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The Internet is a treasure. It is also a bazaar, a madhouse, a bordello, a Borgesian library, alternate reality, a kitschery and many other things but I have learned how to take the best of it- the genuine pearls and not the dirt.
The Internet helps me marvelously to apply Carpe diem (seize the day!) in practice. Yesterday was day No. 28081 of my life but I am much more focused on the remaining relatively very few days I want to enjoy the infinite interestingness of the existence – including the hyper-tortuosity of the evolution of LENR. The Internet helps:
yesterday for the subject “Problem Solving” Google has informed me - between other papers, about this one: “People Who Can Control Their Dreams Are Also Better at Real Life”                                          

Lucid dreamers are good problem solvers- the paper shows it.
I have complained here more times, and I am ashamed for it, about the nightmares I have due the side effects of the anti-hypertensive drugs I am taking regularly. I have decided to control my dreams, yes; it will be about the most positive event possible.

Take in account that I light-years from being perfect but I am not selfish the dream was good especially for friends.
It was a very wishful dream, my much regretted friend Akira Kawasaki  
has appeared in my dream. He was young and optimistic again as when we have tried together to get funding from the Soros Open Society for Cold Fusion. It happens that then I have worked at Dynamic Network technologies, a Soros daughter company then, as Web searcher. It is a long story with an unhappy end – we have not received a single cent but I have learned that capitalistic bureaucracy is as impenetrable as the communist one.

Akira said in my dream:
“Peter, good news- LENR gets Big Money a bit over 32 billion US $. The donor is a billionaire who has read Ed Storms’ new book and was deeply impressed. This is good news! The bad news is that the rich guy also reads your Blog and likes your elucubrations; he decided you will administer and distribute the money, yours is the final decision in each case. So take care and decide wisely! I cannot stay more with you!”

My medicines are powerful – even in the best dream I get in very bad trouble and I must solve the most difficult problems.
I have to answer even after awakening; can you help me my dear Blogfriends?

Dream or not dream, big money real or not, we have a problem that has to be discussed SERIOUSLY! The way of money is here the way of LENR strategy.

Now it is 10 a.m. here I am lucid, my instant coffee was fine- I am starting to think- you already know my personal methodology:

Whom I will NOT give money?

1-to any team that does not speak explicitly about very deep degassing of the working surfaces- active sites, N.A.E.;
2- to any metrologicomanical team that intends to spend money for ultra-sensitive calorimeters  
3- to any team with regressive vision that want to repeat in more rigorous conditions old experiments with no relevance for enhancing heat release;
4- institutions, teams and companies that will deny the Hippocratic oath by all members to fight with high priority against irreproducibility and to declare the R-problem INTOLERABLE;
5- any project or program with one of these words; new, alternative, progressive, technology-not figuring in the title.
6- No theory describing LENR as a single stage process will
receive a cent!

Whom I will give LENR money.

I think, first some ethical-pragmatic principles have to be applied to select those who deserve the money.
Give it to the discontented- the true human nature is Homo diacontentus! Help the progressive! Prefer the true problem solvers over the power seekers!

A great inventor speaks for those discontented ones:

Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure. (Thomas A. Edison

It happened that this morning I received a cold fusion theory paper by an author whom I didn’t knew, See his coordinates and the abstract of his paper here. He understands the problem; yes we have to rethink LENR- that’s 120% obvious!
The solution offered by Dan Szumski is very high level theory and needs study- just now because I am writing this paper with emotional involvement-I consider the potential over-abundant funding as important- I cannot study the Szumsky paper. See it please:

Rethinking Cold Fusion Physics: An Essay
 Daniel S Szumski
Independent Scholar, USA,

Cold fusion theory is at a critical juncture. Technological development of commercially viable units has outstripped theoretical understanding. It now appears that commercialization will proceed without patent protection, thereby slowing our energy revolution in its finest
moment. And as you know, patent protection is being denied simply because we cannot tell the US Patent Office or the PTO how our cold fusion devices work.
What do we do?

Theories deserve money especially new ones; please go and study the website and the theory. However we will surely use meta-theories, more ones in symbiotic interaction.

Rethinking has to be combined with radical remaking, the projects based on approaches changing essentially the nature
of both hydrogen and metal, in conditions that create the state of enhanced heat release- have absolute priority. I don’t want to waste any money- this is a sacrilege, I am focusing on the correct things.
Therefore, I know that my action will create huge competition for Rossi and Defkalion, tens of teams and companies trying to work out commercial technologies.

I have a special reason to stop here- my friend Ludwik Kowalski, scientist end writer
is just performing a survey about how the best LENR people
see the way out and forward for our field. Ludwik has agreed that I could use the data in the second part of Big Money for LENR paper.

Money for the scientific press and LENR libraries.

A lot of money will go, unconditionally to ‘Infinite Energy” and “Cold Fusion Now”. I am grateful for life to Gene Mallove and now to Christy Frazier too. I admire much Ruby Carat who has accomplished a symbiosis of science and art. I will be very generous with “Cold Fusion Times” – however first I will ask that Ed Storms, Jed Rothwell and me should become members of the editorial board for the sake of peace and harmony in LENRland. and Journal lead by Jean Paul Biberian will be compensated for all the expenses from the past and from the next 20 years. ISCMNS will become so rich that it will lose the status of non-profit organization for a short time.
Could I forget the Greek Journal: “Cutting Gordian Knots?” or Dieter Britz the cold fusion agnostic who offered us such a great bibliography? Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese. Indian, Chinese etc. LENR journals should also apply!
(if I have forgotten somebody, I ask her/him to accept my apologies, I make gaffes)

I will try to use the money also for bringing back New Energy Times and my former good friend Steve Krivit to our Family; I think that his passion for the Widom Larsen theory (if this is still its name?)  was not sustained by great achievements and if it happens the Rossi report will be positive and really independent with certainty- he will be devastated- but he is a formidable journalist.

A few billion US$ will go to a LENR REPUTATION MANNAGEMENT FUND, I will hire the greatest specialists in persuasion to improve the public image of LENR- in case the commercial generators everywhere will not suffice                                                    A bit of healthy corruption does not harm much, I will cover all the expenses for publishing my book “USEFUL ENERGY FROM HYDROGEN –METAL DEEP INTERACTION” from this big money..

In my next dream I will make the financial calculations (my parents were accountants so I know the basics) - but please help me with suggestions. 

Thank you!


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