Saturday, March 24, 2012


This is the last issue of the INFORMAVORE’s SUNDAY newsletter, the end of a long series formed of 437 INFO KAPPAs
(in Romanian) plus 63 issues of the English INFORMAVORE.
A last Mohican of this kind of information rich and link-dense
publications_Magua has killed Uncas, low speed is fatal for such publications. I have watched many of these- disappearing- the
most impressive being the Internet Resources Newsletter  (British).
But times are changing, specifically accelerating and this category
of publications are ‘passe”. You cannot make a reader happy giving her/him a bunch of over 100 links of variable interestingness at once; even with a good taxonomy the reader has to search and discover her/his favorite subjects and themes.
To say the truth, my newsletter was relatively unpopular
I will not get a farthing or a cent for all these ISs, I will not win any contest, surely I will make blunders and typos will happen- therefore the main driving force of composing such a newsletter is generosity i.e. the hope that you will get the empathy of the people. (but do not ignore the more selfish idea to be permanently well informed). The author is informed on an continuous basis and the reader only once per week. This is not fair, slow generosity is an auto-destructive oxymoron.
I respect the saying “Bis dat, qui cito dat” if you give , you have to do this very fast. Information has to be transferred instantly.
Ergo, I am stopping the Informavores and starting “Qui Cito” I
will select the really remarkable publications, let you know about them ASAP, will tell you my opinion about them, will be very interested in your comments and ideas. It is about something more personal, more dialogue like.
Do not mourn Informavore’s Sunday, it has tried very hard to make its duty- and that’s the maximum we (newsletters and humans) can achieve during our lifetimes.

The Future of Apps and Web:
Is the Internet the end of the University?:
SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  
Fast Facts: The Need for Speedy Information Online:
Three small Web search shortcuts that can save you a lot of time:
Bob Rankin- send a fax from your computer:
How Real Is Social Media Fatigue?:
Facebook's Dark Side:
Facebook Promotes Socially Aggressive Narcissism:
Twitter’s 6th Birthday: 140 Million Active Users, 340 Million Tweets A Day:
Google is now just an ad company': Departing exec's Goldman Sachs-style rant about how search giant is now obsessed with harvesting people's private information
Google won't be top dog forever says father of the Internet
Bing, Not Google, Favors Wikipedia More Often in Search Results [Study]:
The legal history of Google:
Anglo-EU Translation Guide:
Non-errors in English:

Study reveals words' Darwinian struggle for survival
Scientific analysis of language usage in literature over the last 200 years suggests that words are competing – and now losing – in a battle to survive:

Brain's Involvement in Processing Depends On Language's Graphic Symbols:

E-readers grow; libraries can't get many titles:
Write your own academic sentence:                            
Pinterest : Revolutionizing The Way Libraries Are Used:
Researchers may have discovered how memories are encoded in the brain:                             
Smell Is a Symphony: New Model for How the Brain Is Organized to Process Odor Information:
Sandfish Lizard Slithers Into Science Spotlight Desert reptile inspires new robot for rescue and other mission:
New Light Shed On Wandering Continents:
New full-length video: Questions no one knows the answers to:
How can we compare or add up our energy consumption?         What everybody needs to know about energy:
Nuclear Fusion: Limitless Energy From Seawater:
Sandwich structure enables cheaper, more efficient hydrogen fuel cells:
A Basic -- And Slightly Acidic -- Solution for Hydrogen Storage:

First Complete Full Genetic Map of Promising Energy Crop:
Turning Human Waste into Power.  Bill Gates's potty obsession, revisited:
Discovering the End of the World. The recent death of Sherwood Rowland, whose work helped us avoid one of the world's great environmental disasters, should be a reminder that we can't afford to ignore the lessons of chemistry:
TVs and Tablets to Get the "Retina Display" Treatment
Gadget manufacturers are adopting a manufacturing technique that will significantly increase resolution in coming months:
In Crosswords, It’s Man Over Machine, for Now:
Top 10 Life-Changing Inventions:

Noam Chomsky on the Purpose of Education:
When Does Learning Begin?:
Develop Thinking Skills:
Sharing Patents With Competitors May Encourage Innovation as Probability for Market Success Increases, Study Suggests:
Six Tips on Writing from John Steinbeck:
How You Think About Intelligence Could Make You Smarter:
How Religion's Demand for Obedience Keeps Us in the Dark Ages.:'s_demand_for_obedience_keeps_us_in_the_dark_ages/
Are Rich People More Psychopathic?:
How Society Works: 8 Revealing Psychological Insights Into Our Social Behaviour:
The Science of Habits, Good and Bad:
New Report: State of the News Media 2012:
The Power of Habit (Book Review):
500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art:
Tree-mendous! Seven of the World’s Most Extraordinary Trees:
Askers vs. Guessers:
Preparing for the Unimaginabile:
How Buddhism Differs From Judeo-Christian Religions:
How Can Capitalism Achieve Sustainability?:
How America's Obsession With Money Deadens Us:'s_obsession_with_money_deadens_us Moneytheism is not only good!
Will Sweden Be the First Cashless Society?:
Who is Not Afraid of Radical Change?:
Courageous Leadership Skills: Embrace Catastrophe:
5 Kinds of Innovators: Which One Are You?:
Great Story: Improvement and Tending the Garden:
The Science of Making Mistakes:
Are creative people more dishonest?:  A dangerous idea, and, sometimes, reality!

Nano Rescues Skin: Shrimp Shell Nanotech for Wound Healing and Anti-Aging Face Cream:
The end of microbial resistance:
Showing the Power of Molecular Self-Tracking
An unprecedented study shows how personalized medicine could help head off disease:
How Bacteria Resist a 'Trojan Horse' Antibiotic:
Novel Therapy Discovered for Crohn's Disease:
Fixing the brain with computers:
Yummly, the “best” site for recipes:
About permaculture:
How the Smell of Food Affects How Much You Eat:
Wine consumption:

10 Awesome Games for Your Google Chrome Browser:
Usually this newsletter ignored the games, however this being the last issue…I am not sooo serious about this now.
The Arrow of Time:
Science or Spam?
Learn why a message ended up in your spam folder:
Bypassing the password:
Twitter Being Used by Malware Developers: Symantec:
The newest issue of Hoax-Slayer:
Duqu trojan built by 'old school' programmers, Kaspersky says:

New Report from Pew Internet: Teens, Smartphones & Texting:
How Smartphones Can Deliver Democracy & Health:


  1. As I understand this "final" is actually a new beginning... good luck and long life for the new format of informavore - without the Sunday part.

  2. Thanks dear Gina! I will abstain to quote: "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end the faster it goes. (Unknown)however the newsletter was too slow and perhaps
    not as selective and info-elitist as necessary. And in my area of research, New Energy, something like a Tipping Point is very near and I want to be an expert witness of the Great, Good Changes.