Thursday, June 14, 2012


5 Tips for Sparking Innovation:

Environmental Benefit of Biofuels Is Overestimated, New Study Reveals:

How Does Dolomite Form?:

The Antivirus Era Is Over
Conventional security software is powerless against sophisticated attacks like Flame, but alternative approaches are only just getting started:

The work of many:

Carlos Slim, World's Wealthiest Man, Says Retirement Age For Regular People Should Be Bumped To 70:

11 languages spoken by 11 people or fewer:

New Twist On Old Chemical Process Could Boost Energy Efficiency Significantly:
Global Investment in Renewable Energy Powers to Record $257 Billion:

Predicting the Formation of New Species:

Microbes Discovered in Extreme Environment On South American Volcanoes:

Neuropolis: a global neuroscience hub:

The Abundance Builders:

Voicemail Discovered in Nature: Insects Receive Soil Messages from the Past:

Trust Us, We're Google!
The company that knows everything about you wants you to feel in control:

When Being Scared Twice Is Enough to Remember:

The evolutionary origins of optimism:

In Good Health? Thank Your 100 Trillion Bacteria:

Researchers Catalog Your Microbial Zoo
Sequencing the micro├Ârganisms that inhabit healthy people could aid research into human disease:

Google's New Brain Could Have a Big Impact
The Knowledge Graph is rapidly learning about the world. It promises to transform more than just search.:

What's your Technology Quotient (TQ)?:

Got Mass? Scientists Observe Electrons Become Both Heavy and Speedy:

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