Thursday, June 28, 2012


Neuroscience + Supercomputing + Nanotechnology = Human Brain:

Reality Is *Very* Different from How Your Brain Perceives it:

This Embarrasses You and I*
Grammar Gaffes Invade the Office in an Age of Informal Email, Texting and Twitter:

Lithium-Ion Battery
Inside the power source for portable electronics and electric vehicles:

Balancing simplicity and complexity:

How to Attend a Conference as Yourself:

Brain Structure Helps Guide Behavior by Anticipating Changing Demands:

Information Flow in the Brain Is Not a 'One-Way Street:

Discovery of Material With Amazing Properties:

Scientists Gain Understanding of Self-Cleaning Gecko Foot Hair:

An Online Encyclopedia that Writes Itself
Machine reading effort builds dossiers on people and organizations from translated news sources:

Safe Science. Lessons from ­nanotechnology can help synthetic biology mature:

Browsing Internet Sites Without the Hurdles:

Gut Microbes Battle a Common Set of Viruses Shared by Global Populations:

Scientists Struggle With Mathematical Details, Study by Biologists Finds:

Is intelligent design a valid scientific “philosophy”?:

The Psychology of Flow (in under 300 words):

Covering wicked problems:

What Honeybees Can Teach Us About Gang-Related Crime:

Become a Google Power Searcher:

How to solve impossible problems: Daniel Russell’s awesome Google search techniques:

Dieting? Study Challenges Notion That a Calorie Is Just a Calorie:

Why the Universe Doesn't Require God to Exist:

Being Rational About Irrationality:                             

Creativity Lessons from Charles Dickens and Steve Jobs:

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