Thursday, March 22, 2012

INFORMAVORE's SUNDAY No.499 (repaired)

My dear Readers,
You can find here many proofs that the world is progressing,
at least technologically and scientifically. However, even people
that are future-oriented and progressive and left-hemisphere thinkers like me, sometimes have a self-contradictory relationship with Change. I have to confess that what happens with the Encyclopedia Britannica has shocked me. OK, Wikipedia is  a miracle of the e-Era, however…please give me the freedom to
remain undecided if this is good or bad or both or none, simply inevitable.
Al Gore Invented the Internet? What Did Al Gore Really Say?:
SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  
Web Browser Cookies: Just The Facts:
New Video: Web Browsers Explained by Common Craft:
Microsoft Builds a Browser for Your Past
Prototype software called Lifebrowser uses artificial intelligence to help you revisit important events, photos, and e-mails from your own life:

Yahoo! Search Scientists Break New Ground on Search Results:

A remarkable source of information:                                    
Best Websites Of Non Profit Organisations On The Web:
Free Backup Software:

Blogging Remains Popular, Impressive Growth Continues [Report]:

Facebook, Friend or Foe? Investors have realized that companies no longer compete with Facebook, they compete on it:
What Your Tweets Tell Us About You: Identity, Ownership and
Privacy of Twitter Data

Google+ and the Long Game:
Has Google lost its magic?:
The Brain at Google:
Pew Study: All Search Engines Being Equally Intrusive, Google's the Best:
Google plans major revamp for search engine:
Google's New Search: One Step Closer to AI:

An Unprecedented Video Glimpse Into How Google Crafts Its Search Results:
Survey Paradox: People Like Google But Not What It’s Doing:

I like words:
Software Translates Your Voice into Another Language Research software from Microsoft synthesizes speech in a foreign language, but in a voice that sounds like yours:
Book Burning, 213 BC–2011 AD:
Things Change: “Encyclopedia Britannica to Stop Printing Books”:
25 Awesome Library Apps For Your iPad:

Is Brain Science Just Hype?:                
Neanderthal and Human Brain Development Created a Divergent Evolutionary Path:
Virtue Now Permits Sin Later, Says Your Brain:
The 4 Biggest Myths About the Human Brain:
Marine worm rewrites theory of brain evolution:
Exercise Changes How Genes Work:

First Consumption of Abundant Life Form, Archaea, Discovered:
Tigons, ligers, leguars, and jagupards, oh my!:

Could a Nuke Stop an Asteroid After All?,2817,2401600,00.asp

The Fat Lady Sings for OPERA:
A new sign of not-so-faster-than-light neutrinos:
I won a bet on this. Thank you, Uncle Albert!

What We Learned About Nuclear Safety from Fukushima. Reactors must be able to handle the worst if we hope to prevent a repeat of last year's meltdowns:
Despite Fukushima, Nuclear Keeps Powering Ahead
A few countries have scaled back in response to the disaster, but many others are building or planning new nuclear reactors:
The End of Nuclear Power?:          
Cheap Solar Power at Night. Improved materials could make solar-thermal power cheaper, and energy storage easier:
Startup Aims to Cut the Cost of Solar Cells in Half. A new process uses a high-energy ion accelerator to make thin silicon solar cells:
Solar Comes of Age:                                          
Hydrogen Power in Real Life: Clean and Energy Efficient
IBM unveils one trillion bit-per-second optical chip:
Fragrant New Biofuel: Researchers Develop a New Candidate for a Cleaner, Greener and Renewable Diesel Fuel:
Nanotechnology to Make Hydrogen Fuel:
Straintronics: Engineers Create Piezoelectric Graphene:

Graphene Supercapacitor Holds Promise for Portable Electronics:

Catalysts for Less: Slashing Costs of Metal Alloys Needed to Jump-Start Crucial Chemical Processes:
Process Makes Polymers Truly Plastic, Changing Textures On Demand:

The Lytro: Photography May Never be the Same After months of gearing up, the Lytro has landed:
Metamaterials boost wireless power transfer;
Scientists Tap the Cognitive Genius of Tots to Make Computers Smarter:
Laser Erasers Gently Remove Ink from Paper
The trick could reduce the carbon emissions and energy usage associated with recycling paper:

Rethinking school:
Creative Problem Solving
Bias in Decision-Making Leads to Poor Choices and Possibly Depression:
Need to Learn Something? See Salman Khan:
A Wandering Mind Reveals Mental Processes and Priorities:
A History of Violence:
Narcissism impairs ethical judgment even among the highly religious, study finds:       
The Slow Death of Cash. In a new book, author David Wolman argues that cash costs society far more than we think it does:
The Future of Money:                 
New Economy Resources:
Beware the globalization fetish:
Training: The Change Agent:
Innovation is about making connections:
Courageous Leadership Skills: What Wouldn’t You Do?:
Make time for time:

Killer Silk: Making Silk Fibers That Kill Anthrax and Other Microbes in Minutes:
Nanopills Release Drugs Directly from the Inside of Cells:

World Breakthrough On Salt-Tolerant Wheat:
Eggs Really ARE Incredible! Egg Nutrition and Cooking:
New Study: All Red Meat Will Kill You:
Artificial meat.Hamburger junction
Muscle grown in factories could soon be appearing in a supermarket near you:
8 Great Sites for Healthy Meal Plans:
Featured Recipe Videos at Gourmandia:

Experts: 30 to 50 percent of world’s food thrown away:

8 Kindes of Drunkennes': Behold, the 16th-Century Listicle:

How to Create a Gmail Spam Filter for Foreign Language Spam : 
Spam Primer:

Why Hacking Is Barbaric and Essential:
Multi-word pass-phrases not so secure after all?:

Researchers Send 'Wireless' Message Using a Beam of Neutrinos:


  1. Thank you, dear J D C!
    Unfortunately, INformavore's Sunday had very few readers
    and I have ceased to write it. Actually it has died step-wise.
    I am still reading a lot about graphene; I get papers and frontline info from Prof TIBOR BRAUN (ELTE Budapest) an expert in fullerenes largo sensu,

  2. Sad to hear that, seems like a nice source of knowledge. Would you mind forwarding some graphene info my way somehow? Especially if you have recipes for making graphene at home, that would be really interesting. As far as I gathered from one site, you actually need graphite oxide as a starting point for the DVD method, and that's expensive/hard to get.

  3. Dear Nebojsa,

    i would try to get you in touch with good sources of information re graphene. Please write to and give me your coordinates and areas of focused interest re graphene