Thursday, September 11, 2014


This writing appears with one day delay due to the ants’ wisdom idea of AXIL – an important message for the LENR community-I had to publish with no delay.

It is stimulating to me that this morning has appeared a note: “International Academic Report on Cold Fusion Imminent” on Frank Acland’s E-Cat World. Author anonymous but the info is professionally written.

Intelligence is best defined as “the ability to not confound the points of view” however especially in research projects, it is also the ability to “process lower quality information- partial incomplete, partial redundant, contradictory, in part outright false, imaginary, cryptic, neutral or senseless all these mixed in unpredictable and incognoscible ways and proportions.” A bit long but real and made for the case of Rossi, you need much intelligence to follow him…

Rossi’s communication methods are, at least in part, justified, I feel empathy for him. The first short-time Report of 2013- a quite decent and serious work was dismissed not for its intrinsic imperfections but because Rossi could interfere
with the research so the Report was not quite independent.
I have disagreed e.g. in:
but with no success. The LENR community has also uncritically accepted without analysis the Luca Gamberale Report that tries to discredit a very good demo by
DGT, logically consistent. The Gamberale Report refers only to tests made by he author in unusual conditions.

“LENR community” is not a real entity but its collective spirit does not accept easily that its own existential and developmental problems could be solved by outsiders. And Rossi had all the time a non-ideal behavior that has aggravated the situation...

 “Independent” means now a study executed at least 12,000 miles distance from the inventor, with all communication lines interrupted. Ergo, Rossi is practically forced to tell us that he has no idea about the results and will get the Report 3 days before it is published. He says repeatedly “cuculo” style that the report will be positive or negative, he cannot predict how. Actually it is obvious the Report will be both positive and negative- in a frame of expectations.
It is excluded it will be absolutely negative- total absence of excess heat measured each 5 seconds for >2000 hours. (pure masochism!) It will be not absolutely positive either- plenty of excess heat with no input energy i.e. COP infinite and heat level adjustable at will. (triumph at the 3rd power) Without a definition, positive or negative do not mean much, more exactly- nothing at all. I don’t know what is the hydrogen pressure in the HotCat but beyond any doubt it is very high mediatic pressure on Rossi to make the Report absolutely independent- something as impossible as useless.
Rossi, on his angelic side is extrovert and enjoys communicating
seeks the friendship of people, therefore he cannot work in isolation with no feedback and encouragement.
In a DIKW evaluation of this unknown Report, we must abuse of the interrogative approach- asking a lot of temporary unanswerable questions.

The first question: where will this Report be published? Even those who believe in miracles – it will probably NOT Nature (impact factor (21,323) or Science (impact factor 12,465) this would be the performance equivalent of climbing the Everest barefoot with nitrogen put in your oxygen bottles by enemies. My preference was the International Journal of hydrogen Energy (impact factor 2930) but the Professors have not consulted me. I am unable to guess the journal in which the Report will be published.

The heat release is intense, the Hot Cat is much bigger than an electrolytic LENR cell- plenty of data will be gathered.
The input-output balance for more months will allow us to “feel” the stability of the process…it will be a huge volume of INFORMATION. How well presented- it depends on the independent team.

KNOWLEDGE- Rossi says the Professors can publish what they wish and I really want this to be true. What will they give  
KNOW NOTHING- the skeptics try to convince us that nothing relevant will be given, just a heap of unanalysable data. How this will be done – I let them to say.

KNOW WHAT- will be the excess heat demonstrated beyond any doubt, great and long term? At the end of the test, the Hot Cat was very tired, moribund or still having 8 of its 9 cat lives?
Will the COP increase and stabilize after the start period, will it be decently high- say well over 6- and constant or adjustable?  Was the system in danger of runaway or of collapse? Was it stopped and restarted? Unexpected events? I am very curious-what has happened?

KNOW HOW- it is easy to understand that Andrea Rossi does not want to tell to the real and imaginary competition how the Hot Cat does work. In the same time he is aware that this time only by telling which reactions give the heat- he will be recognized as a great inventor and elite researcher. The essence is the chemical composition of the active core before and after the long reaction time. Composition is only a small part of what makes the system functional- the HotCat is not the useful cat- but Rossi plus the team of professors have a problem here, scientific and kind of diplomatic.

WISDOM Rossi has alluded many times he will present his Theory simultaneously with the Report. He has a great opportunity to demonstrate his wisdom. Will he do it, or not I don’t know. But this theory will change everything we knew about LENR. LENR+ is not like LENR, actually it is not genuine LENR, but a bunch of other processes.

Dear Reader- I have tried very hard to think logically here and I think I have succeeded in part. However logic as it is stated in:
“Logical thinking is that safe and beaten path on which you can go from one swamp to an other” (Karoly Simonyi)
Here the premises from which logic leads to conclusions are now quite swam-like. How they will be after the publication of the Report?
Just to mention that the author of the quote has written a book
about the cultural history of Physics, one of my models for my coming book
“Useful Energy from Hydrogen-Metal Deep Interaction”- Deeper than electrons.



  1. Rossi's ecat failed a test from the one reliable Swedish agency which examined it. In that test, they found that Rossi's measurements underestimated input power by a factor of at least 3. Defkalion's only correct test was, in fact, Gamberale's. Gamberale would not have given up a potentially highly lucrative business if he had not believed he was being defrauded.

    There have been serious problems with everyone of Rossi's demonstrations and tests. Rossi's machines are simply electrically heated instruments of deception. Wait a while, Peter. You will see.

    1. I like this formulation: "electrically heated instruments of deception"
      Please define the professors in a similar wording
      You fixoskeptics are admirable in a way..."la Garde meurt mais ne se rend pas"

    2. Part 1 or 2

      I don’t know Luca Gamberale, so I did some research into his background. I like to state up front that anyone who has more info about him and his level of ethics is welcome to rebutt. I am also a prejudiced supporter of DGT. That said: there are two sides to every story.

      In terms of this DGT Europe guy, I don't trust his account or his take on things because he has gone into the LENR development business himself. As a future LENR dealer with human nature what it is, it is natural for these various potential venders’ of LENR reactors to bad mouth each other. Rossi says bad things about DGT and DGT let slip some bad things about Rossi. This new guy is just doing what they all do. As an application developer and reseller of DGT reactors, Gamberale’s former company had no right to know how that R5 reactor works internally. Even with this contractual constraint in place as the history of these events reveal, his former company paid a million dollars in the vain hope to look under the dress of DGT, but DGT was too modest or too smart to show their goods.

      Did Luca Gamberale want to setup his new company in the same way that Defkalion was started? I believe so. We might never know who stole what from who but Italians are notorious for their lack of business ethics. I am surprised that DGT did not go after Luca Gamberale's NDA violation. I guess they did not want to waste precious money on lawyers. After all, DGT Europe was in the Ni/H reactor application business not in the development of Ni/H technology itself.

      Luca Gamberale has publically bemoaned that DGT never left him alone with an R5 reactor unattended. Why would that bother this man? Maybe Gamberale wanted to take some nefarious advantage in the dark of night to look inside that R5 reactor, or even better to remove some selected parts for reverse engineering opportunities thereby supplying him with a huge technical head start for his own company that he has subsequently started.

      It is not in the interest of any company to admit that key parts of their technology are compromised. This degrades the value of their intellectual property in the market place. Ask Rossi about this vis-à-vis DGT.

      What is known for sure, Defkalion saw that the Rossi reactor worked and that gave them the impetus to form a LENR development company themselves. The takeaway based on DGT's reaction: Rossi’s reactor works and is powerful. The formation of a DGT LENR development company speaks to that certainty. In like manner, if Luca Gamberale believed in what he has said about the R5, he would be a fool to get into the LENR development business himself.

    3. Part 2 of 2

      Luca Gamberale's Experience

      CEO, Scientist

      LD-Brane srls

      March 2014 – Present (7 months) Milan Area, Italy

      LD-Brane is a startup operating in two main fields:

      1) R&D in the field of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). LENR is a most promising powerful source of energy, safe, clean an cheap. It has the potential to supply humanity of heat, electricity and fresh water for the next decades. What is still missing is a full understanding of the physical principles at the basis of the reactions and an efficient and reliable industrial implementation. LD-Brane has a scientific programme for the experimental and theoretical study of LENR and for the realization of prototypes for the production of energy running using LENR. LD-Brane participates to the research program of the most prominent research centers in Italy and Europe, both public and private.

      2) development of highly techological cloud solutions:

      routing and planning optimization for fleets of trucks
      integrated platform for the quality Assurance of Echotomographs for medical use in hospitals

      Independent Scientific Consultant

      September 2013 – Present (1 year 1 month) Milano


      Defkalion Europe

      January 2013 – September 2013 (9 months)

      PhD - Scientist

      Pirelli Labs

      Public Company; 10,001+ employees; Automotive industry

      January 2001 – July 2010 (9 years 7 months)

      Project Leader on experimental physics.
      study of coherent optical properties of crystals subjected to nuclear magnetic resonance


      Pirelli Cables

      Public Company; 10,001+ employees; Automotive industry

      2000 – 2001 (1 year)

  2. Some internet research as follows:

    Avatar Polymorph was born in the storeroom of a Canberra hospital on 5 May 1961, the same day that Alan Shepard became the first American to leave planet Earth and travel into space. His father’s family has been involved in South Australian and national politics for a number of generations. His mother’s family came to Australia as refugees from Lithuania in 1949. He has a history degree from Adelaide University and worked for several years as a policy adviser in the PM’s Department in Canberra and later for the Victorian Premier’s Department. He has continued to write occasional fiction and also on nanotechnology, futurology and spirituality (including under his current name, Avatar Polymorph). Ill from 1996 to 2007, he has been based around Fitzroy, Melbourne, since 1990, including for various Performance Art and other art projects.


  3. I had a positive impression of the first TIP report, the second one will most likely be an improved and augmented version of the first report, TIP1 was positive, so I think it's reasonable to predict that TIP2 will reaffirm and support the TIP1 results by adding significant amounts of long term data and addressing some of the (mostly absurd & ridiculous), complaints about protocols and procedures, (a few being valid), including the ludicrous possibility of hidden infra-red lasers and exotic non standard frequencies and waveforms coming from the mains. We should also not forget the (again,..absurd & ridiculous), accusations of tainted professors performing the testing. In this regard, the pathological skeptics of TIP1 passively assisted in the formulation of the second report by giving the TIP2 testers an assessment of what should be altered tweaked and changed for the second round of tests. We should of course expect a second round of spurious and outlandish complaints from the chronic disbelievers of LENR after TIP2, I predict that the reports veracious credentials will effectively drown out the shrieks of the noisy dissenters.

    1. It comes a moment when the pathological breaks all the limits of irrationality
      and all we can do is to ignore it. Than the pathological will do as Ouroboros
      finally eating itself

    2. I have seen that Navajo proverb which explains how it is hopeless to try to convince pathoskeptics :

      arguments are not a question.
      this is why pathoskepticism touch mostly educated people like physicist, because in fact competence is not a question, and ignorant people have no reason to believe ins conspiracy theories agains evidence if they are not concerned personally.

      Most skeptic we face are simply doing cargo Cult skepticism...
      they pretend to be skeptic, but they are simply believers, desperate believers fighting evidences, like most conspiracy theorist.

    3. If the Rossi effect is real, who care what skeptics say? Why does anyone care if the arguments are worthless?

      I think that believers have no solid confidence in Rossi and his previous tests. They are very insecure. That has to be the only reason they care what a bunch of anonymous internet critics say about it.

      If any of Rossi's tests had been clear and truly independent, then every major player in the energy field would have rushed to participate. What is it about that that believers don't get?

      If someone was offering almost free energy without limit, you really think nobody would pay attention? Except a few believers on internet forums? And a tiny branch of a company that specializes in building brick houses?