Sunday, June 24, 2012


How Twitter Changed Literature & Culture:

How depressives surf the Web:

In networks, cooperation trumps collaboration:

Planning for Facebook’s Future. As CEO of a public company, Mark Zuckerberg needs to engage his board in developing the next generation of leaders:                                                                                      

Google Wave's Inventors Give Gmail a Facelift. Three brains behind Google's failed collaboration service think your e-mail should work like a social network's news feed—and they might be right:            

1o Essential Leadership Models:

A Start-Up Bets on Human Translators Over Machines:

The Reality Distortion Field:

On the Origin of Music by Means of Natural Selection:

Adaptable Decision Making in the Brain:

Highways of the Brain: High-Cost and High-Capacity:

The Weight of Nations: An Estimation of Adult Human Biomass:

Belief in Hell, According to International Data, Is Associated With Reduced Crime:

The Rise of the Fork.Knives and spoons are ancient. But we’ve only been eating with forks for a few centuries:

Search vs. Social: The 50 Shades of Gray in Online Information Retrieval:                            

A Quantum Theory of Black Holes Could Solve Physics' Mysteries:                                       

The Future Of Energy and Public Good: There's No One-Size-Fits-All Solution                               

The Global Ethos: Need, Speed, and Greed:

You are not your brain:                                                     

What Motivates Generosity? Researchers Study Muslims and Catholics:

Respect Matters More Than Money for Happiness in Life:

All Things Big and Small: The Brain's Discerning Taste for Size:

Confusion Can Be Beneficial for Learning:

Trouble On the Horizon for Genetically Modified Crops?:

Nano-Pesticides: Solution or Threat for a Cleaner and Greener Agriculture?:

Asymmetry May Provide Clue to Superconductivity:

5 Ways Email Can Completely Ruin Your Life:

Test your color knowledge:

Genetically Modified Food Myths and Truths -- A Critical Review of the Science:

Questioning the value of economics:

Why Soccer Is the Best Sport Ever:

American Higher Education Is Corrupt and Corrupting:

Who controls social networks:

Our Microbes, Ourselves: Billions of Bacteria Within, Essential for Immune Function, Are Ours Alone:

How Much Cleaner Does Soap Make Your Hands?:

Thinking Your Way to a Better Brain:                            

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