Thursday, March 29, 2012



A high, seemingly inaccessible mountain. Two men, who were not professional mountain climbers, have claimed that the Flame of Life burns on the very peak of the mountain. This peak has to be conquered!
The statement was believed only by a few, however for long-long years, brave men tried to find a way to the peak; they followed the most diverse, fantastic. smart, heroic ways but unfortunately they do not realized that there are at least three insurmountable obstacles on all the ways they have gone,  and even now they keep and keep trying, cannot believe that ascension on their ways is impossible.
In meantime a solitary wise man (whom the others have not followed and have marginalized) has discovered step by step, very methodically a much better way. When he has almost arrived to the top, surprisingly, a rather strange, but very hard working, lucky, inspired, weird individual has discovered a shortcut!
He had a partner for this ascension but quite unexpectedly has abandoned him. The discoverer is not able to use well the shortcut. The abandoned partner is a very fast learner; he understood the advanced ascension methods of both the wise old man and the weird man and of many others, was able to improve them creatively and has solved the problem. The former partner used engineering to build a real, good shortcut-way, and has brought the Flame of Life to the people.
Happy end i.e. a good and great start.
Personal comments: I well know that, like definitions, metaphors carry the curse of simplifications, they also can modify or kill some essential details of truth. However I consider that at my age, you have to tell what you think and you accept the risks to not please quite everybody. Some can consider this story too anticipative, many could deny me the right to tell what will not work. I am aware that I am not infallible and perhaps my judgment is not very sophisticated. I apologize for all my weaknesses and I ask you, my dear colleagues- write a better metaphor story of LENR. Let’s future and facts to decide!


  1. nice image.

    note that for me the real discoverer are the one that discoves :
    - LENR in gaz phase, excited by heat (the COP can ben enhanced easily since in and out is thermal)
    - LENR with cheap Ni+H
    - LENR with nanoparticle

    all these findings, allow a good engineer to :
    - enhance the COP by thermal insulation that allow better recycling of heat
    - enhance H+ available by classic H2 catalysis technology
    - enhance active site by nano particle
    - allow stability by classic command and control engineering.

    no magic, no science, just engineering and hard work.
    the messy engineer could not control the beast, where the team of engineer just do the job.

    1. Thank you! I would be pleased to discuss
      with you in private, please write to