Thursday, June 7, 2012


How the Internet Became Boring. The Internet is both a utility and a medium. Only one of these things is exciting.:
The Fleeting Nature Of Twitter: 17 Percent Of Top Searches Change Every Hour:

Translation Tools Could Save Less-Used Languages
Languages that aren't used online risk being left behind. New translation technology from Google and Microsoft could help them catch up:

8 Life Lessons From Yoga Workshop:

A wicked problem:

How Religion Promotes Confidence About Paternity:

South Korea surrenders to creationist demands
Publishers set to remove examples of evolution from high-school textbooks.

In Pictures: The World’s Largest Solar Thermal Power Plant
BrightSource’s 370-megawatt facility near Las Vegas is taking shape, but the future of solar thermal is much more fuzzy:

Creative Cheating: The Link Between Creativity and Dishonesty:

Why Smart People Deny Climate Change:

The Responsiveness Trap:

Why We Explore: Greed, Voyeurism, Curiosity:

How Quantum Mechanics Might Govern Life on Earth:

This Is Your Brain On No Self-Control

The Joy of Language:
Photosynthesis: A New Way of Looking at Photosystem II:

Complex World of Gut Microbes Fine-Tune Body Weight:

How Plants Make Cocaine:

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