Friday, June 1, 2012


Internet : The New Nominee For Basic Human Needs:

50-year cholera mystery solved by scientists at the University of Texas at Austin:

Irish Mathematicians Solve The Guinness Sinking Bubble Problem
Bubbles sink in Guinness because of the peculiar geometry of pint glasses, say a dedicated group of researchers at the University of Limerick:

Pretty profitable parrots
For businesses, being good at copying is at least as important as being innovative:

Is This the Key to Vastly Better Batteries?
One company thinks it's solved a key problem that's been holding back new energy technology.

It’s time to focus on your LQ:

Try It!: An Experiment about Happiness:

Human Revolution: The Ethical Obligation to Technologically Improve Ourselves:

Sugar makes you stupid
UCLA study shows high-fructose diet sabotages learning, memory
True or not true?
Managing the Information Avalanche:

Inequality Dates Back to Stone Age: Earliest Evidence Yet of Differential Access to Land:

New Properties of Carbon Material Graphene Discovered:

Cheaper Catalysts With the Finest Gold Dust in the World:

Are We Getting Smarter, Faster?:

Your Hand Will Replace Your Wallet, and Paper Currency:

One Sentence. True stories told in one sentence
The learning organization: an often-described, but seldom-observed phenomenon:

A Startup Hopes to Help Computers Understand Web Pages
Diffbot aims to make it easier for apps to read Web pages the way humans do:

Now you can polish up Google’s translation of your website:

Google Search Results Made More Relevant:

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