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The third day after the publication of the second Rossi report by the Professors- vigorous activities take place on the Web
and in the progressive press.
Intense ‘wisdom of crowds’ discussions contributes to the global understanding of what the report states and to the correct appreciation of so many critical details- some of them fuzzy.
In parallel, Twin Peaks analyses (revealing the Evil in the Report) try to kill the report (the Twin Peak TV serial was based on the principle that the Evil is indestructible and always wins. For these analysts, Andrea Rossi is the personification of the Evil and his simple presence converts any experiment in black magic and scam. Actually the Twin Peak analysts are themselves unjust and evil in great extent, plus destructive perfectionist.)

However as the time goes, it becomes increasingly important what the Report and Rossi does NOT say, and why they don’t say it. It is good that there have created more possibilities for the readers to ask questions from the Professors. This will add a lot to the value of the Report. I am eager to try this possibility.

We wanted that the Rossi Hot Cat should show massive excess heat and it had. An army of angry perfectionists is attacking the calorimetry used by the Professors and tries to Everestize some insignificant molehills. A calorimetry without cooling is like a lady without hat and some suspect that the device does actually not work with cooling as in flow calorimetry.
My bet is that it was a lot of excess heat. I have told many times: Rossi has excess heat; his partially unsolved problems are with control and understanding.

We wanted that the test should eventually deliver information
useful to understanding what happens inside the tube reactor how does LENR (or what it really is!) work inside. We have received only small, not very clean pieces of information and our LENR-IQ has not increased by reading the analytical results of this test. (I ma speaking for myself)


Let’s make it clear- I was an industrial researcher for almost 4 decades (including apprenticeship), I had to create technologies and I know from experience what know how and intellectual property is; therefore I have (in principle) full empathy for Rossi and Industrial Heat – it is natural that they want to protect their industrial secrets. The company is not welfare, is not University, not basic research institute.

Please do not forget that the Hot Cat from this test is not like the Warm Cat aimed for commercialization. It seems some volatile metal does make essential jobs in these generators.
It is lithium for the HotCat; we don’t know if the main type also uses lithium. As Rossi would say: “forse che si, fosrse che no!” (maybe yes, maybe no). How close are the two species of Cats- we don’t know, however breeding a scientific cat is good for IP protection, isn’t it?

It was a vivid discussion about the transparency of the alumina test tube, we also can discuss about the transparency of Rossi’s actions. He could have said from start that the analytical part of the study will be censored in order to not reveal sensitive data making competition happy. More realistically, we, the kibitzes and passionate spectators of this study in incandescence, could have guessed that it is na├»ve to expect complete analyses, that is, recipes of both the fuel and the ash. We have to know what we don’t know and what we are not allowed to know...


Here- in the Report we have a scientific thriller:
The unused fuel shows the natural isotope composition from both SIMS and ICP-MS, i.e. 58 Ni (68.1%), 60 Ni (26.2%), 61 Ni (1.1%), 62 Ni (3.6%), and 64 Ni (0.9%), whereas the ash composition from SIMS is: 58 Ni (0.8.%), 60 Ni (0.5%), 61 Ni (0%), 62 Ni (98.7%), 64 Ni (0%), and from ICP-MS: 58 Ni (0.8%), 60 Ni(0.3%), 61 Ni (0%), 62 Ni (99.3%), 64 Ni (0%)."

Nobody – including Rossi himself seems to understand this.
For example one reader of this blog has commented:

With 98% of the nickel 'fuel' converted to another isotope at the end, I'd have expected them to report that net energy output was rapidly declining at that point.

It seems logical, but actually we have no idea what the real fuel is and if Ni62 is a “final” ash. How many energy generating processes are possible? Ni62 is an appearance for which even I will use the most hated word “anomalous” it can be a product of white black or grey magic. I don’t like it. Rossi says he still has to understand the Ni62 mystery. I still hope it is a scientific mystery.

I have tried to follow carefully Rossi’s JONP blog- for the time given he has not re-promised to launch his LENR theory, as far I know. True?

We have to take in consideration that an initial vs. final analysis
is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a theory based on facts for LENR- the changes have to be studied in situ and in their evolution in time. Defkalion is working on an innovative on-line real time mass spectrometer system:

an extremely ambitious, difficult task but absolutely necessary
for a real complete theory based on facts and not on imagination.

For this report, the sampling procedure as dictated by Rossi
was “selective” approximately 10 milligrams was taken for analysis, and the remainder was inserted into the device.
Stop! No gas phase was taken for analysis? Then what can we say about hydrogen (residual), deuterium (predicted by the Storms Theory) and helium (a symbolic “must” for a process considered a Cold fusion descendant?) No analysis, no answer. It was some discussion about air and humidity present in the reactor- what does my gas poisoning hypothesis say- how can it work? Yes, it can because at a temperature as high as 86-96% of the melting temperature of nickel, the surface dynamics of the metal surface:
 and the genesis of active sites is extremely strong and fast; no alien gas can adsorb on the active sites. The NAE i.e. Nuclearly Active Environment in this case- is the entire reactor.
What are the active sites? Probably some morphological features of the nickel particles- not cracks, I bet, the material resembles thick lava.
What happened to the other elements present in the core mixture Al, Fe? Are the Li6 atoms found at the end formed from the original Li7 atoms or are they newly formed by fission or nucleosynthesis?
Is the energy released indeed of nuclear origin or are the nuclear reactions only effects of the genuine useful ones?

What could say us the remainder 990 milligrams of ash sample?
I think we can only ask, however Rossi and his scientists had or will have the necessary scientific dialogue with that matter, so miraculously rich in energy and in information.
This information will change everything in our field and this will be a blessing...



  1. Your readers may be interested in the fuel/ash analysis on LENR For the Win

    LENR G

    1. Thank you very much- this is added valuable information.
      It answers to some of my questions, explicit and implicit.


    2. I've corrected an error in the table comparing neutrons shed by Lithium-7 to neutrons absorbed by Nickel. After the correction they DO more or less line up.


  2. The web is infinitely democratic, anybody can publish. User discretion is advised.

    1. Can you be a bit more explicit? Thanks.

  3. You cannot compare ICP-MS and SIMS data directly. First of all, SIMS data are local analysis, and sensitive to many surface effects. The only analysis that could have a meaning would be the ICP-MS. Unfortunately, the report doesn't give the actual counts, but only the ratio between isotopes.No conclusion can be drawn regarding the origin of Li-6 from these data.

    1. another test should be done with that new target?

      analysis of the gases could be a key too?

  4. Air poisoning of the reaction has been an iron clad rule in Ni/H technology from its beginning. Now Rossi has overcome this poisoning no no.

    One way that this might happen is that the reaction no longer occurring in the gas phase where the nitrogen in the air and hydrogen can mix. The hydrogen might become chemically bound to lithium and/or carbon after it is released from the lithium aluminum hydride storage medium leaving the nitrogen floating above it all far from the reaction site.

    The reaction might be occurring in solid form with hydrogen bound to some other combination of elements. Lithium seems the most likely chemical mate for the hydrogen solid state storage system because of the high temperatures needed to release the hydrogen from the lithium.

    This implies that the reaction occurs in two parts. The nickel powder produces an EMF beam that reaches out from beyond the nickel particle and affects the hydride at some considerable distance from the nickel particle.

    When the hydrogen is in gaseous form, the nitrogen poisons it. However when the hydrogen becomes chemically bound in a hydride, it can participate in the reaction.

    This is a great burnout control technique because temperature rises will reduce the intensity of the hydrogen reaction in the solid state. This gas poisoning in the gaseous state puts a ceiling on how high the temperature of the reactor can go.

  5. This latest third party test exposes LENR for what it is, an impossible miracle that works. Any clear thinking technologist would rightly evaluate this test as impossible. LENR is far stranger than fiction and is far ahead of its time. And yet Rossi still marches forward with a continuing stream of LENR advances that he surely does not understand. Like a possessed rat in a maze in a state of perpetual panic, through his frantic edisonian approach characterized by trial and error discovery rather than a systematic theoretical understanding he is building a device that can power a star ship.

    What would Ben Franklin thing about a demo of a nuclear reactor? Ben would naturally think nuclear power was impossible. I can understand that most clear thinking people would discount Rossi's improved LENR as impossible and that Rossi is a nut. It’s just that there are so many science advances involved; it is hard for our culture in its current state of development to accept Rossi's LENR (AKA LENR+).

    I just hope that somebody can soon get LENR+ into the marketplace so that our science can be bullied forward by the scruff of its neck to understand what is purring down in the basement.

  6. You don't think Rossi simply salted the ash with too much pure store-bought Ni-62 by mistake? I think he was rushed and simply made a mistake while cheating. Why would this not be the simplest explanation for such an impossible result? Do you have any idea how convoluted you have to get to explain his ash? Even inventive and prolific Axil can only say it's an impossible miracle. Well fraud is neither a miracle, not, unfortunately, is it impossible, especially given Rossi's past.