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City with Superfast Internet Invites Innovators to Play.  A Tennessee city with one-gigabit-per-second Internet runs a $300,000 contest to find ways of using it:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

 Unblock a Blocked Website: Ten Different Ways:


7 Best Websites to Share Large Files for Free:

The Madness Of Keyword Monomania: The Pathological Obsession With A Single Keyword:;utm_medium=scap&utm_campaign=web

Read more:

The Search Alliance: the Path to a More Competitive Search Market #bingyahoo:



Facebook is the New Windows. How Facebook's hacker culture disconnected it from the needs of users:


Twitter, the Startup That Wouldn't Die:

20 Ways to Cultivate Brand Unawareness in Social Media:

Privacy Management on Social Media Sites:



Google Invents an Original Search Gesture for Future Devices:


On Google & Being “Evil”:          

Google's Solve For X.  What's the big idea?:


Google's Personal Guide to the Internet:


Spice up your iGoogle page with new, immersive, full-page themes:             


Culturomics and the Google Book Project. The digitization of over five million books has created a huge dataset of cultural interest. Now researchers are beginning to tease it apart using powerful number-crunching techniques:


Google's Susan Wojcicki: Where we're heading:

A Roundup of News About Google (Google+, Privacy, New Features):



9 Foreign Words the English Language Desperately Needs:

Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue from 1811 becomes online hit:


Study of the Day: Having a Simple Name Is Good in the Workplace:


Dictionary of American Regional English:

E-Book Consumers Drive More Sales & The Popularity of eBook Reading Platforms:                      

The Ten Best Books Published In 2011:

(not my selection)


Neuroscience Makes the Mind More Mysterious, Not Less:


Can The Human Brain See Quantum Images? Nobody knows whether humans can access exotic images based on quantum entanglement. Now one physicist has designed an experiment to find out:


In the Genes, but Which Ones? Studies That Linked Specific Genes to Intelligence Were Largely Wrong, Experts Say:


Amoeba May Offer Key Clue to Photosynthetic Evolution:

New 'Magnetic Yeast' Marks Step Toward Harnessing Nature's Magnetic Capabilities:


Immortal worms defy aging:       



Developing Sustainable Power:

Battery to Take On Diesel and Natural Gas Aquion Energy says its batteries could make the power grid unnecessary in some countries.

Energy’s Future- flying and floating wind farms:


Mutated Plants May Be Better for Biofuels:


Growing fuel crops vs using petroleum: Which is more sustainable?:


A Big Jump in Battery Capacity If Envia can overcome some key problems, its technology could cut the cost of electric-car batteries in half:


The Brazilian Rainforest : Caught Between Biodiversity and Business:

Replacing Electricity With Light: First Physical 'Metatronic' Circuit Created:


Graphyne Could Be Better Than Graphene:


Solved: Mystery of the Nanoscale Crop Circles:


Smudge-Free Surfaces. A coating based on candle soot sheds oil and water:


Helmets inspired by brain fluid to offer better impact protection:

Misinformation and Fact-checking: Research Findings from Social Science:

James Dyson: Good Engineering Is Essential



6 Ways to Foster Creativity in Everyday Life:

Converge Magazine: Technology in Education
NanoTeachers: Bringing Nanoscience into the Classroom

Is There More to Life than Happiness?:


Chemical Brain Preservation: How to Live "Forever":  A more practical method for reducing the Ego Out- see definition.


How The Mind Really Works: 10 Counterintuitive Psychology Studies:                                 

Code of Conduct:


Creative Writing and the Web: Resources for the Literary Arts:

PPND Positive Male Identity: What is a Real Man, Anyway?:

Why Nations Fail:


Beauty Has a Dark Side: Morbid Curiosity Explained:


Rules for Making Capitalism Sustainable:

What a Poor Man's Innovation Can Teach a Rich Country:


Your Life is an Algorithm, Your Brain is an Operating System:

Is there such a thing as content strategy?:


6 ways leaders are different:


Developing Executive Presence:


Why We'll Never Get a Cashless Society. The arguments against cash are rational, but our attachment to it isn't:


Eight Dangers of Collaboration:

Scientific management yields Scientific schooling:


Stress Changes How People Make Decisions:

How Good Listeners Succeed More Often:


How Exercise Benefits Your Brain:


Obesity Fighter A newly discovered hormone mimics the effects of exercise: 


Lifestyle of Naked Mole-Rats Holds Lifesaving Clues


Understanding Brain Performance: People Who Take Ritalin Are Far More Aware of Their Mistakes:


Hyperactivity in Brain May Explain Multiple Symptoms of Depression:


Cholera Kills off its Microbial Rivals by Jabbing Them with a Spring-Loaded Poison Dagger:   


Pioneering Research Reveals Versatile Bacterium's Secrets:


Bacteria Communicate by Touch, New Research Suggests:


How I Learned the Mainstream Myth About Eating Disorders Was Wrong. A new awareness campaign once again ties eating disorders directly to body image. The reality is much more complex:


Eat Your Broccoli: Another Mechanism Discovered by Which Sulforaphane Prevents Cancer:


How Does Nearsightedness Develop in Children?:



Humanity's Growing Impact on the World's Freshwater:'s_growing_impact_on_the_world's_freshwater

11 Tips for Packing a Healthy, Frugal Lunch that Your Kids Will Actually Eat:                              






Bob Rankin- Warning, Danger: Botnets!:


Cyberwar Is Here (to Stay):     

Top Cyber Threat: Search Engine Poisoning.

10 ways to protect your privacy on the Web:

User Privacy and Search Engines: Read The Fine Print:



Nearly half of American adults are smartphone owners:


How a Web Link Can Take Control of Your Phone If Android users click the wrong link, an attacker could intercept phone calls and track their location:

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