Sunday, April 1, 2012


A great however incomplete Project:
This had convinced me that a metaphor story can be very powerful
and can be more expressive than a detailed chrono-history that will
hide the essence and is descriptive not explanatory and predictive
Our brains are so complex, so interesting, so inventive structurally and so fawlty functionally and so marvelous globally! We have to accept that the brain is one of the most important organs and perhaps in a previsible future the hatred toward the people who try to use their brains intensely and meme-free- )intellectuals) will disappear.
This Is Your Brain--It's Organized Like a Woven Cloth and Not So Tangled As Once Thought:
Brain wiring a no-brainer?:
Scans reveal astonishingly simple 3D grid structure — NIH-funded study
Once Considered Mainly 'Brain Glue,' Astrocytes' Power Revealed:
Words! "Rise to Vote, Sir." "Now I Won!" World Palindrome Champion Crowned:
Professional Help: 5 Strategies for Creative Problem Solving:
I am a problem solver myself but I need and love good competition and I admire TRIZ
Problems with honestans and swindlecants:
It was a perfect apartheid in this country, however the great love
of Julia Honest and Romeo Swindly, has changed everything. They
had even children, Dan and Rose the “sira”s- the “mixed ones”. Nobody, indigenous people or strangers is able to communicate with Dan or Rose because they are unpredictable, you never know when they are telling the truth or when they are lying.
Is this so very different with the normal people?
I wonder if this story isn’t too subtle or too stupid, but we have trouble with a man who is a big problem- as Dana and Rose combined – and it very possible that this  man has made both a great Discovery and a terrible cognitive mess.
Leaders of Faster-Than-Light Experiment Step Down:
I have written in my blog about negative discoveries- see e.g.
However I dislike the idea to obtain success by demonstrating that some Great Authority has made an error. It is OK, I think, to demonstrate that you are smarter than Einstein but it is not fair to show that Einstein was more stupid than you. By the way, what is the bright theory that predicts that the neutrinos can move faster
than light? The real problem is that the light is too slow compared to the huge dimensions of our Universe.

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