Sunday, October 12, 2014


The measure of a surprise is bound both to newness and prior unlikeliness. If you have a soul of mathematician, please read:
The results of the long time Rossi tests are surprising and unexplained for the time given and are triggering a broad spectrum of opinions and feelings from enthusiasm to the scientifically and ethically motivated desire to kill them.
The analytical results are like the read color for the bull; four angry Swedish professors have told that “the results would set the entire nuclear physics on its head” With one proper word: Blasphemy! New and new assassins are hired to destroy the test.

Actually, Defkalion has told the same dreadful things for more than 2 years ago explaining their results by nuclear interactions
(not reaction- both nuclei keep their identity), about nucleosynthesis of light elements and about transmutations.
The LENR community has not taken the facts realistically because the fusion model rules minds and theories and because
extreme complexity and non-linearity enjoy a deeply negative popularity. New ideas must dance as the old idea whistle.

Defkalion has demonstrated a very innovative thinking:

Their ICCF –17 paper:
“We have positive results, presented in this paper, from the analysis of NAE with XRF and isotopic mass-spectrometry-ICPMS methods before and after any such LENR of transmutations in:
Fe-Co-Ni-Cu-Zn and K-Ca , with ppm changes
higher than any instrumental analysis error factor
Li-Be-B species not present before the LENR,
detected only by isotopic analysis methods(ICPMS).
Any other species (D/T, He or others) were impossible to be traced maybe due to the very short period of their half time”.

It is important to understand their definition that the process is a dynamic system of the multi-stage set of reactions.

The phenomena we trigger and measure give us very strong evidence of a dynamic environment (system if you want) of a series of interactions between nuclei. These involve nuclei when we make hydrogen atoms reactive and nickel more receptive,

He sees further:
From now HENI means (see the PIM presentation p 8): Heat Energy from Nanoplasmonics/Nanoexplosions Interactions. They also have understood the complexity of active sites- not only nickel is implied and that the NAE (environment is the complete reaction vessel.

However the DGT people know that for understanding the new source of energy growing in the techno-uteri of  Hyperions and E-cats we have to know not only the initial and final products but also how they develop.



  1. Yikes, Peter! Do you really believe that the piece of junk Rossi exhibits is really a fusion reactor? That it transmutes elements and makes huge amounts of power? Give us a break, man! Do yourself a favor and read all the contradictions and discrepancies! Even Jones Beene doesn't believe Rossi any more. Or do you really think he started with some mysterious fuel which burns itself all the way to Ni-62 completely exactly on time as Rossi directs?

    1. do you believe that powermetter can be fooled by a load ?
      do you believe that the law of physics are broken about how heat is dissipated ?

      maybe is it more rational to challenge the certainty of physicist inside a lattice. especially if you ahve hundreds of papet that confirm that similar things happen in similar conditions...

      funny to see pretended defended of science ignore the rule of science, to follow the observation, not the theory.

    2. Hi Alain,

      Rossi does not have to fool the power meter. He can either use trickery to give the heater more current than the power meter measures or he can mess up the temperature measurement of the reactor or both.

    3. Excuses for the delay in answering.
      I believe it is a new energy reactor it is not a fusion reactor.
      Yes it transmutes element and makes huge heat
      And I well know what the limitations, imperfections and errors in this experiment were, but all these do not change the essence: excess heat and nuclear interactions.

      Do you read my Blog?
      I am explaining it with patience. You can write me directly
      and I am ready to explain you what happens.


  2. Curbina writing here, I don't know how to link mi disqus identity.

    Dear Peter, I think that most of us LENR interested people lost much interest into Defkalion after the public debacle with the Italian licensee Gamberale. I have to include me on that group. The extensive report released by Gamberale was not properly adressed by Defkalion, and that was not very encouraging. But it is indeed interesting to see the ICCF 17 Defkalion's data, which probably, if would have been more publicly difused, would have been heinously attacked by Pomp et al, in the same fashion.


  3. This second test report is hilariously awful. Were it Rossi's intention to churn his pool of gullible True Believers into a frenzy, it's a stirring success. But as for being a solid independent report of some new power source that works as advertised, it appears as merely a joke in very bad taste. Do not hold your breath waiting for the day that this report gets peer-reviewed and approved. And all this means that it's yet another Rossi scam attempt.

    First of all, the experiment is trumpeted (and dutifully reported by a seemingly brain-dead press) as "independent" - i.e. apparently simply on Rossi's say-so. It is quite the opposite of that. The authors of this report are a subset of the same people who produced the highly questionable first report in 2013, whereby several commentators pointed out ways in which those results could have been fudged, and the authors bamboozled. One would have thought that a change of the guard to more competent and sceptical referees would have occurred as a result - but this was not to be. Not only that, but none of the concerns addressed re. the 2013 report are addressed in this 2014 report. It proceeds as if no feedback had occurred. In particular, one of the authors of this new 2014 report is Levi, a long-time collaborator of Rossi's. But it gets worse regarding the "independence" of this test: Rossi himself was present at the start of the test to load the magic powder, and present at the end of the test to extract the "ash"!! Independent? - no; as dependent as you can get. The only thing "independent" about this 2014 test compared with the 2013 test is the relocation of the test building to Lugano, Switzerland. And they still couldn't keep Rossi out. So, just stop calling it "independent", would you?

    Re. the reported experiment itself, I will briefly say the following:
    - I don't believe their input power measurement because proprietary electronics is in there
    - I don't believe their output power measurement because of the fog surrounding emissivity
    - I don't believe their dummy output power calibration because it didn't allow an apples-to-apples comparison of dummy with "real thing"
    - I don't believe their Ni62-enriched ash sample was produced as a result of the test. Indeed, I believe that Rossi did a surreptitious swap using some Ni62 of his own.

    And one more thing - they're still using those PCE-830 meters which are incapable of detecting DC. The report goes on in detail about the emissivity/output power issue (and I think gets it wrong), and about the miraculous change in chemical composition of the charge, and about the lack of any nuclear reaction indicators (which makes it that much more miraculous), but says nothing about the details of the electrical circuit, save one infantile block diagram. And yet the entire circus here hinges on an accurate measurement of input power, and we still have those ridiculous magic secret waveforms and a magic box which cannot be opened which generates them.

    Another unpleasant little reality which may not have escaped your notice about this latest eCat - it's not the same as any previous one. Rossi keeps moving the goalposts. That's a tactic designed to spread confusion and prevent anyone focussing on anything meaningful. It's a classic scam tactic.

    And still the True Believers cheer Rossi on, like the braying asses they are.