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In matters of PREDICTION- the Everest of the DIKW scale, only one thing is worse than the Cassandra Syndrome (you make perfect predictions but nobody believes you) – the Malraux Syndrome (you predict very improbable, even impossible very dangerous things and they become reality).
Andre Malraux has told (or is this an urban legend?):
 The 21st century will be religious or it will not be at all”

He declared (or not, but this not more relevant) this in a time of relative reason when human intelligence seemed to follow Flynn’s Law slowly but constantly increasing... A terrible prediction- now, some 45 years later “the spectre of fundamentalism seizes the world” And there are more forms of fundamentalism of all colors and shades – what is common in all is that they are entwined with political extremisms and all preach death of the infidels or of those thinking differently.
“Who is not with us, is against us; and who is against us, has no right to live” “we own the Unique Truth and who denies it MUST die!”- simple, direct, deeply felt, righteous slogans calling to action. This was your idea, mon cher Andre?

But I have to shut up- I am not an iota better. See my Septoe:
The 21st Century is the 12th, resurrected”
is this the cause that today we have a caliphate?
It was ignored as a few similar sad ones as:

Intolerance kills people, tolerance destroys the Society. (Being honest, I will not deny that I liked the idea of multiculturalism as so many other pathologically na├»ve people. Never, and inclusive in LENR –never forget that: Things are NOT what they seem!

Dumbing down people is the greatest megabusiness.

People will believe anything except the truth. (See the Heat/Helium discussion)

Schooling helps grown-up, while media forces grown-down.

Kleptocracy is the most natural form of government. (or is it theocracy?)
The world economy- a myriapode with Achilles Heels

Why all these 7 word predictions-in-part which all are now more than real, hadn’t had not the slightest echo? Probably because:
“In my life, obstacle was usually a verb”

Clearly I have no success- after the downvoting by peers of my essay yesterday again my perfectly idealistic, vitally necessary and completely impossible science, Scipiology (search on the web and you will find it) has missed to receive the IgNobel Prize it deserves more than anything else in this word,, nothing is more improbable than Scipiology
. I protested furiously, I understand meritocracy is not healthy but why should we kill it completely?

As you well know, I am dialoging with the Internet. Perhaps the reason of my very bad mood now is that the very first news- local for Cluj-  I read this morning was that at a soccer championship here for children 9 years old a terrible violent incident , general fighting erupted and one parent was almost killed due to concussion of the brain. It is symptomatic that my writer friend Valeriu Butulescu has said:
today I am not more scared night-time in the cemetery, I am scared daytime on the football arena!”
And who has taken seriously the warning of Goddess Athena who told me clearly that the gods of violence, greed and stupidity will conquer and rule the entire world if we will not stop them, less than 20 people have read my interview:

It is dreadful that so many bad predictions have shaped our present and future based on the Malraux syndrome.

We have seen enough I think about how dangerous a job can Prediction be- good prediction is so high on the DIKWP scale that only gods a few humans have access to it. How should we dare to make predictions for our LENR?  I am sure Cassandra is much more at home there than Malraux.
One prediction appeared here at noon:

“Which organization(s) will publish the first paper describing a net energy positive Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (also known as cold fusion) device or process in a journal indexed on Thomson Reuters Web of Science?”

The author and the readers are smart- so no direct answer can be detected.

I cannot abstain from making a LENR prediction. You well remember (if you are my age) that at the discovery of cold fusion the Law of Accumulation of Events has been active, The first day after the Fleischmann Pons announcement the Exxon Valdez catastrophic oil spill has happened.
Tomorrow we will receive the first relevant information regarding the Rossi Report simultaneously with Scotland’s vote for independence.
It will be a terrible political catastrophe – not “per se” but creating a frightening bad example  and symbol– tens of European groups ethnical, and religious and even political or cultural will start fight for useless independence and the European Union will be in deadly danger. I am a recidivist in making prophecies.

You do not need to be a prophet when it is about LENR, it will be accepted  by science and public only when it will demonstrate both its TRUTH (b Science) and its VALUE (as practical source of energy)- this was the original promise and people have good memory.
Exactly as predicting, making promises is a risky job.


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