Saturday, April 28, 2012


“In retrospect, all surprises are causal”

This is a very wise statement, I created it for a presentation of the influential book “Black Swan” and I understand it only, say, 85%.
At my age it is not surprising that
- I am not more shocked by surprises;
- I well know that surprises are vital for both victory and creativity; humor is a pleasant form of surprise;
- I have accepted that a form of Pareto’s Law governs surprises, 80% of them are bad and 20% neutral or good;
- Surprises have a splendid mathematical theory by Itti and Baldi, see:
- In essence surprises happen only when Nature acts faster than we can think; therefore Scouts and good researchers are instructed to practice anticipative thinking, to be prepared.

The tortuous ways of our scientific field - see again my “Metaphor history of LENR” - were full with surprises, more negative than Pareto predicts. However, a rather rational geography of LENR was developed and symposia, including ICCF’s were organized mainly by the greatest contributors.
The great surprise is that the dream of technology oriented LENR-ists like me, will become reality first in Greece a country absent from the LENR world map a year ago.
Geography is destiny- in retrospect this can be easily explained. Greece is a country of genius, the cradle of the European civilization. The ancient Greeks had perhaps the last friendly religion; their Gods were hybridizable with humans of both sexes (and even more) and were not completely immune to a bit of corruption. Greece was a place where surprising inventions were made, please see e.g.:
It is regrettable that that the ancient Greeks have not used the opportunity to generalize their findings, to formulate the Scientific Method and to build a world based on technology. After a world of light the Dark Ages came and who knows when will they end completely?!
Thanks to Goddess Athena- at least technology is again free and flourishing. The descendants of the ancient Greeks had plenty of time, more than 2500 years to be excellent technologists and engineers- and Fast Company Defkalion Green Technologies has surprised us all. A very pleasant surprise, reading about their techno-deeds converts chronos in kairos.

An other subject, age is destiny too and determines what I can do. Allow me please to use recent or future events for exemplifications.

Athanor is a sensationally interesting laboratory device see: I would be so happy to make this test myself too
and enjoy judging the results.
However, unfortunately, I am 74 years old and not 14and I have no personal lab, I am sitting many hours per day at my PC- Athanor has to prove what it can do without me. Sorry!

Today, journalist Ruby Carat has published : it is about a cross-US tour. She has met i.a. with Andrea Rossi and the inventor has not disclosed the location of his robotized E-cat factory. A group of
Rossi fans have decided to organize an expedition to a suspect area of Everglades- something like a robotized E-cat factory was seen from a helicopter there. One of them has invited me to join – “You will publish the photos on you blog” he said.
However, unfortunately, I am 74 years old and not 24.from a distance greater than 2 meters I am not able to distinguish
an E-cat from an alligator or a panther, so it’s too risky for me.
Next time (next life)!

I am really enchanted with the list of jobs published by Defkalion Green Technologies see:
The very first position was created just for me, however I have some serious doubts that I will survive the relocation and will be able to work in the style of the DGT people, i.e. day and night
However, unfortunately I am 74 years old and not 34, and 40 years makes a great difference. Not in my favor!

OK, it is a great list; any position at DGT would be OK if it has
do with chemistry or materials science, I can forget that “Aquila
non capit muscam”, I will even accept a young man telling me what I have to do
However, unfortunately I am 74 years old and not 44 no chance!

Some rich people here –but not sufficiently rich to make serious investments, smart but no so smart to understand a complex situation, honest but not very that I could trust them, have called me, said that they have read about Rossi and DGT and want to pay me for developing a similar device in maximum 6 months.
However, unfortunately I am 74 years old and not 54We met and they were amazed that I so old and still breathing. They paid me a cheap warm beer and… addio vecchio!

ICCF-17 is coming, it is in a very fine place, I want to meet my many old friends, I want to speak about my poisoning theory, I hope to meet brand new friends and see at lease one breakthrough in action, a demo!
However, unfortunately I am 74 years old and not 64So Judith says me, please sit home old man, it is difficult and costly to recover you dead or ~alive from so far!

It is one of my favorite clichés to say that somebody has “a holistic and holographic vision” of his profession, specialty
whatever. For LENR, such a superior vision really needed to understand the basic difference between the old processes that give fractions of watts or only a few watts of heat excess and the new ones that give kilowatts. Nobody understands the New Paradigm.
However very fortunately I am 74 years old and not 14, 24, 34, 44, 54 or 64- I have climbed the shaking learning curve for more than 23 years, have lived vividly small victories and painful failures and I understand perfectly this difference.
Because this writing is much too long I will tell you the answer in very few words.
The old systems work with active sites, the new ones work with hyper-active sites.

PS I am writing a new issue of QUI CITO and the Internet wants to help me with this essay; it sends for encouragement this:
Maintain Your Brain: The Secrets to Aging Success:
The Internet likes me and I like the Internet.


  1. You seem confident that DGE has succeeded. I filled in a request for employment. I am not 74 yet

  2. Yes, it is true I can bet they will go on the market
    this summer.By the way they are DGT(echnologies) not
    I envy you that you are young but I have very bad news for you- it is a temporary state- I also was young once. I wish you success with the job.


  3. Peter, consider that if you live to be One Hundred years old,(or more), you will look back at yourself as you are today and think of them as your younger years!

    1. Dear Nixter,

      Thanks, you are really nice. However at 101
      years and beyond I want to study botanics,
      my passion in childhood.The flowers smell the
      best from the part of the roots.

  4. I enjoyed this, Peter. Thank you.

    My father is also 74, he does not have a clue whats going on. Few do.
    But yes, the new sun will arrive from Greece this summer. That i can promise you.

    1. Dear Anonynous,

      Should it remain entre nous, 74 is not so much
      it comes so fast!
      Sunrise and sunset can be both wonderful and glorious.

  5. Peter,
    Thank you for these interesting comments. I very much hope that you are correct about DGT. I look forward to reading more about this from you as things progress. One question I have is about Athanor. Do you have any comments on the suggestion that the excess power might be accounted for by Ti oxidation?

    1. I am right about DGT, you will see.
      Re Athanor- I have already confessed it
      has my vivid sympathy but I will not
      analyse prior to getting experimental
      data - detailed ones. Repetitive ones.

      I am applying in many cases the following
      simple method: say this is a complete 100%
      success (to be defined for all cases), Ok,
      what comes then? General problem- electrolysis
      LENR experiment works well, how to go further to
      scale-up, intensification, application, engineering.

  6. A very well written post, Peter.

    As always i have enjoyed it. Thanks!

    I remember that my grandfather used to say the same about how quickly life passes. That is life ...

    Anyway you should be happy to be your age and still have a mind as clear as you have.

    I really hope that you are right about DGT and in general the LENR field as a whole, for the future of the Human Race. We need this so much... I guess you have reasons for being so optimistic. You may know something you can not tell openly at this time. Is this true?

    1. I am grateful for your nice words. I will
      try to deserve them in the future.
      Exactly as there are FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions
      re a subject, many times you can make a list of
      Obviously Unanswerable Questions.
      I don't expect(as I have explained on an Italian Forum)
      an answer from DGT about their ingredient like:
      "Rossi uses Cabbage Sulphate but we have found that Broccoli Nitrate is much better."
      Anyway, I am not speculating and I take responsibility for my statements