Monday, September 22, 2014


Actually, this is not exactly about LOW ENERGY NUCLEAR REACTIONS, because this concept is too open and too broad; plus quite fuzzy- which energy is so low? Probably the energy used to trigger the desired heat generating –then the good name would tell be ‘nuclear reactions at/due to low energies’, NRALE.
It is unfortunate that the total heat energy obtained is also quite low. At low reproducibility, L from LENR can mean an other adjective too, quite impolite; can you guess it?
I am speaking about energy from Hydrogen Metal Deep Interaction, HMDI, here are at play all the 3 isotopes of hydrogen and a lot of noble and transition, plebeian, metals- Nickel had  a historical chance to take the lead thanks to Francesco Piantelli.

In essence, today we have three species of HMDI:
PdD, NiH, and NiD. I think they are really different species, with different answers to the fundamental questions: WHERE?
WHAT? HOW? WHY? WHY NOT? - about the energy generation reactions.
Each species or way has its specific science and its chance from 0 to 1 to become a technology.
I have completed this taxonomy based the idea that some species can have an enhanced, dynamic, intensified form (+)

Rossi and DGT have elaborated variants or NiH MHDI+
Rossi says he will say what he understands about the process
after the publication of the second independent Report; he is quite opaque- very rarely and only in part, translucid for me.

The newcomer NiD – created by an insider of the LENR community, Tadahiko Mizuno and his collaborators from

NiD seemingly is aware of its enhanced form, the research
and development plan includes 3 prototypes with feminine names:
Dorothy- 75 W
Scarlett- 1kW

We have to understand this taxonomy, but the real task is to discover the 4th, the 5th and so on…variants of Useful Energy generating MHDIs. The field needs diversity and will enter an era of accelerated progress (think about Moore’s Law!) only by

This is not a natural taxonomy; we don’t speak about species of ants, rabbits or cabbage. No, it is a human made scientific and technological taxonomy. More than discussing, it has to be re-created extended, and optimized by us.
Long live the UEMHDIs!



  1. Isn't DGT pretty dead since the Gamberale report? Where are they now? Where is their web site? What are they doing, how and where? If you know, dear Peter.

  2. DGT is alive and working very hard, determined to build their next stage pre-commercial of their Hyperion generator. Not doing any useless things including irrelevant communication. Do not worry. Better wish them fast(er) success.


  3. Chatters here, just usual blah, blah of this gullible "black belt".
    The right words for DGT people (plus all related fans and supporters) are cheaters and liars.

    1. You have some problem with the broadness of your personal dictionary. Read please the Nose monologue from Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand.
      The cuckoo is not a model for thinking humans.


    2. Only and ever yadda, yadda in your comments.
      Still chattering from you in the attempt to hide the misdeeds of robbers.

    3. A bit better, possible you are not a lost case. Unable to undesrstand
      facts- if you write me I can help you, really. Just in case you are not an program of generating insults. Who has robbed you, lied to ypu?

    4. Quite simple.
      You still support DGT even if Gamberale clearly demontrates that it was a cheat.
      You continue to chatter here as the Hyperion had been proved that works (you are a false witness) and you support them robbing to all readers the truth.