Monday, September 15, 2014


Writing LENR miniatures is habit-forming it seems, this will be number 8. This morning my Muse has kissed me on my forefront, not problem for her, the surface is almost 1sq.m and now I am writing about two gentlemen called Aristoteles.
What they have in common is that I have learned very important thing from them and now I want to share these with
you. One of them says things I forgot to tell you when I wrote about experts.

The first Aristoteles was an ancient Greek philosopher the first true thinker, scientists, logician, researcher, theoretician, educator, pragmatist, worldwide and life long learner. A man who lived a few thousand years before his age. He had the intuition of natural laws; he understood that it is some natural order in the world. Admirably open-minded – his post mortem tragedy was described here:
“(If you can bear to hear) the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,” (Kipling, “If”)

Poor Aristoteles’ lively ideas were dreadfully dogmatized and used to punish heretics by the Church; you know well which one especially... He could do nothing to change this, being dead for more than 1000 years then.
This is a serious warning to my future colleagues who will change the paradigm of LENR please keep the New Paradigm fresh, open, plastic, future oriented, undogmatizable.

The second Aristoteles, also Greek a businessman of genius. Actually I am not especially fond of him due to the bad things he has made to the soprano goddess Maria Callas but Onassis was remarkable- it is great loss that he did not became  a scientist or an inventor and has wasted his exceptional  talents as magnate.

This is one of the brightest things Onassis could have told:
“The secret of LENR is to know something that nobody else knows.” And also:

I am using “LENR” but  many of our colleagues would use “science”- Onassis himself spoke about “business” but his sayings here are universally true and they seem made for LENR

Very few LENRists will agree with the first quote: we have lots of common knowledge but we will solve our existential problems by what an X knows now and nobody else. I bet.

The second quote is well known and applied on large scale many battles of opinions, ideas and theories.

While waiting for the saviors with unique knowledge may I call your attention to an aspect of the expert I forgot to mention in

I have read it in the “You and your job” column of “Chemical Engineering” thirty and something years ago.
“People will accept the status of true expert only for a few categories of people who have the following in common:
a)      they know something you don’t, they have decisively superior knowledge;
b)      you go to them only in case of extreme necessity, you depend on them,
c)       they establish how much you will pay them for their services and you surely will pay!
Real experts are the dentist you will visit when you can no more bear the pain; the surgeon who will fix your broken leg, the lawyer- your son has caused a car accident and the jail is waiting for him. Just of few trivial cases of genuine experts.
There are no such experts in LENR, any amateur who can write and has an Internet connection can tell anything on a non-moderated forum.
There is no more respect or decency. I just was informed that one of my most shameless blogtrolls, Anonymous is a 13 years old school girl from Sweden, crazy like hell. She was expelled from all schools due to her pathological passion (shared only with the tsar Ivan the Terrible) to throw out cats on the windows of high buildings. I am old, I was never called
liar or scammer, little psychopath Bjorg does it on a daily basis.

I also have learned from Chemical Engineering:
”Beyond history, geography and education and culture, everywhere and for ever there are 3 categories of people: Nice, Difficult and Wimps. It is a pleasure to discuss with nice people; with the difficult ones a dialogue is possible but needs some effort; it is outright stupidity even to try to speak with the wimps.”
Not much psychology here, direct contradiction to what you will learn in the school of management- but this is the reality.
If you dare to not agree with this, we can discuss but take note that I belong to the difficult people. Or, I hope so.


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