christian Andersen wanted to show that he is actually the ugly duckling, but being the illegitimate son of an aristocrat his noble, swan like nature will eventually prevail.

The true story of the Ugly Duckling.

For swan ladies wanting intense sexual life or being feminists, the equivalent of abortion is laying an egg in the nest of ducks.
They further don’t care for the fate of their children. Swan babies are ugly and clumsy and strange, they will receive lots of insults and will grow up in a crippling world dominated by hostility and nastiness both psychological and physical. Very soon the young swans will lose completely their self respect and will suffer personality collapse under the terrible stress, oppression and continuous humiliation. Evolution depends 80% on education and only 20% on genetics, therefore the poor unhappy creatures will be soon deprived of their swan nature/essence, in most cases irreversibly. The end of story is tragic the demoralized, depressed, desperate, hopeless ugly little duckling will become a mature but underdeveloped ugly duck for the rest of his/her short wasted life. C’est la vie… de la pauvre cygne).

You can easily guess that I have not told you this deeply pessimistic tale as a member of the Swan Protection Society. No, I have informed you because it opposes realism to the false Andersen story.

It is kind of metaphor of LENR that was raised as a cold fusion duckling however its real nature is superior, a more interesting process both nuclear and non nuclear but not simple primitive brutal fusion –at least for the swan like rich energy source.

Yiannis Hadjichristos describes/defines HENI In this way:

"Besides of the dominant definitions of LENR, all mixing cause and effect and unproven hypotheses of nuclear nature, a more sophisticated (but yet to be proved) definition of the observed phenomena under the name HENI recognizes the non linear multi-phase process towards excess heat energy production as triggered by excited Hydrogen atoms and metal surface excitations within a controlled and clean environment, where all its supportive elements and active materials (gas and solid) define a Nanoplasmonics Active Environment dynamically rebuilt in situ

With reference to N.N. Taleb- this will be the whitest Black Swan from the history of Technology.



  1. By far the most probable reason for the high concentration of Ni-62 in the so-called "ash" sample is that Rossi planted it there. That's how the copper got into Kullander's sample back in 2011.

    If you say otherwise, one can claim you don't know your ash from a hole in the ground :-)

    1. Anon, are you saying that you know this as fact or are offering an opinion ?.

      Also, are you dealing with the facts of this test or are you trying to attack a person commenting on the story ? QUOTE: "one can claim you don't know your ash from a hole in the ground :-) "

      That is a remarkably un'intelligent' debating tactic and an obvious reason why you would want to be anonymous and forever should.